Marines like to hurt each other more than their enemies

Today we would like to demonstrate typical behavior of marines when they are off duty. They get drunk and hurt each other, usually the weaker ones. Some may make the excuse that this “builds character”, or that it “makes you stronger”. That is bullshit.

What this does is piss someone off and make them resent you. Do you think the ones getting picked on will be just as likely to take a bullet for their bullies than their friends? This is not teamwork. This is not a team. This is a mess.

All that behavior like this does is reinforce the popular notion that “Enlisted marines are supposed to be scoundrels. That’s why you get a medal if you stay out of trouble for 3 years” (as my former LT once told me). Frankly, if the marine corps wants to be known as a safe haven for children who can’t control their adolescent impulses, who lack any semblance of self-control, self-restraint, or self-discipline, and who joined because they couldn’t make it anywhere else, then the marine corps is doing just fine. But if the marine corps wants to be known as an elite and highly professional fighting force, then it has a long way to go. – S_The_Mod and NINJA_PUNCH

  • Sgt

    This is the shit that causes safety stand downs and all the other shit that Marines put up with and hate.

    • S.

      True story

  • Opinion420

    Yep, if I had a bunch of guys gang up on me and rape me or some shit…I would kill them in their sleep and take what comes next. Guess the corps aren’t for me, its just become too gay and unreasonably psychotic. Save that shit for the battlefield.

  • USMCFormer

    I think you are making a lot of generalizations and not looking at this video in its context. Being former 0311 myself, what I see in this video doesn’t surprise me. But in many ways they are just doing what human beings in general would do given the circumstance of how they were forced to live.

    For example- prisoners in maximum security start turning on each other due to the cramped conditions, testosterone fueled environment, and just general lack of freedom. In this case, how long had they been abroad that ship?And since they were Marines they are constantly being forced to be aggressive, and you should know it is not easy to turn that off. And also, nothing is more frustrating to young men than no release from the sexual frustration because of lack of women. They went out on liberty and not surprisingly, no women wanted to hook up with them for a few hours.

    So it shouldn’t be surprising that once some alcohol is introduced that they end up taking their frustrations out on each other. It may not be right, but it is a very human reaction.

    • S.

      I agree completely. But I watched the video probably about 5 itimes and from what I can tell, this was all happening because of one drunk asshole picking on a small guy, who was probably a boot. Then another guy (looked boot) tried to step in and then he started to get picked on too. This was a whole unit of guys picking on two weaker ones.

      Just because this happens all the time does not make it right.

      I did a MEU once. I know how things can get.

      • USMCFormer

        I won’t argue with you on points of pettiness- I remember my own experience when I used to tackle and hit my roommates, or play bull in the ring. Those were rough games, but not intended to be malicious.

        As for a unit of guys picking on the weaker ones, you see that so often in life it makes you shake your head ( read Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold). I’ve seen the same mentality at work in civilian companies, minus the actual kicking and punching.

        But i think we all can agree that our Marine Corps experiences fall way short of the recruiting propaganda of Marines producing quality citizens. Some Marines i knew were good people- most were just bullies and thugs in a uniform!!

        (BTW this video reminds me of an incident I was a party to in 1995. A Sergeant in our Special Training Section at MCBH ( Sgt Russell) was denied promotion to SSGT, and he started to turn nasty and vindictive. One Friday afternoon he bought in a weaker Marine and started to make him push in front of us other NCO’s. the Marine hadn’t done anything wrong- he just wasn’t good at PT, and not popular. When he gave the SGT a nasty look, the SGT exploded saying he could do what he wanted and that NCO’s were a brotherhood who stuck by each other. I was a Corporal, and also a FIRST CLASS GRADE A COWARD BY NOT STOPPING IT, NOR SPEAKING UP AGAINST IT!!! I wore the uniform of a Marine and passed a lot of tough demanding training, but that does not mean I was brave or just- just a conformist little bitch who didn’t want to stick his neck out for someone who was weaker than him.

        Memories like that force you to take a good look at yourself- please read this and learn from it, so you don’t carry memories like that around as you get older!)

        • S.

          I remember getting in a fight on a mountain of packs in the gear locker. They were always making us load and unload all the packs from it for inspections and shit. That gets kind of annoying after a while and then people start throwing blows.

          But whenever a fight erupted that was like in the video or worse, people stepped in and broke it up. We made sure to remind them who the real enemy is, and would make them grapple each other in a fair fight instead. Even if drunk. Imo that still falls in the being a tough guy category while still being a good team.


      I’ll agree with that to some extent. It definitely makes sense given the context, but I think that’s half of the problem. The marine corps advertises itself as a group of “professionals”, a “brotherhood”, etc. etc. but the reality is that if you put a group of them together for any length of time, they’ll turn on each other like starved dogs.

      • S.

        “half the problem” is a good way to put it.

      • Laila Rashidioun

        That is the scary part ..should family worry about the wars or the men in their new found family ..I think that’s a problem when we have to worry about both.

  • Kristifaye

    My son experienced severe abuse, hazing and humiliation on a daily basis for 3 years. The Marine Corp ruined him and he has never been the same person since. He is now on drugs, depressed, hates himself, and hates life. When he went in the corp he was tough as nails, never met anyone who didn’t love him. Thanks USMC. I gave you my 17 year old and you didn’t appreciate him.

