Questions To Ask Your Recruiter

Here on we’ve quite often potential recruits come to this site saying something to the effect of “I’m thinking about joining the marines, is it really worth it?”. We’ve also had a few “motivated” marines come here saying “If you want to hear what the marine corps is really like, don’t come to a site called “iHateTheUSMC”! Go get a balanced opinion!” While I think our site does a pretty good job of being balanced and truthful, I agree that you shouldn’t have to just take our word for it.

To that end, I’ve compiled this list of questions that any potential recruit for any branch of the military should ask their recruiter before joining. I’ve organized the questions by category; however, be advised that there are some questions that overlap and could fit into multiple categories. Also, with many of the questions (especially #4) the actual answer your recruiter gives you is less important than the way your recruiter behaves while answering. If he’s visibly struggling to answer some questions (i.e. #13 and it’s Follow-up Questions) the odds are pretty good that he knows that the corps messed up, so he was going to paint a one-sided picture and get you to enlist based on propaganda instead of fact. The moral of the story, pay close attention both to what your recruiter says, and how he says it.

That  being said, here’s a list of some questions you can ask your recruiter (from any branch) to help you make your decision:

Questions About The Quality of People In The Marine Corps:

1. “There are two predominant images of marines in popular culture: They’re either swashbuckling womanizers that drink a lot or they are disciplined and elite shock troops that hone their craft of war-fighting all the time. They can’t be both of these, so which is it?”
2. “I’ve heard  that more marines die each year from vehicle accidents than from gunfire. Why is that?”
3. “Is it true that most people join the marine corps for patriotic service, but remain in for financial security?”
4. “Are female marines girlfriend/wife material?”
[Note: This is one the cases where the literal answer to your question doesn’t matter. The point of this question is to see if your recruiter turns into a sexist POS when asked about female marines. If so, I think you’ve learned all you need to know about the type of people in the marine corps.]
5. “Why is the divorce rate in the marine corps so much higher than that of other branches?”
6. “What is a motard?”
7. “Is it true that marines don’t steal? Then why are marines required to keep their doors locked, and the wall lockers inside their rooms padlocked? Who are they trying to keep out if it’s not other marines?”
8. “When I get out of boot camp, how many times a day will I hear my superiors complaining about the good old days in the “Old Corps” when they didn’t need to try to be a good leader because they could just beat the shit out of anyone who didn’t perform to their standards?”
9. “Is it true that it’s harder to be kicked out of boot camp than it is to graduate?”
Follow-up Questions: “Is it true that you have three chances to pass any boot camp graduation requirement before you’ll even be dropped back a week in training?” “Is it true that – if you injure yourself – you can be kept in a medical rehabilitation platoon (MRP) for a year until you recover enough to be put back into training?” “Is it true that you don’t actually have to complete any of the obstacles in the Crucible in order to graduate? Is it really the case that, if you don’t get severely injured, you’ll automatically pass?” “Is it true that your D.I.’s will do anything in their power to prevent you from being kicked out, even if you clearly don’t want to be there, clearly aren’t a good fit for the marine corps, and are consistently failing graduation requirements?” “What does it say about the quality of people in the marine corps, that many marines are being forced to continue even though they lost interest back in boot camp? Is that really a recipe for an elite force? Or is it more a recipe for a mediocre force of people who are trying to make the best of it, but would rather be anywhere else than in the marine corps?”

Questions About Life In The Marine Corps:

