My experience so far in the USMC

When I began my four-year degree program at North Carolina State
University, I wanted something more in life than just a 9-5 job. I had this
clear vision of leaving a positive impact on the world, this grand plan that
through selfless sacrifice and pure love for my country, I could once again
restore the patriotism that has been lost and over come the anti-American
sentiment that had become so prevalent in the United States as well as the
world. I wanted my future wife and children to be proud of what I had
accomplished, not a false sense of love and lack of respect because I have a
well paying job and I can buy shiny things, so I found the United States Marine

The day I graduated with my bachelor’s degree, the first thing I did, the
VERY FIRST THING was drive to the local Officer Selection Office in Raleigh,
North Carolina. I immediately began the paperwork process and challenged myself everyday to lower my run time and increase the maximum amount of pull-ups I was able to preform. My initial PFT score was around 250, with a
horrible run time. Within a few months, the score increased by nearly 30 points, with me doing well over 20 pull-ups; something I’ve never been able to do in my life. I was running almost every day at a local park that had great terrain for pushing my endurance to the max.

While I was enrolled in the Officer Selection Program, the Captain told
me very bluntly that I would not be able to participate in Active Duty OCS
since the USMC cancelled a few training sessions for them due to the budget
cuts. The USMC was downsizing drastically and the only thing I would be able to join (at my age 27) was the officer reserves. Although my heart was
set on active duty, I decided that my best bet was to join the ranks of the reserve
officers as he had suggested. I continued to train on my own time and worked as much as I could to save up money after college. After a year went by, the Captain told me that it would be hard to get me in the USMC at all.

I told him that this was something I really wanted, so he suggested I
talked to an enlisted recruiter. Upon his advice, I spoke with a Staff Sergeant who got me going with the enlisted paperwork. I told him that my wish was to go Intel, but he said that the job slots for that were taken, so he recommended I signed for a job that was available and he could make the switch later. I signed, like a naïve fool, believing the words of this marine; after all, marines don’t lie,
right? My ship out date was originally scheduled for December 15th

In August of 2014, my girlfriend was forced to move to Woodbridge, Virginia
by her parents. I followed her with the consent from both Captain and the Staff Sergeant. In September, my package was finally submitted to face my first officer selection board. I had high hopes because I thought I had proved my dedication to the Marine Corps by enlisting, making the package shine that much brighter. I called Captain about a week later and he said that I was not selected.

While I was upset, I still had hope: there was another selection board in
November. In the meantime though, I kept in touch with the enlisted side, asking them nearly every week if they had the Intel job for me yet.

Finally, November rolled around and I called Captain up and asked him about the board. I should have known something was wrong when he said “I haven’t heard from you in a while; you still are trying to join?” after explaining to him how much I have been training, he told me he would let me know the results of the package as soon as he hears anything at all. I never heard from him again; instead, it was the staff sergeant who informed me that I did not make the cut and I was very upset.
So, going with plan B, I asked the staff sergeant if he had secured my Intel slot. He replied “No, but I’ll make it happen before December”

About a month before I shipped out, I had already put in notice at my job, told my landlord my last day that I would be living at my residence and even sold my car to pay off the remaining debt I had on my credit card; my confidence and trust in the staff sergeant to secure my Intel slot was so strong because he was a United States Marine.  He was the symbol of honor, courage and commitment; he was a hero to me along with all the other men and women who wore the eagle, globe and anchor.

December 9th, I drove down to North Carolina to get ready to leave for boot camp. My family was so proud of me, and my girlfriend was too; she supported the hell out of me and still does to this day. I love her with all of my heart and soul.

I spoke with a new staff sergeant of Cary, North Carolina. The first thing he did was apologize to me for the previous staff sergeant who was there. I was told that he never once tried to reserve my desired Intel job, and that I never got it, but I was given a reassuring “Don’t worry, Avionics is a great job field, you’ll love it”

At this point, several red flags popped up, and I felt sick.

