“Point out the discrepancies”
    He got outta bed this morning.

    Nailed it.

  • LCPL Allsup, USMC

    Eccentric Haircut, No Cover Outdoors, at least he’s clean shaven. He’s wearing the ribbons for the Navy Cross, the Navy-Marine Corps Medal, and the Humanitarian Service Medal; all three of these rate medals, and the uniform order states that in this uniform, you’re only supposed to wear ribbons (on the right side of the chest) when those awards DON’T rate an actual Medal, in which case, you must wear the medal version. So his awards are all fucked up. He’s carrying a personal firearm (not issued), his belt is not fastened, not to mention the buckle on his belt is that of a Non-Commisioned Officer, he doesn’t rate it, at least he shouldnt, considering that he has no chevrons on his sleeves (private, a good sign that he probably doesnt rate any of the awards he’s wearing.)

  • terminal pfc

    LOL he is carrying a fucking airsoft gun. THIS is the future of the Marine Corps gents

  • Kevin Winters

    Dude. He makes that shit look good!

  • Orion Webster

    On top of the LCPL Allsup there, I will have to say that his ORANGE landing strip that he has for hair is out of regs because it’s A) too long and B) ORANGE. Lets look at his medals and airwing pin. First, he’s not an officer, so the gold wings are not correct and should be silver. He’s wearing ribbons instead of the medals in a dress uniform. WRONG! The LCPL already hit on the unclasped belt (which makes this scroungy little fuck look worse than he did) and the cover he’s missing for being outdoors. Terminal PFC also made a valuable point that the dirt bag is carrying an airsoft rifle, but I want to point out his hands. First, who in the hell holds their rifle in this manner? You don’t support the weapon by holding the magazine like he is. Secondly GET YOUR FUCKING FINGER OFF OF THE TRIGGER!

    I served in the Navy and Army and I still want to pound this shit head through that stucko wall and shit on his face!

    Such disrespect is a disgrace