I’m just going to say this joining the marine corps was one of the stupidest mistakes I ever made.

I’m just going to say this joining the marine corps was one of the stupidest mistakes I ever made. I enlisted as an 3531 Transpo in 2006. I was doing pretty good, made some friends, hell i even made lcpl ahead of schedule. then comes my deployment. another battalion was short some marines so i was transferred to a new battalion with a bunch of marines i did not know. keep in mind 3531 is not a “combat” mos so you do have to deal with female “superiors.” i transferred in and assigned to the motor pool requisition platoon. this ghetto taco bending ho from the bronx or some shit was my sqd ldr. now im a smoker, so whenever i got done with work me and my buddies would go for a smoke. This slut was always getting into our shit because she was a cpl and me my buddies were lcpls and below. she would bitch and moan about how we shouldn’t smoke in the motor pool and for the most part we brushed her off. (she was one of only three females in the plt.) the funniest thing though was when one of the female marines which was ok by our standards walked up to us and said she saw our sqd. ldr having sex with the motor pool sergeant on more than one occaision. we laughed our asses off. our sqd ldr. next day had me and 3 other marines njp’ed “for all of you that dont know what that means it means shit duty for supposedly leaving some doors unlocked at night. ps were on a heavily guarded base and our gunny was the one who unlocked them . fortunately the deployment went on without incident except for the bitch making sergeant “go figure” by then i was on my way out of the latrine corps. currently im no longer in this sick fraternity and im going to college ‘at least something good came out of it” and taking rotc hopefully where i can earn a commission in the united states army and never again have to serve along side the marines of 2nd Bat. 5th “marines” And for all you kids believing those semper lies from the recruiters or the video games or any of that shit heres a bit of info the marines are full of idiots just like you so dont worry you should be able to fit in. just don’t get scared when you have to suck a cock or two to get forward in the marines cpl. disinfranchised usmc 2006-2010