I thought to myself “I gave up everything based on the words of this Marine, and I was lied to. I have no job, no place to live and no vehicle aside from a motorcycle to ride in the beginning of winter near DC. What am I going to do?”

Reluctantly, I went to MEPS and prepared to ship out on Monday, the 15th. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t enjoy myself…I even started smoking…something I’ve never done before in my life, but it helped a little with the massive amount of stress.

Monday eventually came, and I found myself sitting in a chair at the processing center, asking myself “What the fuck am I doing? Do I want this? Can I trust these people?!” The answer I concluded was “No, I can’t trust anything unless its documented on paper”.

I spoke with the MEPS liaison and told him if I can’t get Intel, then I will still join, but as a reservist only. After many attempts to convince me to ship out under my Avionics contract, including promises of “I’ll make a personal phone call just for you when you get to Parris Island and I’ll make sure you get Intel myself”, I turned them down and said I wouldn’t go unless they promised me in writing there that I would be given Intel. Needless to say, they wouldn’t do it, so they
called Ssgt over a speaker phone while I was sitting and waiting, “What
do you mean that stupid mother fucker won’t ship out?! That fucking piece of

I should have known right then and there what character he was…but again, I
wanted to believe in the uniform and its meaning, so like an idiot, I chalked it up to him just overreacting out of stress, or frustration and I didn’t take his words serious. Hell, we’ve all taken things out of proportion when they don’t go the right way…so I wrote it off.

I left MEPS, contacted my former employer and landlord and they graciously
helped me out in my situation.

Before I left to go back to DC, I stopped at the enlisted office in Cary, NC to get going on my reservist contract. When I arrived, Ssgt greeted me warmly, apologizing for the problems.  When I told him I wanted the reserves, he tried to convince me to stay active duty. I told him it was either Intel or reserves, so he actively sought out an Intel contract for me while he said he was working on my reserve paperwork. I was told that I would ship out on March 3rd, 2015 for the reserves as an open contract out of NC.

When I left North Carolina, my father wouldn’t speak to me. He viewed me as
a fraud and a coward (although he has never served in any branch.

My mother and I went for a walk around the local park, and she began crying, saying that she wanted my existence to be special, and she really thought I was going to join and how proud she was of me. I told her that I still was joining but as a reservist if they could not get me an Intel contract. Seeing her cry broke my fucking heart and mentally ruined me for the next two and a half months before I joined. I felt like the piece of shit my father made me out to be, so I started drinking heavily and continued the tobacco use.

My girlfriend drove me back to Virginia, saying that she loves me no matter what path I choose in life. I knew she was disappointed as well, but I knew her love was strong enough to overcome anything as it has so far proved to be.

I left North Carolina with about 300 dollars in my bank account and lived dirt poor, not even being able to pay my landlord for the first month of me returning. Him being enlisted Army personnel understood what I went through; he is a good man.

When I arrived back in Virginia, I visited an officer selection office based on the recommendation of my girlfriend to see what exactly happened with my officer package. I’m glad she convinced me to go, because I found out, through the Officer Selection Office in Fairfax Virginia, that my Officer Package was NEVER EVEN SUBMITTED! Captain was lying to me about sending it. Why? I’m not sure. Perhaps it was because my GPA was a lousy 2.1 when I graduated, rendering it not very competitive, or because I was now living hundreds of miles away from the Raleigh Officer Selection Office. You know, I would have been upset if he said he didn’t want to submit it, but I would have gotten over it and worked with the enlisted side. Instead, I waited a year and a half for nothing. I wasted time and effort. I didn’t actively seek out a career with my degree based on believing that I would become a marine in the very near future; instead I waited tables, barely scraping by. That’s not Captain’s fault though; I should have sought out a better paying job. I was just stupid. Had the Captain told me that I was not going to be accepted, I would have done something with my life, whether enlisting or finding a private sector career, rather than playing the food industry game.

On January 12th, Ssgt contacted me saying he got me the job I wanted. I signed my job SOU and felt great. I saw what I wanted in writing and I proceeded to believe him. I told my landlord and employer once again that I had a new ship date set for February 9th.

