• anon

    What more do you need to let females into combat roles? Come on you misogynistic bastards! What? You hate women?


      Umm… are you yelling at us, or at the marine corps? We’ve had a lot of people come on this site, so I’m sure that we’ve has a couple of misogynists come by (and I’m sure we’ve had a few bastards on the site too!) but I don’t think it would be fair to accuse the site at large of being misogynists.

      Honestly, my view in this respect is pretty similar to Bill Hicks: Anyone dumb enough to want to be in the marine corps should be allowed in. I don’t care if they’re men, women, or defy gender-binary description altogether; if they’re dumb enough to want to go get shot at, blown up, and quite possibly killed for no good reason… let’s just say that Charles Darwin wouldn’t lament their loss.

      That being said, yes the marine corps (in large part) does hate women. You wouldn’t find it anywhere on paper, and you’d probably have an incredibly hard time getting anyone to admit it, but it’s obviously there. Most male enlisted marines think that female marines exist to make their lives miserable. According to them women are:

      1) Too weak to do anything besides paper-pushing jobs

      2) Shameless sluts who use their sexuality to get promotions

      3) Constantly trying to ruin male marines’ careers by making false sexual assault accusations

      Granted – in most instances – the above claims are patently false (and I am in no way attempting to justify those claims) but they are the most prevalent views of women in the marine corps at this time. Even though the marine corps has been ordered to open up infantry MOS’s to women, it will likely take many generations of marines before we see any real improvement in the marine corps’ views towards women.

      Safety and Peace

  • Herpppp

    I’m all for women in combat MOS’s, but this bitch would get separated if she didn’t lose some weight in an infantry unit.

    • S.

      Herpderp? is that you?!