My Thoughts About ‘Former USMC’ Marketing And Corporate BS

“A Marine explains how to lead when you’re not the boss.”

During my time I’ve seen the rise of ‘celebrity’ Navy SEALS, I.E., billy badasses who get off active duty, write books about their experiences, get movie or product endorsements, and generally milk their prior military service to expand their business interests.

Well, former Marines are no different, and in the last 10 years there’s been no shortage of autobiographies, and/or management books that capitalize on the author’s prior military service. Nothing inherently illegal about that, but unfortunately those who have experienced the worst of the Corps would question how valuable of a real world business ‘training’ experience it REALLY IS!

From my last assignment on active duty working with the finances and supply of a Marine Aircraft Group, I can positively attest to the fact that it was NOT EVEN A REMOTELY ORGANIZED OR EFFICENT BUSINESS MODEL! If it was a civilian airline, it wouldn’t stay in business for very long!

But if you get out and are seeking a new career as the next motivational speaker/ modern day Stephen Covey management guru, then I guess you can capitalize on the Corps emphasis on leadership and management.

AS LONG AS YOU DON’T DARE CRITICISE THE MILITARY, you can string together enough open ended human concepts (mixed in with historical philosophical quotes) to put together a book deal, or sell your superficial advice for a corporate consultancy contract ($$$$).

The Marine Corps has a brand logo, a corporate slogan, and a marketing strategy. It puts a huge amount of effort into marketing (propaganda), and it has a vested interest in maintaining an image to secure resources and funding. There’s also no shortage of civilian salesman who play on the ‘former Marine’ status.

Robert T. Kiyosaki– the ultimate hypocrite.

But the Corps NOT a place to learn how to run a business- especially a business or corporate model that must deliver ON TIME at low cost, generate profit, and maximize human capital.

My two cents worth- civilian corporations kiss the ass of the military because the military excels at indoctrinating people into low paid wage slaves- with emphasis on long (uncompensated) hours, blind obedience, low tolerance of individual thought or creativity, and severe penalties for any form of dissent. It really wants a CHEAP, EASILY EXPLOITABLE WORKFORCE.
All the rest is just window dressing BS.

Video: How to lead when you’re not the boss. 

Submitted by: Oldr