When that weekend finally rolled around, I once again came back to NC, and my father thought I was going to back out again. I ignored him, and spent as much time with my family as I could, as well as my girlfriend. Since I didn’t have much money, I decided on selling more of my possessions. When I shipped to Parris Island, I felt scared as hell as if i made a horrible decision, as most recruits probably do.

Once on the Island, within 24 hours, I was told that I did not qualify for Intel because of past drug use, which I had waivers for. Before I left, when I first told the enlisted side I wanted Intel, I asked them many times about these waivers, ensuring they would not hinder me from getting the job I wanted. They lied and said they wouldn’t as long as I was honest, which I was. There were no moment of truth discrepancies, nor any information from them, which I tried to conceal; I was open and honest since day one.

While on the Island, I was told I was given the new MOS of Data, and that although it was a four year contract for that job and since I signed a 5 year MOS contract for a job I never received, I was obligated serve a 5 year contract. This bullshit was later reversed by a gunnery sergeant allowing me to serve a 4 year term instead.

I requested to be a reservist and explained my situation with what I had to deal
with, but he denied it saying “I’ll give you a 4 year contract, but I’m not allowing you to become a reservist.”

Since this happened, I’ve lost nearly all motivation to succeed. Who can I trust? The organization that I once thought stood for such high principles such as honor and trust has been shattered. I wake up everyday regretting my stupidity for not using my God-given logic and detecting the bullshit when it is clearing being observed by my five human senses. Now, I’m stuck. There is no reversing it, there is no way out until my time is up without potentially fucking my careers in the civilian world.

I’ve since contacted a military lawyer, seeing if there is anyway for me to become a reservist, but there seems to be no clear option for it.

While at MCT, I’ve asked my combat instructors for help, but it fell on deaf ears; they didn’t care either. Is that what the USMC is about? This once shimmering image of righteousness, tarnished by the majority of marines I’ve come into contact with makes me question the very essence of human compassion and the belief that man is born good (in the sense that a man will use his goodwill to fight off selfish temptations and self promotion when a sacrifice of innocence must be made to achieve it). Perhaps they thought what they were doing was right, that I would become a better man out of this experience (maybe I will…I’m just disillusioned and bitter now), but my better judgment tells me different. I know better now. I know that a uniform or a symbol does not make a bad person good.

So now I’m stuck in Twentynine Palms, California, training for a job I really have no desire in learning except for when I get out, there will be a well paying job in the private sector waiting for me. I’ve tried to convince myself that I want to go Officer still; but I don’t. I don’t even work out anymore like I used to. Hell, I am 5’9 and was 170lbs and 10-12% body fat before I joined and I have photos proving my fitness. Now I’m a meager 155 and struggle during every PT session. My fucking soul has been ripped apart from my body, amalgamating it into a conglomerate of 18-year-old children who have no self-discipline and are constantly ruining my freedom for me by screwing something up, resulting in mass punishment.

I’ve become an empty vessel, and no matter how much I try to pull something
up inside me, I find nothing, Void begets void.

This is my experience so far in the USMC.


So what would make this all better? What would turn my life around and make
living enjoyable once again? Being given what I was promised isn’t enough anymore. I don’t want Intel. I don’t want the 5-year commitment. I don’t want anything but to either be given the option of being a reservist or just getting out. That’s all I want; that’s what I feel I am entitled to based off of the lies and games I’ve had to put up with since my feet stood on top of the yellow footprints.
But hey, that’s life right? You can’t always get what you want. And as another
marine put it: “The USMC is a shit-sandwich. Yeah, they’ll dress it up for you
sometimes by throwing on lettuce, tomatoes, maybe some bacon…but you’re still
eating a shit sandwich.”

Only 3 and 1/2 more long years left.

Whoever created this site has done a wonderful thing for all of my fellow marines

who have no one to relate to or vent to. Really, thank you.

“Solamen miseris socios habuisse doloris”

Submitted by: Abdiel

  • thankful guest

    I was in a similar situation. They even bumped my contract from 4 to 5 years. Is that their way of punishing you for “being more trouble than you’re worth” because you want what you want?

