Let Down From The Start. Boot Camp Criticism Part II



I have quite a few criticisms of USMC bootcamp, but I’ll begin with this one: The training in bootcamp, isn’t good training (excluding PT, because that obviously is a type of training). Bootcamp is mediocre, real training doesn’t start until SOI.

Every Marine is a rifleman right? The USMC is supposed to be an elite FIGHTING organization that wins battles and effectively kills the enemy. Now honestly answer me this, what kind of combat training did we get in bootcamp? No one really comes out as a “killing machine.” We just come out a motivated boot that thinks we’re the shit. Do we even know what to do when we’re being shot at? And don’t mention the bootcamp IED training, that was extremely brief and rushed. What did we get trained to do? Drill? Is drill that important? Do we have marching competitions against Al Qaeda? Is drill more important than being a war fighter? Did we get trained on how to move like cattle from one place to the other while being on a tight schedule?

Sexual harassment classes and classes on how to speak in the workplace. Really? Do we really need to spend valuable training time on things like that? Everyone knows that rape is bad, rapists will still rape even if a class tells them not to. And how to speak/act politely in a workplace, why are we being so politically correct!? Other than PT, we didn’t get that much training. The training should definitely be improved. During WW2, training time was managed much better and focused on important aspects of being a Marine. In WW2, we didn’t have to go to SOI for additional training, unless it was something specialized. Because back then, as soon as you were out of bootcamp, you were a rifleman. WW2 bootcamp was shorter, and they got more training than we do today. They were taught decent fighting skills, unlike the joke we call MCMAP. They shot their rifles a lot; infact the most they did was shoot their rifles. They got tons of shooting practice. How much do we get now? Barely a week!

We could be learning so many valuable things that could make us good riflemen and help us survive combat. We could be learning how to shoot better, how to better react to ambushes. How to set up and ambush. How to attack an enemy position RTR, suppressive fire, etc. We could be learning valuable combat related skills that could save our lives in a war, after all that’s what the USMC is for! Instead, we get mediocre training (again excluding PT, because the PT is decent IMO though many debate that).

Now, a counter argument would be “But they’re just recruits, they’re not disciplined enough to learn combat tactics.” My response to that is that during WW2, and every conflict before that, they were taught combat tactics and they did just fine. Not only that, but in the US, there are private companies that train ordinary civilians and teach them how to survive in firefights and in combat situations. If ordinary “undisciplined” civilians can successfully learn advanced combat tactics in a few days, then so can recruits in bootcamp. The USMC would save so much money and time as well rather than sending Marines to SOI for another few months to learn things they already learned like combat skills in bootcamp. Think of the time it would save in a wartime situation! The Marines would have good training, and they would be ready much quicker.

Another thing about bootcamp, is that the DI’s always say “IF you become a Marine.” As if it were a near impossibility to make it through bootcamp. Everyone who has been though it knows that pretty much anyone can make it as long as they have steadfastness. We’ve all seen shit bags pass despite being the terrorist of the platoon. Actually no, you don’t even need steadfastness to pass, people who try to quit are still forced to go through it. So if it’s such an elite organization, why does it force people to go through it? If someone doesn’t want do be in bootcamp anymore, would you really want that suicidal/depressed person beside you in a war zone? They could end up committing suicide or going AWOL leading to others getting killed (Bergdahl).

Bootcamp should be the time where if someone doesn’t want to be there, they’ll get sent home. So that way the USMC won’t have to worry about someone who doesn’t want to be there and possibly committing suicide or doing something bad. But of course, the USMC is NOT an elite organization ,nor very well organized. They’re just like the Army, as in they want as many troops as possible to fill a quota. The few the proud, the elite? Nope. They could be doing a much better job, but for some reason, actual training and preparation for war isn’t important in the eyes of the USMC. I don’t know why, and I hope that someday, a good leader will make the USMC better and make it live up to its name and legacy.


Submitted by: Martinez