• Orion Webster

    This shit bag is so messed up that I can’t even look at the picture long enough to rip it apart.


    What is this place? Shit bag central!

    • antiUSMC

      Shit Bag central is an excellent expression to describe any Marine base – Pendleton, Lejeune and ALL BASES on Okinawa!
      The smart people get out as quickly as possible. The even smarter people don’t join the first place.


        I take it you couldn’t pass the RECON screening huh? Your remarks are as disrespectful as this shit bird wearing a mini Trident………..

        • freeatlastfreeatlast

          Where did passing the RECON screening come from? First off, you’re assuming that anyone can take the RECON indoc. While this is technically true, you’ll be hard pressed to find a guy who hasn’t gone through ITB. This necessitates a lat-move for most MOSs, which in turn necessitates re-enlistment. After getting raped for a few years, the appeal of re-upping a sentence to get the chance to try out for a possible position isn’t really there.

          I have nothing against the guys who do that though, I see them in a way as what Marines should be. Most of my gripe comes from being ass fucked by egotistical fuckwits who couldn’t survive a week in the real world on a minutely basis for years on end. The real shit bags are these lifers that stick with a broken system and make it worse. The seemingly 3/4 of Marines that stick it out because they have nowhere else to go. The 1/4 or so of Marines that stay in to go RECON, MARSOC, or SS I didn’t have any problems with. Sure they can be arrogant, but it’s deserved and is usually was held in check with silent professionalism that the welfare brigade have such trouble with.

          Basically man, you come on here and use the same tired old argument we always hear: We hate the Marine Corps, so we must all have been shit bags. If you want to be responded to with any respect, try practicing it yourself.

        • older Marine Vet

          This dialogue raises some interesting points. First off, your initial comment was rude and disrespectful, since obviously you have not read into the full content of this web site and seen that the majority of its contributors were good Marines making true observations. And the TRUTH does erode the propaganda the USMC like to present about itself.

          Since you brought RECON into the issue, I can only assume you are ( or where) Recon yourself. I myself was in III MEF SOTG, and had to do a number of operations around Recon and SF units, and respect such Marines who are tasked with physically demanding missions.But No- I never earned the title of a Recon Marine, and more specialized units like that are not immune to problems and bureaucracy!

          In the mid 90’s ( and hopefully things has changed a bit since then) when I was initially “sentenced” to begin my Infantry time with an average grunt unit one key source of frustration all the above average Marines had was BEING DENIED THE OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE INDOCS for STA, RECON, FORCE RECON or (Insert specialized unit here).

          Why? Because their commands, or in my case (plus others) Sgts and SSGTs wouldn’t let the better Marines go- simply because they wanted to “keep talent in the platoon” so THEY could look good for their next promotion!! I saw a lot of good Marines go to shit for that reason alone!

          And if you are lucky enough to take an INDOC and earn a slot in such a specialized unit, it can become a real bureaucratic shit fight with your command to let you move on! I was lucky to get FAP’d out to SOTG and had to earn the right to be there by taking a mini indoc and passing every school I was sent to, but one month into my time there I was called into a Regiment Office because ( unbeknownst to me) another 1st SGT had mistakenly slated me to go to an ADMIN unit which I’d never heard of!! It took a Colonel intervening to unravel this stupid bureaucratic mistake!

          I don’t deny that specialized units like RECON, RADIO RECON, STA etc etc constitute some excellent Marines, but these are the ones who are smart enough not to play stupid games with their people, and refuse to harass people over petty little things like scuff marks in a hallway for example! Issue like that are not important to their mission..

          So if anything, if the USMC was smaller in size and modeled its everyday operations and mindset like such specialized units, then it would actually live up to the propaganda it uses to dupe people to enlist. If anything, what the USMC should be doing is offering specialized enlistment contracts to above average poolees that guarantees them a slot to TRY OUT for a specialised unit, and if they don’t make it they get bumped back into the regular ground combat stream.

          And lastly, I saw a lot of RECON Marines break as many rules, and have the same complaints as most others on this web site do. Hell, I’ll never forget the two 3rd Marine Recon guys (who I loved working with) who slept in a van ( to get away from barracks bullshit), smoked a lot of weed out in town, and still ran a 300 PFT!! They counted the days until they got out as well.

          P.S Yes- it does piss me off as well when I see some ROTC cadet, high school military, or a Veteran wear certain ribbons and badges they didn’t earn, but unlike some other hotheaded veterans I don’t fly into a rage about it.

  • kathleen

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