  • Chris M.

    Damn. Should have listened to that “gut” feelin’, dude. I’m glad I did. I thought of joining the reserves 3 years ago at 24, but then I
    came across this site. Saved my butt. Had I enlisted, I probably would have killed myself, for real. Your story struck a nerve with
    me because you are a lot like me.
    Keep your head up, and take no shit.

  • Joe Marine

    I am a GySgt and I did recruiting. I have to say that this sort of thing goes on all the time out there. All the recruiters care about is making mission. Recruiting is hard and if you are successful at it you are most likely going to make the next rank, if you are not you can just write it off.

    The Marine Corps is nothing more than a good ol boys dog and pony show. YES A GUNNY SAID THAT! I’ve been in this game long enough and have swallowed my pride to see that. The problem is the leadership, or should I say dictatorship in the Corps hasn’t learned to swallow it’s pride to see the issues that are plaguing the Corps.

    My advise to anyone thing about joining………..DONT! You can do better in another service. I feel I’ve waisted so much of my life in the Corps when I could have been doing something better. I don’t see the Corps lasting another 100 years. It’s been on the choping block since WW 2 ended but it has played that dong and pony show well enough to stay in business. The Corps is falling apart and it because the people charged with its care are not doing enough to care for it and it’s Marines. The secret to success in the corps, be a yes man and join the good ol boys club. If you can do that you’ll go far.

    • Chris

      Love hearing the truth from a career marine.

      However, I disagree with you on joining another service. My wife was in the Army and it is, hands down, the absolutely worst branch there is.

      I did 5 years and loved/hated it throughout, but wouldn’t have joined another branch.

  • PC Principal

    This is funny in a sense that while active duty is cutting down their numbers overall, there is a demand for reservists. Anyways I was fortunate to have a good recruiter in the USMC. I had a mediocre recruiter when I joined the National Guard because despite the contract saying I was coming in as a Sgt, he fucked the paperwork and I was a Pvt. Luckily I had copies of my contract and push the do nothing recruiter to fix it. He pinned it on my unit who wasn’t responsible for fucking up in the first place. When I email him to threaten to go IG, that’s when this shit got fixed.

    In regards to intel, most recruiters only know the basic requirements to qualify for intel but they don’t know the adjudication process. Of course, if they weren’t sure, they would find out or be honest with you that they don’t know that part. For jobs that require TS clearances, waivers can be very difficult to come buy. Technically speaking, drug use is frown upon and for TS clearances, it’s not the same as Secret Clearances. Did you every interviewed for a TS clearance with an investigator? That will be the person who would pretty much decide your faith along with other investigators whether or not you get the clearance needed for intel.

    I’m glad you gf supports you and I wish her well. I hope your parents are educated about how reserve and active duty Marine are held to the same standards.

    Good luck,
    Prior USMC/USMCR, current ARNG

  • Chris

    Dude, this is shitty, to say the least.

    My advice:
    1) do those MCIs and get promoted to Cpl, then Sgt. You’d be amazed at how differently you’re treated as a Sgt.

    2) get stuff doc’d in your medical record so that when you do your VA medical checkout, you can get paid tax-free forever. If you say you have knee pain, but there’s nothing in your record for it, it gets denied. If it’s in there, it gets approved. It’s that simple.
    2.a) I’m rated as 70% disabled according to the VA and have gotten a pension since 2008. My wife is 80% rated.
    2.b) Yes, you CAN work a normal job – the LCpl Underground says a VA rating of 30% or higher means you can never hold a job. NOT TRUE. I made $85k last year and my wife and I still received $42k combined in tax-free disability pensions from the VA.

