I feel like all my potential has been wasted.

I feel like all my potential has been wasted.  I cannot put into words how much I truly regret joining the Marine Corps.  A college education has never seemed to sweet and dear to me.  Yet, my TA form got denied until I prove myself by passing my first class.  Educational opportunities my ass!  Shit’s supposed to be free BECAUSE I FUCKING ENLISTED NOT BECAUSE SOME OFFICER DECIDES I DESERVE IT!

The worst part about the Corps is that people at home are so proud of you, which means that you can never, ever, tell them the truth about it.  Even if you could, people simply cannot understand without being here themselves.

I feel like the Marine Corps was meant to be better than this.  I feel like it’s a punishment for young men who are immature, and arrogant.  The ones who learn their lesson get out and make something of themselves while the ones who don’t learn either stay in and never learn how to not be a douche bag or get out and suck at life.

Honestly, I’d happily die today or have Mayans rip my heart out and sacrifice me to their sun god if it meant not waking up tomorrow and being in the United States Marine Corps.

– Kyle_bagget3000