My husband is trying to join the Marines.

My husband is trying to join the marines. First he wanted to join when I was pregnant and I was really supportive but now I’m just scared and don’t want to lose him. We just had our son, and I thought he would change his mind but he hasn’t.. he says all he wants to do in life is be a marine and blow peoples heads off, Everyone keeps saying that it is a decision that we both need to agree on but I know if I don’t let him he will hate me, but I really don’t think I’m strong enough to be the marine wife I thought I could be… I just want us to be together as a family and he doesn’t seem to understand my feelings. When he leaves I will have to sign a note saying that me and my two kids will be financially taken care of for 3 months while he’s in boot camp, and honestly, we wont be, I cannot find a babysitter so I can work and my parents cannot afford to support us.. I just don’t understand. And I’m not trying to sound like a pussy when it comes to me not being able to handle it, it’s just I really DONT think I can handle it as I am prone to severe depression/ postpartum depression.

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  • Suicidal_Father_Marine

    I’m in the Marines and I am married and we just had our son! I joined before we were married and but I said the same thing basiclly I’m joining whether you fucking like it or not!!!! Now that I’ve been in my marriage has went to shit!!!!!!! Also your husband sounds like a tool because of the comment he wants to blow people heads off!! There are many of people that are marines that dont ever see combat! I wouldn’t be worried for the saftey of your husband but for the welfare of your family. The marine corps don’t give a SHIT about you him or your child!!!!! They will rip your husband head off and shit down his throat. Its a fucking joke!!! Honor, Courage, & Commitment hahahah thats fucking bullshit. Every marine fucking lies cheats and steals. They say they teach us discipline haha they teach me how to hate my life and think of suicide every fucking day i am left breathing! I pray every night that this fucking nightmare they call the marine corp is over or i pray that dont fucking wake up! The last thing I would worry about if your husband did join is for his sanity! The fucking stupid thing they call a gun club will make hime lose his mind to the point if he doesnt kill himself he might try to kill you and your child!!! The MARINE CORP = FUCK YOUR LIFE!!!

  • Wrong Place

    I think you’re in the wrong place. Find a site for wives with active duty husbands and talk to current Marines that aren’t posting on “i hate the usmc”


      No she’s found the right place. Any site that’s designed for wives with active duty husbands is also going to be designed to place an entirely positive spin on the marine corps and will only passingly acknowledge that any down side even exists. So if you want a realistic picture of the marine corps life from current and prior marines, this is pretty much the place to go.

  • BetterOffElsewhere

    I wanted to do the same thing when I joined, but I was still young and immature so I didn’t know any better. To be honest, there isn’t a whole lotta killing at all. It’s just a bunch of stupid little games and a bunch of selfish people screwing over whoever they can to get ahead. It took me a whole year to realize this, and once I did, I regretted it so much. I still do each and everyday. I wish I coulda learned all of this some other way than actually experiencing it. After that realization, I got my priorities straight and realized what really mattered to me: my family and friends. So many people in the usmc are complete assholes. There are some good people in it, but they are far outnumbered by fuckin retards. I never realized how accurate the marine corps motto is…”The few, the proud”….I just never knew that “the few” get screwed over all the time by the oh so “proud” assholes. I have a feeling that if your husband does join he will be deeply disappointed as I was. It’s not all that it’s made out to be, as I’m guessing you’ve already seen most of these posts on this site. And, no, you don’t sound like a pussy. I’m pretty sure you could handle it, it’s just that you don’t WANT this to happen, which I understand completely. Any sane person would be thinking as you are right now. Your mind is in the right place. As for your husband…he needs to rethink this. Not only does he want to join with the mindset of a 17 year old, but he is willing to do so with his family in a financial situation. He needs to understand what’s best for all of you, not just himself. Besides, there are plenty of other things he can do that actually benefit you and your fam more than the marine corps can ever provide. Stay strong

  • Ali

    My boyfriend recently dumped me because he is getting shit where he is training he was cold and heartless while breaking up. A few weeks earlier, he had come to visit me it was the sweetest surprise! Then he went back to training school and I didn’t hear from him for 3 weeks, I finally did and he said it was because he was depressed that he didn’t talk to anyone. I tried breaking up with him but he begged me not too. About a month later, I only talked to him a few times and I noticed he wouldn’t respond as often. He told me he wanted to be with me for the rest of his life and he wanted to marry me. Two weeks later he broke up with me. He told me he had no feelings. I knew this wass just bullshit because he couldn’t handle the crap the Marine Corp is doing to him. I wrote him a nice e-mail and he told me to let it die. The marine corp turns a lot of men and women into cold heartless beings. its such a shame.