    3) find some project that will help you get through. When I was in MOS school I helped people with their personal finances. There was a guy who could only do 2 pull-ups. He and I would go out after dinner each night and do 20 (mostly assisted) pull-ups in sets of 5. When the PFT came around, he knocked out 8, and I was extremely proud, plus the time went by nicely.
    Start a blog – about anything – it’ll be a nice reprieve, will cost you nothing, and will be constructive.
    Perhaps a blog about military benefits. The more you know, the more you can make sure you get out of this, seeing how hard you’ve been screwed. Let it be fuel on the fire. Then, when you’re getting out, you’ll probably have a book deal for the military benefits you are an expert on.

    4) Set some goals. These include rank, cash saved, getting married (or not), traveling somewhere.

    Hope this helps.

    • Riley Rox


      Do you have any tips on getting your medical record straight to get disability claims?

      • Chris

        If you’re out and your medical record is jacked up, I don’t know exactly what could help, but to go to the hospital and FAST to get it attended to.
        If you’re in, here’s what I did: When I was hurt, I went to medical.
        If you don’t have something doc’d for your knees, back, hips, shoulders – whatever ails you, you need to go. I went to sick call right before I got out to get a lung exposure doc’d, and then again for neck pain, and thank goodness I did because not only am I getting paid for both since 2008, but I recently had a re-eval at the VA hospital. My lung capacity is shrinking, but not enough to raise me up in terms of my rating.
        When I was getting out, I claimed PTSD. I didn’t have this in my record, but claiming it leads the VA evaluator (who you NEED to see upon getting out) to do an interview, where he concluded I had PTSD. In 2012 I submitted a claim for my PTSD, and the VA raised my rating based on a test that said that I Attention Deficit Disorder from the PTSD (I’m not shitting you; I caught ADD from my time in the Corps, and had actually lost a job because of it).
        And that’s it.
        1. Go to medical.
        2. Get stuff doc’d.
        3. Claim that stuff when you’re getting your VA assessment.
        3a. They will ask: “do you have pain in your left knee?” The answer is “Yes.” Don’t be a tough guy, and don’t be overly literal. If you had pain last week, and will have pain next week, you have pain. You’re 23, you shouldn’t have pain in your knee.

  • Intelmarine

    No words can describe how fucking terrible that sounds. I can;t believe both the OSO and recruiter lied to you. Its true, your just a fucking number……I can not believe this . Reading this post makes me want to puke……….I am so sorry for you and even though it is a waste of time worrying and stressing about what you can;t change, in the next 3.5 years you have I agree with Chris, make goals and carry them out. Be the best you, you can be. Working hard thinking your package is sent when really they never sent it…..SMH, waiting for an intel slot BUT the recruiter never even tried. WTF and then he calls you a retard? No wonder the commercials look so good bc the reality sucks so much there must be a make up for it. I only ever see marines commercials on tv. Very rarely navy and very rare army. Never air force or coast gaurd. DAMN

  • TheCluelessSgt

    29 Stumps man, I was there for nearly 7 Months as a radio operator (the school house is now only like 2 months long)

    Your story actually rings loud and clear with me. My job wish list was: 1. Intel 2. Infantry 3. Military Police (blue falcons glad I didn’t do this) 4. Communications/Electronic Engineer.

    Look Brother (as a Comm Marine you really are my brother because sorry to tell you this is one of the most thankless jobs out there) it doesn’t get easier. I was screwed out of all those other jobs, I was screwed out of my primary MOS 0621 because I got sent to additional MOS school for 0622 and then got screwed out of that because I got sent to Okinawa and had to be an impromptu 0627.

    My entire first 4 years in the Marines I never once touched a radio. Yet I still picked up both Corporal and Sergeant which is a credit to how broken the promotion system is where they can promote people like me who can’t even perform the job I was contracted into (really to no fault of my own) but Hey the good idea fairy got me.

    I reenlisted for this deployment to Iraq as a trainer team (because that’s a good gig) surprise, Green weenie. The team left before my paperwork was approved and because I had such little time left on contract (30 days) they wouldn’t even let me fly out.
    I came down to it I was told the Monday before I got out that my reenlistment was approved and the earliest I could swear in was Wednesday… 2 days before I’d be free.
    I talked to the career planner. I could LAT move into an MOS I actually wanted (which you can too since you are stuck in like I am) I told him there was 1 job I would take. Counter Intel/Human Intel. Done its a critical MOS all I had to do was pass a crazy board that I’m not allowed to talk about because I signed an non disclosure agreement. I passed the board, with great flying colors.

