Med Board, 80% Disability, Jealous NCO’s and more!

I got medically discharged with an 80% disability rating, I get 400 bucks a week from unemployment and I get almost 1700 bucks from my GI bill every month. Why am I telling you this? Because I used to be a motivated idiot who thought it was an honorable thing to put up with the moronic faggots who were in charge of me until I came back from Afghanistan. Then when I was told that I was to be put on a med board all hell broke loos, jealousy from lazy ass lcpls who think they are entitled to the world and bitch ass ncos from fast company that never deployed who depended on those same lcpls to suck their dicks and boost their egos. People tried to set shit up and tried to get me njp’d because they didn’t want me getting out wih benefits. Nothing ever stuck because I was innocent. Ssgts in RBE would brag about how many people they kicked out of he marine corps with no benefits and how they could have helped them instead but opted not to. “leaders” telling their marines they were off for the day only to call hem later and tell them they were not off work and when they came back they had charge papers waiting for them. People getting charged UA because they went to their medical appointments. All the stupid fucking mind games, formations being held just to humiliate and belittle marines that were on medical boards, punishing the majority for the fuck ups made by the minority. Whatever, I’m out now enjoying all my benefits to the fullest. Don’t have to worry about health insurance for my family because I still have tricare and I can still fly space-a so I take vacations whenever the fuck I want. And I laugh because when i was still in I felt bad for being on a med board and guilty that I was getting disability and benefits, but now I will enjoy them to the fullest. Fuck you marine corps, you tried to fuck me but in the end I came out the winner. I burned all my uniforms in a bonfire in the backyard of my lovely house that I got with my VA loan.


Submitted by: Thats_pretty_brutal

  • James Morgan

    Semper Fi, Brother.

  • Real Marines

    Wow! Man you sound like a Big Turd. What are you going to do when the GI Bill runs out. 80% disability…I guess your going to be working at Wal-Mart as a greeter.


      You do know that 80% is over $1500 per month right? For me, that would be more than twice what my monthly house payment is, including the escrow. If I had 80% disability, I wouldn’t give a damn about working if I didn’t feel like it.

      What happens when his GI bill runs out? I’m going to say that by then he’ll have a degree, and be able to get a decent job where whatever injuries he may have sustained won’t inhibit him.

      So yeah, I’m really trying to figure out what part of this makes him a turd… sounds to me like he was smart and made the best of what was initially a bad situation. But I forget, marines don’t like people who are smart, because intelligent people ask questions. And if people start asking questions, then it makes the senior guys realize how stupid they really are.

      Safety and Peace

  • Arthur

    I agree with you completely, man. I was in a similar situation. I had bulging disks in my back and always took shit and was belittled for not wanting to do activities that could cause further injury… What a fucking concept!!? What’s even funnier is how so many marines couldn’t understand why I was so avid on taking care of my health. I mean, it’s not like I plan on living an active lifestyle past forty, right? I think you did the right thing. I’ve met a few good marines, and it baffles me how they can stay in, but most lifers are completely clueless idiots. I think they should just get rid of the horrible excuse for an armed service to save the tax payers from wasting any more money.

  • YouCantTrustTheSystem

    I’ve been in for 4 1/2 years and started experiencing problems with my right shoulder in boot camp. After ‘sucking it up’ for so long and being put on light duty and that’s it…..after my second deployment and audible popping did they actually order an MRI (but it took quite a while to get referred to get an MRI).
    Long story short, I had surgery 8 months ago and the shoulder is really screwed up still.
    My friend has a similar story and was put on a medical board last week. The doctor out in town wants to refer me to a med board, but the doctor on base today says he wants to fix me.
    My shoulder is in so pain that I cannot make my own bed and shaving my face every morning is painful for my shoulder. The doctor today wants me to wait a month for an MRI, then a few days after the MRI to schedule an appointment with him to start the whole surgery process again. I expressed to him the level of pain and discomfort to which he said, “You’ll just have to suck it up and do what you can”. Verbatim.

