Looking for some insight

Looking for some insight gents, My friend from back home has been in almost 3 years stationed in the asshole of the Marine Corps Okinawa, Japan. He’s within my 2-3 month window of PCS’ing and was involved in a alcohol incident out in town, mainly just breaking the libo policy. He got NJP’d for that and following the thing out in town his command got him for being UA because he was late to work a couple months prior. He has some sort of a sleeping problem but medical hasn’t been able to find out what it is, now they’re trying to AdSep him for a pattern of misconduct with an OTH. When he was late he was put on 24hr post every Saturday for 2 months, technically hazing right?(Duty can’t be used as a punishment, and there has been some other shady shit too) He told me he is writing a letter to his Congressman and Senator and is requesting mast to the CG. What is the likely hood that he will stay in? The unit he is with has gone on a rampage and have had like 10 NJP’s in 2 months 6 or more pending AdSep’s and is in my mind fucking him sideways. Any advice?

Submitted by: alcoholism101