    Green weenie. My monitor won’t release me because when I reenlisted I got orders to a grunt unit as a Radio Operator. The unit was deploying and lacked NCOs because none of them could make the deployment but I would arrive in the unit after all the workups were completed. I called the monitor, my 1st Sgt called the monitor and even my Master Guns did. I have 0 MOS experience as an RO. The monitor wouldn’t budge. “He will deploy with them and when he gets back he can resubmit for LatMove.

    Whatever, its 6 month booze cruise fake deployment back to Okinawa. Right before we leave for Okinawa, HSST list comes out, guess who is suddenly able to leave his MOS to go do a B billet…
    This guy.

    Now I’m trying to find a way to get out of the B billet without just accepting the RE-30 code which frankly isn’t a bad idea.

    So It doesn’t get easier and just prepare to Bohica brother.

    • schneybley

      At the beginning of this year I was thinking about trying to active at the end of my enlistment and trying for counter-intel. My mom warned me about how my career as been nothing but lies, betrayal and hair pulling stress and that I shouldn’t consider cause who knows if they’d lie and give me something else. You’re story kind of proves what she was talking about and I’m making the smart move by getting out when I get the chance.

  • schneybley

    This post really struck home with me. You said you wanted to go reserves I’m telling you right now the grass is not greener on the other side. I wanted to be active and my recruiter said it was possible to go active after some time ( go figure he was lying that obviously doesn’t make sense for the marine corps if it was an option, stupid gullible 18 year old I was). Even more shitty the entire time I was in the DEP I was told I was gonna be data which as a reservist was a pretty good deal and then I week before I shipped out I tried to talk to him about it and then he told me he switched my MOS to infantry mortarman. “Congratulations you’re goona be a killer”. Wonderful right. Things suck in my unit being a reservist is not great other than the fact that you can live a normal life most days but the marine corps still takes power over you when it wants so just try to make the most of what you got you will probably settle into it.

    • Uncle_Sams_Misguided_Children

      I never was a reservist.. But my oldest son presently in Boot Camp fell for the same bullshit the recruiter told him he can get him in faster if he went reserves, GOD Knows I tried everything possible to talk him out of joining the Marines, I paid for him to go to college, I paid his car note, I sent him to stay on multiple occasions to stay with his Moms parents in Japan.. But he still joined and as a Reservist I would think it is a little harder than active duty especially after the boot camp experience wears off? and when you are not with your unit it is up to you to stay fit & motivated to show up for drills? I told the boy i do not know shit about reservist? What does he have to look forward to?

      • schneybley

        Man I though my parents gave me a lot. There’s a lot to talk about. Key points include the fact that yeah after a while he will find it difficult to stay motivated and work out I myself barely try anymore especially after being in for so long and tolerating so much crap, you sound like you are prior service so you probably understand how that works. The most major differences between reserves and active apart from obvious things like pay and how much you are there are that 1. Going UA is a lot less of a big deal if he does they won’t hunt him down and he will have to go UA for months until getting processed out and 2. It’s a lot harder to get NJP’d he could get a DUI and his unit may not find out about it. How much he gets paid will vary from drill to drill. You know at first I felt like I was developing a lot and learning things but now for the most part it just gets in the way. If he chooses to go to college there is GI bill money for him but it is significantly less than people from active, right now a little less that 400 a month. There are versions of the GI Bill and other benefits for reservists who have deployed but DON’T COUNT ON IT now that the wars are done reservists pretty much never deploy. My best advice is once he’s done with boot camp is don’t make the same mistake I did where I thought things would pick up so for a year I wasn’t doing anything, once he’s in SOI/MOS school have him plan out his life as a civilian, you know like college and job. College can be more difficult since drill weekends can sometimes fall in at inopportune places. If you have more questions I can give you my e-mail.