10. “How will I be treated as a new-join after boot camp? I’ll be treated with dignity and respect right? The normal rules of decency and adult behavior will still apply, right? I ask this because I’d like to be sure that I’ll be treated like a first-class citizen.”
11. “Once I get to the fleet it’s a normal 8-4 job right? I won’t ever have to work weekends, right? I won’t ever have to wake up at 5:00 in the morning just to go running would I? How often would I have to  wake up early and/or work on a weekend?”
12. “I understand that as the new guy I’ll usually be tasked to some of the less glamorous jobs in the corps, but they’ll at least be meaningful jobs right? I won’t be called up to the Battalion office because the Sgt Maj is too lazy to take out his own trash right?”
13. “What is a Weekend Safety Brief?”
Follow-up Questions: “Will I really be expected to stand there every Friday afternoon as my Commanding Officer tells me ‘wear you seatbelt, don’t drink and drive, don’t rape people… etc’?” “Will I really be expected to fill out an ‘ORM worksheet’ where I tell my command what  I plan to do this weekend, what the potential hazards are, and how I plan to mitigate those risks?” “Will I really have to have a superior inspect my car every Friday before I’m allowed to leave?” “Will some units actually expect me to sign a piece of paper stating that I won’t kill myself over the weekend before I’m allowed to be released from work?” “Why is it necessary to have such a paperwork circus performed every Friday afternoon? Is it that marines are conditioned to forgo their common sense to such an extent that they need to be reminded on a regular basis not to do anything stupid over the weekend?”
14. “What is a Safety Stand Down? Will I really have to sit through a PowerPoint presentation every year where my superiors explain that raping people is bad?”
15. “I’ve heard that they will take the money for meals at the Mess Hall directly out of my paycheck each month. So I am assuming that I’ll be guaranteed the opportunity to go eat those meals, since I already paid for them, right?”
16. “I like to put my hands in my pockets from time to time. Will that be a problem in the Marine Corps? What if I’m just standing there, not walking around?”
17. “If I get sick overnight and ask my supervisor to go to medical the next morning, is he going to ridicule me merely because I require medical attention?”
18. “If I wanted to bring a guest to visit me in the barracks, will there be restrictions? Am I allowed to bring people of the opposite sex into my room?”
19. “Will I get my own room in the barracks? How many roommates might I have? Roughly how big are the rooms? A rough estimate is fine.”
20. “I understand that the marine corps has a strict underage drinking policy, but once I’m 21, is the amount of alcohol I keep in my room going to be limited or restricted in any way?”
21. “I understand that I will be held accountable for my inevitable mistakes, and I agree with that, but is everyone around me going to be held accountable for my inevitable mistakes as well? Conversely, will I be held accountable for mistakes that others make, even though I couldn’t possibly have prevented them?”

Questions About The Marine Corps As An Institution:

22. “Aside from boot camp and the cool uniforms, why is the Marine Corps better than the other branches? Be specific. I stopped playing with my GI Joes over 10 years ago have no desire to fulfill any boyhood fantasies or play soldier. Are they smarter? Is their technology better? Is there greater retainment on account of more variety in their career options? What is it, EXACTLY?”
23. “How is “Hazing” defined by the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice)? Will my supervisors in the fleet find ways to bend the rules prohibiting hazing?”
24. “I’ve heard that it’s illegal for marines to take reprisals against a marine for Requesting Mast (reporting problems to the Commanding Officer and asking that they be fixed). Is that enforced, or will my superiors use intimidation and the threat of retaliation to prevent me from (or punish me for) reporting wrongdoings to my Commanding Officer?”
25. “Since the marine corps is a military institution, am I correct in assuming that all necessary deployment-related gear will be issued to me free of cost? I won’t be required to purchase a bunch of gear like ear-plugs, parachute chord, a rape whistle, an assortment of batteries, or a giant safety pin, right? If I need it, it’ll be given to me and that’s it, right?”
26. “What is the quality of healthcare provided by the USMC? Is it true that a Navy Corpsman’s (medic’s) job doesn’t translate to any civilian medical career?”
27. “Do we get hazard pay for working around hazardous material?”
28. “Drilling and marching formations were a crucial component of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars, but now they’re completely obsolete. When I get to the fleet, am I going to hear some SNCO screaming at the top of his lungs about cover and alignment in a PT formation?”
29. “Reveille, Taps, and Mess Call used to be very important in signaling that it is time to wake up, time to eat, and time for lights out respectively; but in this age of alarm clocks and wristwatches, they’re also completely obsolete. When I get to the fleet will I really have to hear Reveille and Taps play every single day at 5:30 am and 10:00 pm respectively, and Mess Call played every single day at 6:00 am, 11:00 am, and 5:00 pm to the point where hearing those bugle calls becomes absolutely ear-shattering?”

Questions About Promotion:

30. “I’ve heard that Proficiency and Conduct Markings play a large role in being promoted to the ranks of Corporal and Sergeant. How familiar are SNCO’s and Officers with the guidelines for assigning these markings? Are the guidelines rigidly adhered to, or is the system that determines pro/con marks more based on whether I suck up to my superiors?”
31. “I’ve heard that my Rifle score and Physical/Combat Fitness scores also play a pretty big role in being promoted to Corporal and Sergeant. Does the marine corps have a system in place to make sure that they’re putting bright, intelligent, leaders into high ranking positions, or can any idiot become a Sgt Maj as long as he can do enough pull-ups?”
32. “I’ve heard that you have to take several Marine Corps Institute (MCI) courses (such as Leading Marines, Warfighting Tactics, Basic Grammar, etc) with proctored exams, prior to being promoted to Corporal and Sergeant  to try to prevent complete idiots from becoming NCOs. Is it true that everyone cheats on the tests by taking them in their rooms, with the book in front of them? Is it true that you couldn’t  even get a proctor if you asked your unit for one, because the unit is so used to turning a blind eye to cheating that they don’t even have an MCI proctor?”
33. “The promotion system is exactly the same for every Marine, right? How does the promotion system change?”

