• S.

    1st sgt is so sleepy! Leading his marines into battle.

    • Chris

      Hey! He probably had a lot of stuff to do when he got to his laptop after the convoy.

      1) Write email to people
      2) Put in NAM warrant for self
      3) Don’t put in award paperwork for deserving people who have said they are definitely not re-enlisting
      4) Go to chow hall
      5) Stop at PX for snacks even though I just went to the chow hall
      6) Peruse the DVD and CD selection since it’s 2007
      7) Don’t read books
      8) Check email again
      9) Watch porn
      10) Bust in on rooms of E-3’s and below to see if they are watching porn, then steal it and consider punishing them

      • S.

        I wish we had a chow hall and PX in Iraq. Well, we did have a makeshift chow hall that served MRE’s.