Okinawa Prison (Part 5)

Last time I left off I was being ushered by Cpl. Asshole to Battalion SncoIc to get me documented for underage drinking. I was documented in the green book and escorted back to my barracks room to pass out like a light. After I passed out at around 1200 I was awakened again at 0400 with kicks to the door and ordered to get in green on green, glowbelt and camelback to go out side for a PT run. We all got ready and went to the parking lot to form it up. I was not feeling good at all. I felt like I got ran over by a truck and I was very dehydrated and in no shape to go PT. Sgt. Nazi came out like a bat out of hell and started to talk all this kind of shit to us in formation. He was talking about stuff like “you motherfuckers are given an inch and take a mile,” he would walk up and down the formation like a drill instructor and say shit like “you are a fucking disgrace, you are an embarrassment to the MarineCorps, you are this, that etc etc.” He then called us to attention and said “Right Face!!!” We all knew what was coming next. “Forwaaaaard….March!” We knew that we were in for a long run because apparently I was not the only one that got caught underage drinking that weekend.

We take off running at around 0445. It was a hot Okinawa morning and it was very humid. The humidity of Okinawa is comparable to that of Vietnam or Thailand. It is always wet. You go outside to throw the trash out and you come back covered in sweat. It is not a place for those that are out of shape. In Okinawa you are two things. You are a drunk or you are a PT stud. Reason for that is that there is a lot of down time on base. You are stuck on base, there really is not that much work to do so the games and horseplay is increased by a bit. You could either sit in the barracks and play video games, watch movies, go to church, go to the PX, try to hit on a female Marine that already has a platoon of her own, or you could get stupid drunk or you can hit the gym and try to get as big and strong as you can get. Most Marines opted for the last two. A lot of Marines were drunks and a lot of Marines were PT studs. Sgt. Nazi was a definite PT stud as he always PT’d. He never warmed up just sprinted and sprinted for miles. He ran an 18 minute PFT but he also had endurance for days and he knew how to run Marines to the ground.

We take off running and Sgt. Nazi is sprinting. I already feel like shit after the first couple of feet and I feel like throwing up. After the first mile I cannot keep up and fall out. A lot of us fell out and Sgt. Nazi would just pick us up and take us on another sprint. We ended up sprinting for 6 miles and we were in formation getting our asses chewed again. Sgt. Nazi pulled me aside and started to chew my ass. I couldn’t take it anymore and I bent over and just puked everything that was in my stomach.

After the run it was ass chewing after ass chewing from the Cpl’s to the CO. It was the same rhetoric over and over “why did you guys drink, why did you guys drink, why did you guys drink?” Over and over. It turns out that six of us got caught that weekend underage drinking. I was not the only one. That week was hell as the 1st. Sgt and the CO would PT us to the dirt and make us do fieldays every day. We also had to do midnight formations in which we had to make accountability everyday at midnight. The next weekend four Marines got caught underage drinking and even one got arrested by PMO. Our Company was in it for this time. The Colonel had enough of us and proceeded to NJP us the next Monday.

We all stood outside the Company office. After we all signed our confession statements of the crimes that we committed. We were all guilty of consuming alcohol under the age of 21. It is okay to give your life up while you are under the age of 21 but it is not okay to consume the fermented beverages. Col. Maximus was not you average looking Colonel. He was around 6 foot 6, 240 pounds and he looked like Spock from Star Trek. He was know for burning Marines to the stake and we were ordered to stand outside the Company classroom. I could hear a lot of people in the classroom as if they were waiting for something big to happen. What they were waiting for was a public NJP. It was made public to show young Marines what happens when you disobey a direct order. Colonel Maximus arrives and orders Marines in. One by one the Lcpl’s turn into PFC’s and the PFC’s turn into PVT’s. I was one of the PFC’s that was busted down to private. I was ordered in and all the Marines from two companies were there to watch. I stepped in front of the Colonel and he followed to read my statement and accused me of the crime. He then proceeded to take my rank, my pay, and order me to 60 days restrictions with extra duties. We all stood outside the classroom and took our ranks off. I game my chevrons to the newly busted down PFC. As we all stood there we wondered how bad it was going to get. We had restriction to follow and we also had bullshit from our Company to put up with. It was going to get bad and it was just the tip of the ice berg.