  • A real wife

    You people are ridiculous. My husband has been a marine for 8 years and the marines have given us everything. I cant believe some of the stupid shit I am reading. And yes, your husband does sound like a tool for saying he wants to blow people’s heads off. Marines rarely do that. If he just wants to kill people he should join the mob or start working for a drug cartel in Mexico. That will give him a better opportunity to kill people. I think he should seek counseling. He sounds kind of crazy. And as for all the douches saying all that crap about how horrible the marines are, maybe when you enlisted you should have chosen a MOS you would like more. You are all tools and dont know what you are talking about. Also if he can actually get into the marines right now, then I would be amazed. They are focusing on reducing their numbers. So good luck even joining.


      First of all, the marine corps has given you everything because your husband has been there for 8 years, if he’d been working at Walmart for the past 8 years then Walmart would’ve given you everything so don’t act like the marines is somehow special.

      Next, you do realize that we have a broad spectrum of MOSs here right? We have everything from Infantry to Admin, to Motor T, to Comm guys. So all MOSs suck because regardless of what your MOS number is, all you really are is a janitor! I’m sure you’re not aware of that because your husband doesn’t live in the barracks anymore.

      If we’re just a bunch of tools who don’t know what we’re talking about, how about you tell us about your time in the military, and how wrong those of us who are/have been in are?

      Lastly (and possibly the biggest piece of evidence that you are in fact the one who doesn’t know what she’s talking about), right now MCRD San Diego is pushing through companies of 700 recruits per week, and I would assume that the east coast numbers are similar. Recruiting hasn’t changed much, because they still need new guys to kick around when all of the guys who are sick of it get out with their one year VEERP packages.

      You might want to check up on your facts before you go around acting like we don’t know what we’re talking about on this site. We actually tend to pay pretty close attention.

      Safety and Peace

    • Guest

      Do you know what you’re talking about? Have you ever enlisted or have you just lived off the comfort of some idiot who kept telling himself he was awesome until he believed it? Just seeing one side of the book doesn’t give you the whole story. Don’t go trashing people when you don’t even know what they’ve been through. Keep in mind I just did the same to you what you did to everyone else on this site. You like talking shit to people online when you don’t even know them? Alright pussy, GET OFF THE COUCH, STOP EATING HAAGEN DAZ AND GO GET A JOB YOU FAT MOOCHING WHORE!

      • Sheyla Anderson

        Hey,i have a question. My husband is going to join the marines soon… I dont know much about this thing. Will he get put on a base with me? Or will i be left out in my current city when he leaves? What happens if i want to join too, would we be in seperate bases? Would it have been better if we hadnt married before he joined? I read here that its easier if your a spouse? Im really scared, im nit fully aware of this whole perdicament and i need details badly. Im hoping you cam provide some

  • okichewy1

    I spent 20 years in the Marines and witnessed many failed marriages and many successful. What I can tell you is that the Marines is a good family oriented area once you are accustomed to what your role is in it. Meaning, The Marines are first, family second. If you as a spouse can understand that and live with it, you will love it. I got married when I was a Sergeant with about 7 years in. Most marriages end due to young couples thinking they need to get married ASAP to collect the benefits, but have never lived on their own in life (usually just out of HS). Good things about being a spouse: free medical, free housing (utilities too), good schools (if on base). Bad things: Marine Corps comes first (even though they say family does). I was 38 y/o when I retired and now collect a pension monthly for about 1350.00, pay less than 40.00 a month for medical insurance and my kids have my GI Bill to use for college, had my Bachelors degree paid for while on Active Duty.

    • New to the Military Life

      HI I’m curious if anyone can help me here. I’m 20 and want to join the marines. I want to be in the military police. What I’m wondering is when I finish boot camp and all the other classes I need to take to train for my MOS what will happen after that? Am I gonna be deployed somewhere? If so then for how long? When will I be able to actually start my job in the military police? I’m new to all the military things and it’s late at nigh, I’m up alone and thoughts are popping on to mt head, any information would be much appreciated. Also, my fiance and I are tying the knot soon we’ve been together for 5 years. I know it’ll be tough and he knows and weve come to terms with it. If I end up being deployed to I don’t know Japan for a year (My cousin is actually being deployed to Japan she just graduated) will my then husband be able to live there with me on base or wherevery I’ll be living for that year? I just don’t know how all this works.