Questions About Your Superiors:

34. “Since the marine corps puts so much emphasis on leadership, am I correct in assuming that senior marines are very capable, competent, and efficient leaders who are able to easily adapt to any situation?”
Follow-up Questions: “My superiors wouldn’t prevent me from wearing cold weather gear during winter on the grounds that it was colder in winters of the Korean war right?” “My superiors wouldn’t order me to move entire pallets of gear by hand when there are a dozen forklifts sitting right in the heavy equipment lot on the grounds that ‘We didn’t use forklifts to move gear when I was a PFC!’ right?” “Since leaders in marine corps are so efficient, I won’t usually be sitting there with nothing to do all morning, and then have so much work levied on me in the afternoon that I will be stuck at work well into the evening, right?”
35. “Since I’m always being told how I’ll be serving my country, and protecting freedom, I should go to bed each night with a sense that I’ve really accomplished something right? I won’t feel like my biggest transferable job skill is adeptness at being a janitor, right? I won’t have days – or in fact whole weeks – where I don’t accomplish anything except mindless busy work, right?
36. “Since I’m younger, and less experienced, my seniors will handle most of the more hazardous jobs initially, right? I can be certain that I won’t be placed in harm’s way, such as the pointman of a fireteam as soon as I enter the fleet, right? They’ll at least make sure that I’ve had the chance to learn by observing more experienced marines first, right?”

Questions About Cleaning:

37. “How long does Field Day (weekly barracks cleaning) usually last in the fleet? 1 hour? 3 hours? 6+ hours?
Follow-up Question: “What’s the longest you’ve ever spent cleaning?”
38. “Will I really have NCO’s telling me that cleaning my window sill with a Q-tip will make me better prepared for combat?”
39. “Can I really be denied my weekend if someone decides that my room isn’t clean enough for their standards (fails inspection)?”
Follow-up Questions: “Can my room really fail inspection if I have water in my sink? If there’s water in my shower? If there’s trash in my trash can? If the edges of my rug aren’t duct taped to the floor?
40. “I don’t smoke. Since the marine corps is all about being responsible for yourself, I won’t be ordered to walk around the barracks and pick up all of the smokers’ cigarette butts right?”
41. “A marine on Barracks Duty won’t wake me up on a Saturday morning to pick up cigarette butts, or mop the floor, right?”
42. “How long does cleaning the shop take at the end of the day? Just an estimate will be fine. A half of an hour, maybe? Or are we talking about 4 or 5 hours of cleaning and re-cleaning the same spot over and over again until the 1st Sgt releases us to barely make it to the Mess Hall in time for dinner? That’s a direct question, and I’m asking you to give me a straight answer because I don’t like wasting my time.”

Questions About Your Recruiter’s Experience:

43. “Are you a happy individual?”
44. “Would you please describe your worst day in the Corps? You can’t possibly be this optimistic all the time. It makes me think you’re not being completely honest.”
45. “Do you have a quota of marines you need to enlist? How many people do you have to enlist? What happens if you don’t make your quota?”

Bonus Questions Just To Troll Your Recruiter:

46.”So . . . when did you slay your first dragon? Do you get another dragon every time you get promoted or is that a one-time deal?”
47. “On some days, when you wake up, are you ever reminded of your slave status by seeing that ridiculous haircut in the mirror?”
48. “Why do I get the feeling that you’re completely full of shit and that if I’m not careful I could make a serious error by believing you?”
49. “Why is it that most times when I see a Marine, he’s very excited about something but has no idea what’s going on or why he’s there? He reminds me of a puppy – a very excited but clueless puppy. Am I going to be trained to behave that way?”