Stay tuned for part 6

Submitted by: free_bird


    Man, reading your story has me fighting back tears. I especially identified with the part where you said that you punched the wall with tears running down your face. I have never been hazed like you describe, but emotional and mental abuse, especially when you’re passionate about your work and people start to fuck with your work life, really takes it’s toll over the course of a few years. The quality of our “leaders” is so terrible today that it’s not really a surprise that we haven’t won an actual war since World War 2. The Marines that would make excellent leaders are never given the chance to do so because the “leaders” do not want to see people succeed.

    All we can do is persist.

  • Someone31

    I really feel this post. Even though I’ve never been to Oki (Deploying there in October) or have been hazed anywhere near as bad as you. I really commend you man, I dont get how you got through it but you did. For me I feel the same way punching the wall and just tears flowing down. Mentally getting mindfucked all the time, being called a shit bag of the platoon, constantly threatened. Just always told to give up and that I’m a disgrace to the USMC. I really want to be a better Marine, I dont even know if Im a shitbag at my job or being a Marine or both.. I just hate wearing the uniform, not because I hate the Marine Corps, I don’t, but because I feel like I dont even deserve it. Sorry if its an unnecesarry rant, I just feel like this site is the only place I can relate and vent.

    • FailedToAdapt

      Hey man,.

      Don’t buy their bullshit. Don’t let them take your pride. An organization that abuses its members sure as hell does not deserve your loyalty. They have got you believing that you are a failure. Ha! If the organization could only take a good look at itself! Go into work with your chin up because you have the dignity of being a human being.


      “You don’t need to wear a uniform to have honor”.

      Feel free to come back if you need advice or just want to rant. We understand.

    • hooyut

      You earned the title, you did what was necessary to wear that uniform. You checked all the boxes they required. You deserve it just as any of us did. You are just realizing that the uniform doesn’t deserve to be worn by you, also something many of us learned for many different reasons.

      I remember writing home back in boot camp about finally being able to put my name on the uniform and how excited I was.

      90% of my enlistment I wanted to tear my name off, the uniform was a disgrace to it.

      For me it was the realization that this department of the navy full of schoolyard bullies acting as a murderous iron fist of a corrupt, corporate run, imperialistic government was just another tyrant in different colors.

  • Sgt USMC

    “We were all guilty of consuming alcohol under the age of 21,” since the drinking age in Okinawa is 20….Commanders cannot perform a public NJP without consent from the accused, so there goes that one too. This is boring and not factual.

    • S.

      Cherry picking fallacy. It means you find a small error to support the argument that the rest is wrong. It’s silly and you are obviously upset about the context of these writings.

      • free_bird

        I think SGT is an undercover you know what, a M***** (cough cough).


      The drinking age in Okinawa has not always been 20. It was 21 up until September of 2006. If I recall correctly “free_bird” has been out for something like 6 years now, so he could’ve been in Oki right around the 2005-2006 timeframe.

      Don’t assume that the events occurred in 2014 just because the article was written in 2014.

      Safety and Peace

      • free_bird

        Very true Mr. Ninja. I went to oki on February 2005 and got burned March 2005.

    • madmike

      When I hit the fleet after getting out of SOI in late 1988 the drinking age at Camp Lejeune was 17. It was raised to 18 in early 1990.

    • free_bird

      Um yes these things did happen asshole. When did YOU go to bootcamp there teufel?

      • S.

        Hey would you like to have the “Mod” tag next to your name? We hardly ever moderate comments, however I think it would be cool for all the regulars to have the tag. Kind of like a badge of honor.

        • free_bird

          I would be honored sir. Thank you.

          • S.

            Alright. It will require you to have a set account with disquss so only you will have access to those powers.

    • free_bird

      By the way SGT, you still in the green machine?

      • free_bird

        You speak with extreme confidence and cockyness, kind of like Marines that are still in.