    • AK

      Unfortunately, this sounds like something my mom would say. Please give your son my regards and tell him to prove the ones that belittled and ridiculed him wrong and make a difference in this rapidly depreciating world.

  • $87668012

    Wah. Crybabies

    • S.

      lol somebody does not approve of this post.


      Would you care for a thought out response? Or were you just going to leave this at the level of baseless insults?

  • HiFags

    What you fail to mention from this video is the kid talking shit is drunk and just picking a fight and then trying to hide behind the “hazing” curtain thinking nothing will happen to him.

  • Francisco Briseno

    Not much different from street gangbangers, or prison gangs. They carry guns, wear the same gang colors, ride the same gang rides. The only difference is that in civilian gangs you get jumped in once, and if you decide to leave the gang you get jumped out. In the USMC, you get jumped in 24/7/365 physically, psychologically, emotionally, etc.. Your son was 17, so the Crotch does not hold all the blame because his parent, or legal guardian had to sign “him over”. Ignorance is not bliss, but stupidity. The russians treat their disabled veterans with Vodka, in the U.S., they treat disabled veterans with experimental chemicals, which is why doctors are called practitioners and not engineers. Your son has peaked behind the curtain into the truth, and the truth is not beautiful, but ugly to the bone. I have a saying that I lived by and it changed after the first day in boot camp back in ’65: “I was so happy when I was stupid.” And now the stupid people are telling me to just “snap-out-of-it”, and the VA academia is pushing the “better living through chemistry”. We are broke, and there is no cure, or repair, only lies, and the key is for us to believe in their lies meant to protect the status quo and finely taylor out of sight the rough edges. They never told us that we would be collateral damage for the “Greater Good”, or “For the People”. Just change the word “Government” for the latter and the former and there you have it. It is build into the system and it all started with all the goddamn illegal aliens that were never invited into this great land, but you won’t find it written in the native language because history was by word of mouth only, which is called “oral history”. If only I could turn back time to 1492 when that idiot got lost and thought he had arrived in India. “Eh Ya!”

  • Laila Rashidioun

    My son hates it..he is infantry..they never are treated like men..honestly I told him just to get the fuck out..what is the point ? I wish he woulda listened in the first place and went to Airforce. They are treated like men. I am not saying for them to be whimps, but there is no reason after gaining the title you worked hard for ..that guys that only deployed (never fought a battle ) have any right to Treat you like a piece of shit! The brotherhood only causes resentment do they think that is ok? What kind of partner on your team tells you your worthless and should kill yourself? He is intelligent enough to be in college..not this’s not worth it! Any young man who wants to join military should not join the USMC unless he has no nothing for his future..that is the kind of people they need..

    • Calvin Fitzgerald

      Laila real Marines don’t do the things you mentioned in your post. Unfortunately there are a lot of idiots in the corps who shouldn’t be there in the first place. It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever fought a battle or not, leadership is leadership. Your son was/is not being led properly. On the flip side there are a lot of good Marines who are good men, leaders and brothers. The thing is, in the corps you have to have thick skin or they will eat you alive. Most Marines…. leader, subordinate or peer will tell it like it is and if you are not up to par they will let you know. If you are too sensitive the Marine Corps is not the place for you. If you don’t want to do what you are supposed to do or have a problem with authority, the Marine Corps is not the place for you! I agree your son should not be treated like a piece of shit! but it has been my experience in the corps that this usually happens when someone is screwing up and/or is getting everyone else in trouble. It usually doesn’t happen for no reason. I’m not saying your son is doing this but you may want to make sure that he isn’t.

  • Laila Rashidioun

    It’s heartbreaking reading comments. You let your very young 17/18 year old son join something that you “thought was a representation “Of America’s Strength,and patriotism .. only for your son to be told his allegiance isn’t to America because of his name, and choice of religion . That is another bag bullshit! We were born and raised in this country! Some punk kid who prob never left his hometown till the core has a right to call another brother Marine a terrorist ! It’s such bullshit. A gentlemen commented on my last comment , but it only seems to go in my email. I would like to ask you questions . I have been so stressed out about this. These are people that are supposed to save his life. I cry thinking about it. What is going on there!? How do they choose who is a good fit to be in charge?! If someone with that hatred attitude is the higher up.. I think we have a big problem. I am just a concerned mother. He is the one who is trying to push through all this. I know we are supposed to let them go and be..this is a hard one for me. He a physically strong man/ mentally a typical 18 year old that had the balls to go do this. I am proud of him for it. I was proud of what I thought this stood for. Now I am just worried as hell. Also another very big problem I have..Why do the military banks give such high credit card loans to freaking 18 year olds!!!!!! I couldn’t get that amount after working 2 1/2 decades! This ball and chain is nuts! We all fight everyday to clear debts. Seems to be America’s crisis. Yet we give young men 20 k loans !!!! If you have been broke most of your life and you hand that pot of gold to a young mind..WTH DO YOU THINK WILL HAPPEN. Big banks our banking on our men in military to default. That’s my thought. Calvin Fitzgerald if you are here to answer these..I would like your input. You seem to have knowledge that is helpful. I’m sure my son is not perfect. I’m sure he has messed up. I don’t know what kind of record he holds there for his actions.. I just know some of what I am pointing out is pretty important .