Bonus Question – The Integrity Test:

50. Sit down to the table with your recruiter, take out a voice recorder, set it on the table in plain view, and turn it on.  Ask your recruiter any questions you like (They don’t have to be from this list, they can be any questions you want). At the end of your interview, turn to your recruiter and say “Since the marine corps is all about honor and integrity, my last question is as follows: If I join the marine corps based on what you tell me here today, and it turns out that you’ve lied to me, and the marine corps doesn’t live up to its reputation, can I be separated in 72 hours, and will you put this in writing?” As far as the marine corps is concerned, if you don’t get it in writing, it didn’t happen. So if your recruiter won’t get it put in writing, the he has no reason to be honest with you.

Think about it, if there are absolutely no repercussions if either the recruiter or the marine corps, lie to you, or fail to live up to its image, then what incentive does the recruiter have to be honest? If he won’t put it in writing then why would you think he was being honest? If the marine corps doesn’t allow such repercussions for failing to live up to its image, what is there preventing it from abusing you and deliberately putting you in unnecessary danger?

If you ask your recruiter some or all of the questions listed here, you will likely go in to the marine corps (or stay out of the marine corps) having a much better knowledge of what will be waiting for you in the fleet.  There will probably always be marines offering their experience on, but as I said above, don’t take our word for it, go ask your recruiter.

Safety and Peace

  • Cutter

    I am going to put my 2 cents in here for all the new/possible recruits. I found the aforementioned questions to be absolutely plausible and probable.
    Why do I say this and how do I know. (Here is a cheap plug for my new book out soon), How do I this, because of endless research. What the poster does here, to the best of my knowledge, sums up the problems inherent in todays Corps.
    While what I write about was almost 50 years ago it appears from my personal data collection that the situation is far worse than even when I served.
    One thing we could almost, not always but almost, count on was being left alone at the end of the day or week. Sometimes, yes we would have to go in to get work done but mostly it was an 8-5 job.
    That being said, the middle management I experienced, I.E., E 4-7 was an early reflection of today.
    I was lied to the very first day of induction and the trend continued for my 4 year commitment. As far as what I have been able to ascertain the level of abuse and disregard for personal identification is far more severe.
    So my suggestion to all possible recruits, be circumspect in your decision.

  • USMCFormer

    As a former Marine LT, I could not believe what I just read concerning line item 13- filling out an ORM Worksheet every weekend? Having a superior inspect your car? A suicide release paper than must be signed? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?

    I’ve experienced long winded safety briefs, but Thank God I got out before they implemented this PETTY MICRO MANGING BULLSHIT!! Speaking as a former platoon commander, I had far more important things to do than oversee an entire platoon filling out absurd paperwork like this ( and every damned weekend??)

    Damn, you former junior enlisted have every right to hate the USMC now- it sucked back in the 1990’s but they never did anything like this!!

    • S.

      It’s a prime example the logic used in mc problem solving.

      “Too many rapes this year? Well lets hold safety briefs and say that it’s bad. While we are at it, lets post some “No, means no” posters in the S-4″.


      At one unit I spent some time as the platoon clerk. One day I stashed an already filled out ORM worksheet in with some papers that needed copied and made 50 copies of an ORM worksheet. That way all I had to do was fill in the date and turn them in on friday instead of wasting my time filling out.

      There’s a vehicle checklist that seniors have to fill out stating that they checked every area of your car on the checklist for serviceability (i.e. headlights, brake lights, tires, etc).

      In my unit in Okinawa they had the “Contract to Stay Alive” which marines had to sign, acknowledging that they “recognized the contribution they make to the unit” and acknowledged that killing themselves would be a detriment to the unit’s mission and therefore they agreed not to kill themselves. The contract was in no way legally binding, but the fact that the piece of paper existed was disturbing enough.

      But yeah, I wrote #13 from personal experience.

      • USMCFormer

        I am sorry you had to endure this. That “Contract to Stay Alive” really shows how terrible things have gotten over there.

  • corpslifeisnolife

    The one about being an efficient leader hit the nail on the head. I can’t remember a time where I haven’t sat around all day just to be stuck at the last minute doing things that could have been done earlier that day

  • Fomer DI

    You have 6 months to change your mind and be administratively discharged

  • usmc_to_usaf

    I am not sure if other Recruiting stations did this as well, but what happens is every Tuesday and Thursday the poolees have PT in the park outside of the office. When PT was over, the Recruiters would have us take their trash out and vacuum the office! Now that I look back on that… WTF?!?! Unpaid labor after we just wanted to work out and get ready for stupid Recruit Training?
    I also was never in the fleet so I’ll ask if anyone knows what a “police call” is? Our Recruiters would have us pick up trash from the grass out fricking doors. “If it don’t grow, it goes!” and all poolees we’re already too Brainwashed to say anything about it, because this is what Marines do…wow.