        • Uncle_Sams_Misguided_Children

          schneybley, Yes I was Active duty Marine Corps I got out in 1994 so I been out awhile and active duty Marines always in my time rolled their eyes at reservist but now this is my Son, i do not care if they do not pay all his college i got that, not like my veteran father who did not give a fuck, It is crazy for me he is in boot camp now on the USMC Legacy program at MCRD San Diego.. in my fucking foot steps. I swore when I got out to never have an opinion but I hated my time in except when i met his mother! Think often did i brag? did i tell him i loved the Marine corps? My father his grandfather is a Marine Vet 100% disabled from Vietnam.. But why is it easier today to go reserves and not active? then they signed him up for 6 years ? for fucking PFC out of boot camp! I screamed at him “I was like fuck PFC comes in 5 months” now he only writes me like two short letters from Boot camp! I wanna slap the shit out of him! But god dam he is my oldest son! I was a child having a child! why do many of us make the same mistakes of our piers?

          • schneybley

            I’m happy that you met your wife, it’s good that the marine corps definitely was worth your time. I agree that boot camp and SOI was a good time in retrospect, I remember feeling so jaded after completing IADT only to go home, it was like “what was the point of doing all that just to wind up back here”. As tempting as it might be make sure he doesn’t go UA since even though they won’t hunt him down for that they can still fuck with his benefits and having a GOTH discharge will negatively affect him if he tries to do government related work. Getting contract PFC can happen for a variety of reasons from having college credits to referring his friends to recruiters to being an eagle scout. Going reserves is easier for the same reasons his recruiter lied to him about going active. When people think of joining the military most don’t think of it as one weekend a month and a couple extra weeks during the summer, as a result recruiters have to pull strings to get people into reserve units. 6 years is the standard for reservists. Lastly even though it’s more important to build a civilian life try to stay relatively motivated do stay in at least okay physical shape and somewhat proficient in MOS. In the event of a war reservists do get activated. As for the letters I don’t know how boot camp was in your time (I imagine it was worse) however when I was in during the later phases there is a lot to do so he may not have much time for writing letters.

          • Uncle_Sams_Misguided_Children

            Thank you.. I have your email and I am looking forward ro some more discussion with you.. But I just kinDa realized i May have let the Marine Corps Not only fool me, but I feel I failed as a Father! the same way my father failed me.. I see him when he told me but my hard head really did not hear him.. Thank you USMC..For not only destroying my life but making me blind to the ones who needed me most! I willprob burn in hell but before I go I am taking the Marine Corps with me..

          • schneybley

            Sounds like you did all you could. You told him not to join out of your own personal experience and gave him every incentive, paying for his school, car, and even trips around the world. I’m sure he probably joined out of a legacy type thing, living up to his father and all that. I’ve grown to believe that while joining the military CAN be a great thing for someone it doesn’t have to be necessary in the process of growing up/ becoming a man.

          • Uncle_Sams_Misguided_Children

            I tried to show him other ways.. And I feel i failed himI can see him almost asking me but it was to late he was committed! My Mistake but I know hw to get him out if he is not happy! We all know there are ways…

          • schneybley

            As a reservist he’ll still get to live a normal life, not experience the fleet and a lot of the worst the marine corps can dish out. I get the impression that after SOI the fleet is just a drag.

          • Uncle_Sams_Misguided_Children

            From what I see on this site its worse that when I was on Active duty.. But I was privileged to enjoy Okinawa at a time when Marines of any rank pretty much could come and go as they please.. In hind sight I was able to enjoy it because I lived with my girlfriend, to whom I am married to still today and sometimes I forget that, that was 26 years ago… But even then there was a lot of busy work “Dum Shit” being done.. So I can only imagine how messed uo that duty is now…

          • Uncle_Sams_Misguided_Children

            I thought I was a Man also.. but maybe boot cam but after SOI was a joke. Just I am proud but I never wanted him to know my pain!

