• Bruce

    Only in the peoples republic of Massachusetts can a scumbag like John Kerry thrive. It’s hard to believe what’s happened to the state that the revolution began,I live in a state of anarchy which is Massachusetts,currently run by one of the countries want to be dictators Deval Patrick a close friend of king Obamas I,m ashamed to say I live their.John Kerry should have been thrown in prison,not represent a state,he is a major player in a government that’s goal is to fundamentally transform our great nation into a socialist utopia in which apparently is happening right in front of our eyes as Obama lays waste to the law of the land the u.s constitution.While Obama is the biggest violator of Americans rights it’s been all down hill for the last 23 years Clinton,Bush 2 ,and last but surely not least Barak Hussein Obama a Manchurian candidate president who,s commitment to the new world order has been the final nail in the coffin of liberty,justice,and the American way.I can,t help feeling that so many Americans only care about getting their freebies that Hillary Clinton a power hungry whore will be our next president,the drive by media has all but assured her run for president,or should I say queen Hillary.America is done.