My Lai Massacre VS Haditha Massacre

I have a comparison to make, if anyone here knows about the My Lai massacre in Vietnam in 1968 some people realized that what Army did was one of the worst U.S military massacres in history. But, the veterans were commemorated 30 years later, but is was based on speculation of the people working with the Viet Cong and at least 347 people were killed men, women, and children. Now, the Haditha killings to which 24 people died men, women, and children. In revenge for a IED that killed Lance Corporal Miguel Terrazas, but what did those people have to do with the killing of that man, and there are supported accusations of the U.S marines deliberately shot civilians and they were unarmed. So, whose the worse criminal, the soldiers who killed 347 civilians based on their belief as supporters/ Viet Cong fighters of the Viet Cong, but who knows if they were, or the marines who deliberately killed unarmed civilians who had nothing to do with an IED explosive that killed a Lance Corporal. THIS IS NOT A BASH!!!! and I’m not saying all marines are psychotic either as I deeply support the U.S military, I’m just making a comparison to two events that happened in separate time periods in the stage of war.

My Lai Massacre

Haditha Massacre

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    for your information your so called “not bashing” is a very uninformed comment… what you should do is open up a good history book and read up why we’ve earned the name DEVIL DOGS!! and for your info as well, you wern’t there at the time the haditha killings happened so how in the world would you know even the kids weren’t armed or at least weren’t planning something?!! as far as im concerned, if you see someone planting an IED in front of your house you better run n get the heck outa there! as for revenge, well make the math… this is a BROTHERHOOD in life and the next life!! so you all other so called “marines” that like to complain, you should call 1800-WHO-CARES!! that’s why it’s THE FEW, THE PROUD, THE MARINES!! SEMPRE FI!! “hope you know what that means”…some human beings aren’t made to be marines… -EL PASO, TX-

    • Jean Luc Picard

      You misspelled Semper. Maybe you should open up a good spelling book.


      I hope you’re aware that the Canadian Army laid claim to the title of “Teufelshunde” a full year before the battle of Belleau wood. So congratulations to the WWII marines for being on par with the Canadian Army.

      On top of this, the German soldiers would never have given a fearsome nickname to an adversary, so the nickname wasn’t earned, they just bestowed it upon themselves in order to make them believe that the German soldiers were afraid of them.

      What you should do is open up a good history book (not your boot camp “knowledge”) and learn that the majority of the great events and traditions that the marine corps lays claim to are either hugely exaggerated, or outright fabrications.

      Safety and Peace.