My worst experience in the MC was training.

I have to say by far my worst experience was in the Marine Corps was the training. All the way from basic to my job school, after that it was pretty chill once I hit the fleet but still had to deal with some stupid bullshit. I still have nightmares about my horrible experience at boot camp at the hands of other recruits, all because I got dropped for an injury and had to pick up with another platoon halfway through. From the first day I was bullied and later got jumped in the shower room after they wanted to “talk” because I didn’t get tasks done fast enough, after that me and others who had picked up with me (they experienced the same things I did) and did everything in our power to get the platoon fucked up on purpose until the drill instructors caught on to what we were doing and left us alone. At the end I personally told the ones I hated most that I hoped that if I ever saw them again they would pay.

At MCT I got my chance, while there one of the assholes that was in my basic platoon was in the same unit I was. I mostly avoided him the whole time but on the last hump he found me and started the same bullshit trying to bully me, I was too busy helping my friends to grind on to pay any attention to him. However on the cool down march the way back to the barracks he started making fun of the fact I was tired (who wasn’t after so many miles?). Finally I had had enough and unslung my rifle from my shoulder and slammed my rifle butt into his face knocking his ass to the ground, not caring who saw it. I was just happy with the fact I got my revenge but the best part was my sergeant saw and heard the whole thing. He separated us and told the other guy to pick himself up and that was the end of it. No NJP, no repercussions and I never saw that prick again but man it felt good!

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  • me

    You’re a piece of shit, PVT Pyle. Nothing but a Blue Falcon.

  • UrMumsNewBF

    Not sure if I believe this, and boot camp, SOI and MOS school were all the easy parts. The fleet is what rips the motivation out of PFC’s and lcpl’s and make them regret that moto tat from MOS school

  • HiFags

    This is the gayest shit i’ve ever heard, you’re a pussy. Potential Marines, dont be a bitch like this guy

    • usmc_to_usaf

      And please don’t be a brainwashed drone like this guy. Might wanna read the rules (especially rule #2) before posting, bud.

    • Knob_Gaudy

      Look at this shining example of a marine, assuming you aren’t some poolee talking shit. By the way, homophobe much? You probably do gayer shit than most homos in the corpse

    • usmc_to_usaf
      Gentlemen, we need to use this meme a few times here! LOOK OUT!!
      Because he’s a badass.

  • Pissed off

    That MCT instructor was the shit.

  • reallynow

    Yeah and what is horrifying is that training is the last time in the Corpse where it is relatively “easy” to leave if you catch on early that everything is full of shit. Refuse to train while you still can gentlemen!!!!!