Marine Corps seems so cliche’

Marine Corps seems so cliche’. Maybe because of movies etc.

I know im late with this, since i barely watch tv( alot of dumb crap on television ) but i recently seen the Katy Perry video and i had to chuckle to myself. I started to feel a little pissed and upset because i felt and thought to myself ” Are there gonna be a bunch of females wanting to enlist allbof a sudden, falling for the B.S”.
The video seems very suspect to me. A lot more than a coincidence. I really wonder if it’s USMC propoganda to get females to enlist.

Plus you guys were right. I met this marine in the barbarshop about not too long ago. The guy seemed like a jerk. Calling the other service branches gay n all this other crap.
but just had to let that out.

I keep getting told the airforce is my best option. I feel so. Ima gona stick to that.

I also, went to the V.A hospital in baltimore with my.moms bf who was also a marine and it was kinda sad. Some ov em were a F’ed up. Some of those guys can’t stand the government. Saying they screwed with their veterans assistance or sumthin of that nature. Their war stories are interesting too.

Thnkx for the info, on the story i posted. It helped a lot. Kept me from making a big mistake. I was jus going thru a phase n not thinking things through.

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