      • Billiam201

        I was never an MP, so I can only answer your questions very broadly. That said, I will endeavor to do so. After completing your course or courses (I have included a link below, as you are not an officer, I suspect you will take only the “basic” course) you will be assigned a duty station. (There is a difference between a duty station and a deployment) If that duty station is overseas, it will likely be a 1-year tour. If it is, given your rank, your husband will likely not be allowed to join you. They will not pay to fly you home to visit him, nor to fly him to Japan to visit you. Phone calls are expensive, and mail takes forever. That said, at least Japan is a terrible place to be stationed. Rest assured, you won’t have a desire to go back.

        I have made no secret as to my feeling on the marines, so please allow me to disabuse you of the notion that 4 years as a MP is going to guarantee you a job with a police force somewhere (which you have likely heard from a recruiter). Police jobs are hard to find, so you may end up flipping burgers somewhere. On the bright side (at the moment) you will have education benefits available to you, and you can get a degree.

        Also, as an MP, the last Monday-Friday week you will see is the schoolhouse in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri which, it should be noted is a US Army school. They work odd schedules, which vary from base to base.

        As for deployments, that is a question I cannot answer with any reliability. I only knew a handful of MPs during my service, and those gentlemen never deployed.

        Most marines don’t have positive feelings towards the MPs, and refer to them as “blue Falcons” or “professional buddy-fuckers”.

        So, all in all, I wouldn’t advise it. If it’s police experience you want, as I said earlier the school in Fort Leonard Wood is a US Army school, and since the marines don’t have one of their own, join the army. They don’t take half the sadistic pleasure in treating their soldiers like indentured servants, that exist solely for their amusement.

        The link is a bit outdated, but it was what I could find.

  • A real enlisted Lance Corporal

    I’ve been in the Corps for 3 years. Nothing on this website is true. If your husband wants to join the Marines because he wants to blow people’s heads off than he probably shouldn’t join. The Marines is not about going to other countries and killing people and bombing the bad guys. Not all MOSs suck. Prime example, i’m 0351 Assaultman. I’m part of a SMAW crew and I have dispatched of several afghani tanks. I have buddies that work in intelligence. They get to go to foreign countries and go in hostile territory. I also have friends that are motorT’s. they repair humvees that have been disabled by gunfire. Not every mos is for anyone. Whatever MOS you pick is a role you play in the marines is a crucial part in making the marines operate functionally. These people on this website are 12 year old trolls in the moms basement. If your husband wants to purpue a career in the marines you should be proud pf his most honorable descision


      “12 year old trolls in the moms basement”… Bahahahaha you’re adorable.

      Now, usually this is the point where I would destroy every point you made, but you’ve made my job simple by not making any points in the first place. You’re an Assaultman, so what? You know some guys in Intel and Motor T, so what? You have not shown anything on this website to be false. I honestly hope that this wasn’t actually your “prime example” because so far it’s a terrible example.

      Now, as for you: Afghanistan only has about 600 tanks (give or take 50). The reason they have so few, is because those old T55s and T62s are pretty much useless in the more mountainous regions of Afghanistan, and especially along the Pakistani border. Long story short, they just plain don’t use tanks in Afghanistan. Even the U.S. didn’t use them until early 2011, and I’d be rather surprised if those tanks are doing anything more than sitting on the FOB.

      So, I can’t say for certain – I’m not sure what part of Afghanistan you may have been deployed to over the past 3 years – but the part where you had to take out Afghani tanks strikes me as more than a little bit far-fetched. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, because it might have, I’m just saying, if anyone here is actually a 12 year old troll who lives in their mother’s basement, my bet would be on you.

      Safety and Peace

      • georgina

        you destroyed him! lol

    • Danial Rose

      a real lance corporal and a 0351 you must be so awesome. small question though since all the tanks in afghanistan are either U.S. or the ANA(our allies who don’t even use them) are you saying you kill americans or just shoot at a parking lot of empty tanks? or perhaps are you trying to make up a story about combat because you are a boot and you shot a tank in training in SOI and you want to sound bad ass. as an iraq and afghan vet i can say the only tank fighting i saw was a tank level an iraqi’s house because the jackass was shooting at a fucking tank with an AK. and in my opinion that iraq still smarter then you trying to come on here and post that bullshit

    • Danial Rose

      oh and a real enlisted lance corporal is there a lance who is not enlisted?

  • free_bird

    Marine Corps life sucks period, for both the Marine and spouse. Dependent wifes are fat and miserable (look at the PX) and the infidelity and divorce rate are up the roof. Chances are you will be surrounded by thousands of horny, thirsty men waiting to have sex with something so chances are you will cheat or vice versa. I did four years and got the hell out. Im being completely honest, no exagerration. I have never seen more unfaithfulness in my life than the USMC.