    I am not trying to milk the corps for benefits, but I am TIRED of waiting on the flawed system. I am in pain, i deserve compensation, i deserve to be put on a medical board…..
    I had an MRI done over 6 months ago showing severe damage in my LEFT shoulder as well. My left elbow is messed up, left knee, and my right hip. Left shoulder is ALMOST as bad as my right one.

    I have many plans for school which involve leaving the country…but as far as I can see, i’ll have to delay those plans by a few years for these injuries and waiting on the system to be functional again. I will not settle for a few hundred bucks a month!!

    Not to boast, but I have many of the world’s finest IT Security certifications. When i get out and i can’t get a job because i am pending so many surgeries and collection such a small chunk of change when I am worth $80k a year is ridiculous. I am tired of waiting. I am tired of being in pain and getting the run around.
    I WANT a med board so i can get OUT and so i can get FIXED.

    What would you do?
    (My friend typed this for me, as i was unable to type more than a few sentences at a time without having to rest my shoulders)

    Sgt – USMC


      Wow, that’s a good question that I don’t really have a good answer for. If you’d like, you could copy and paste this into a new discussion on the Forum, and we could ask our Facebook audience for assistance as well.

      If that’d be ok with you just let me know.

      Safety and Peace

      • YouCantTrustTheSystem

        That is absolutely okay with me! Thank you for your support and thanks for reading my rather long-winded post.

    • S.

      I got hurt pretty bad during my deployment and when I got back I was having a bit of trouble coping with work so one of my sncos told me to either suck it up and never mention it again or go to medical. Being a reasonable person I decided to go to medical where I spoke with the MO about everything that happened to me and how it is effecting productivity. Right then and there (after verifying my injuries in my medical record) he gave me an ultimatum: You can start seeing doctors for your problems, I can get that started for you, or I can separate you right now. What do you wan’t to do. I was blown away by the question so I did not answer for a minute or two. My answer was that I wanted to stay in and get help because felt like I owed the mc and my friends something. I wish I would have just gotten out, but at the same time it felt good to say that I decided to just finish my time out too.

      I am sure you already know this but I will say it just in case someone reading this does not know it already. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. SUBMIT DOCUMENTATION TO THE VA BEFORE YOU GET OUT. If you submit to the VA before you get out, the process takes less than a year. If you wait until after, the process takes longer than a year.

      I am sorry that I do not have anything more to offer you beyond my personal experiences.

    • Brian

      Glad to hear you are doing well. I had a similar experience while I was in the corps. I was assigned to a new duty station in washington state from virginia. I drove it and made it into a little mini-vacation. Shortly after arriving at my duty station, I started having severe upper back pain. I went to sick call and was told I likely pulled my back and was given some pain medication and muscle relaxants. The pain continued for a month or so and I developed a fever. I went back to sick call and got a chest x-ray which the doctors said they didnt see anything. They gave me a week of bed rest and i was sent back on active duty. The pain continued and I went back, again, to sick call.

      By this time, my asshole captain was saying he knew I was a malingerer….What an effing douchebag. Well, lo and behold, the radiologist looked at my chest x-ray and immediately ordered me to the naval hospital. Come to find out, I had a DVT (blood clot in my lower right leg) that broke off and I had a pulmonary embolism (which was what had caused my upper back pain). You do not know how badly I wanted to go back to my captain and give him a hearty F U. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks. I ended up being medically separated and got rated at 50% disability. Since that time, I went back to college, got a BS in biology, working on my doctorate, and life is good. Its a shame how the corps treats people who are injured.

  • Jayhawker

    I was injured in the marine core, and given a discharge not medical so I won’t get bennifits my captian who said he was looking for my best interest got me kicked out and I am now going to try and get benifits. My injury made it where I could almost not walk, this was over a year ago and I can not run or baerly walk some times what is my best coarse of action.

  • Your worst nightmare

    Id rather be that than deal with bitches like you js

  • Armybeef68

    Wow dude, have you ever seen the inside of a school?

    And you might want to learn how to spell CORPS, I’m Army and I know the difference, can you say ate up.

  • BlakeJordaine1990

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