          • Uncle_Sams_Misguided_Children

            Yes I know he knows why I joined, My Father was also a Marine Vietnam Vet, He is still to this day 100% disabled, He and my mother divorced when I was 6 years old and my Mother moved far away from him so I never really knew him,and growing up when I would do something wrong my Mother would say “you are just like your Father!” he would call on weekends drunk & I would get $5 bucks from him twice a year.. I remember telling him i wanna be a Marine, he flew off the handle so after high school lost & no desire or money for college, I know now I joined in spit of my Father telling me not to.. Did my time & got the fuck out, I am grateful to have met my soulmate while in.. I never spoke much about the Marines to my kids growing up, they seen old pictures & they knew I was a Marine.. Like i told you I had done EVERYTHING Humanly possible except take a bat to his knee in attempts to get him to go in the other direction, But he would always through back well “My Grandfather & You” were both Marines! My last conversation with him before he left for MCRD San Diego 8/1/16, He asked me this question “Do you think I will come back crazy like you and granddad?” I told him No son you will be crazy like all Marines.. LOL.. I told him get used to doing dumb shit, and now I thank God he will be in reserves…

          • Uncle_Sams_Misguided_Children

            I figure the iPhone generation also has a lot to do with him not writing often?Growing up I wrote letters so when I was in boot camp I was capable of writing and I at least sent one letter a week to my Mother in which I would write to my whole family just telling them what I was doing and how i was handling it.. I thank my Mother she saved all my letters I wrote home and I just dug them out her attic the other day and reading them brought back a lot of memories! Some good Most Bad! LOL.. I scanned a copy of them and I mailed him my letter home about the same time he has in, I plan to send him a copy of each letter until he graduates I just want him to see how he sounds like I did in the few letters he wrote…

        • Uncle_Sams_Misguided_Children

          He seemed to have a plan after SOI/MOS schools but Iknow my son! like i know myself! i warned him of how hard it can be to Motivate.. I believe in hind sight boot camp is the easiest time for any Marine, they motivate you, the feed you , the PT you, they make you a Marine but the DI will not be with you everyday of your enlistment, yea maybe a jackass CO or 1st Sgt but the DI’s I enjoyed my time at MCRD San Diego Senior DI Ssgt Rios’s Semper fi! After that is sucked! for myself!

        • Uncle_Sams_Misguided_Children

          I am only grateful to the Marine corps for the night I met his mother! sounds like a show but i love her 25 years married!

        • Uncle_Sams_Misguided_Children

          Him having dual nationalities can anyone tell me if they can extradite him from a foreign country? He at least listened to me when I told him Do not volunteer information to Marines! Cause we all know they use it against you! I will take him to his Mothers country cause about this time in my life I say Fuck the Marines & USA! Sorry brothers this is about my blood!

        • Uncle_Sams_Misguided_Children

          Just when its your child it becomes way more bigger! than those God Dam commercials!

    • Uncle_Sams_Misguided_Children

      Here is my email please contact:

  • ConcernedFormerDumbass

    So, you got screwed out of your MOS that you wanted, and almost bumped to a five year contract too? I didn’t realize how common that was. I thought it just happened to me. Luckily for me, right before the Crucible, I had a moment sheer stupidity and it was big enough where they gave me the option of an ELS or getting recycled back seven weeks. So I joined the 1st Civilian Division, and I’m about to graduate college in three weeks and then I’ll be DEP-ing in to the USAF Reserves. Who knew being stupid could be a good thing haha.

    I do hope you and your girlfriend are still together and going strong. Hope she’s a better person than mine was.

  • Sgt

    First off active duty Marines (especially DI’s, MCT/ITB instructors) for the most part will not know anything about the reserve side. Even if they tried to help you they will give you the wrong info. I know this is a little late but in the reserves you can choose you exact MOS unlike active duty. These guys are nothing but sales people aren’t the ones who suffer if they screw you. Going from active to reserve contract is tough when you are in the middle of your AD contract. I would search a career planner at the closest reserve center and see what’s up.

  • Feral Human

    LMFAOROFL at the photo here. Thanks dudes