    • bootasfuck

      We did the PT…but I don’t remember the trash/vacuum…unless I was so moto that I don’t remember it…and yes I did have moments of motardation. And a “police call” is basically where you go and pick up trash.

      • usmc_to_usaf

        Right, so did you or anyone else you know have to do a police call when you were in the DEP? Because that’s a load of bull. You’re not paid to clean up, you’re not paid at all.

        • hooyut

          I never had to clean at my recruiting station. If they had I might have snapped out of my motard phase before I gave my life to them. Every time I had to police call, every time we had to field day places I did not use, every time we had to clean some lazy asshole’s office I was so pissed off. I half assed it every time. No one rated to have me clean up after their lazy ass.

          • usmc_to_usaf

            Well then…all the more reason for me to look back and ask myself “wtf was I thinking?!” Seriously. The shitwork even before we were paid to be a part of the miliary already started. I should have never went to bootcamp to begin with…

        • bootasfuck

          Not that I recall

        • bootasfuck

          Not that I recall

  • SSgt T

    I find your comments to be biased and unbalanced for an website that claims to balance the facts. I was a recruiter for three years, I have been a Marine for over 13. I would have no problems, as a recruiter or no, answering your questions. But I cant help but wonder what the point of these questions is? You repeatedly talk about “brainwashing” but these questions you have put out are propaganda. You are attempting to influence a potential applicants mindset before he or she is able to determine what they think. These questions are hostile and are full of instances in which you believe the Marine Corps, and your fellow Marines, have failed you. I am truly sorry you feel this way, but what is the point of attempting to poison someones personal experience? You are projecting your own experiences forward and imposing your will on others. Is that not what you are accusing the Marine Corps recruiters of doing? Do you truly hate the Marine Corps that much that you would influence others in such a way? Do you believe that it is a bad thing to serve in the Corps? I dont understand your motivation. I believe in answering hard hitting questions. I do not believe, however, in entertaining questions dripping with bias and hatred in an attempt to off balance my responses. What do you expect this meeting between a Marine recruiter and some kid on the street to look like if he comes in trying to righteously wield these questions as you have told him to? You would expect to further your agenda I suppose. I find this disturbing as the Marine Corps is surely not for everyone, however it is a wonderful choice for others.

    • S.

      It’s designed to be humorous for people who have already joined genius.

    • SSgt T

      Oh is it now? So your telling me that this site does not offer advice to prospective applicants looking to join the Marine Corps? Nowhere is the hallowed halls of this website is there a single instance of an individual coming here thinking they are getting some actual real advice from you? If this is a joke, it is in poor taste as it potentially impacts others lives. I know for a fact that this website slings it’s “advice” to those that come here as I have looked at the forums and the comments. Think before you speak, genius.

      • Knob_Gaudy

        I think he meant the article in question. These questions are far more brutally honest and challenging for you as a recruiter to answer than the standard fare, i.e. “Will I get to blow up foreigners and bang a lot of babes like in the movies???!'”

      • fieldradiohater

        oh come on now ssgt, dont tell me you thought about getting out… FACT my 1stsgt at a clb got out after his first enlistment, so did my det gysgt, oh and a msgt from a CLR. I got out into 2011, my friend that reenlisted either had to go recruiting or DI school, so cant tell if your recruiting to take a vay-cay from the Fleet or what.

        -So like if I am in the fleet and stuff is it true that you do these things called record jackets all day?
        -Is it true that I can just sign a contract to get shipped and then get it changed at MCT
        -is it true that we are Rifleman first
        -is it true that we have the same training as Army Rangers (lol, I actually heard a motor T guy say that (ha haha LMAO, oh shit)
        -what if a poolee wanted to be a grunt but he cant get slotted (lip service for quotas) would you advise him to just choose a POG mos, or advise him check out the Army 11b option) being that pogs are grunts and stuff

        Im not attacking you ssgt in anyway, I have ran into straight up honest recruiters, I mean what if you took your poolees to an active duty base to random units and had them talk to LCPL’s and below? hey jeff heres a marine that has your mos MIMMS, shadow him for a day LOL….Take it easy!

        • SSgt T

          I know he did. However, these articles appear to be a series of how to’s and “truth” that I don’t feel are accurate. An individual trying to do some real research on the internet would easily come here and take the advice that is given in these articles as truthful because it’s given by Marines. If you are going to write and post satire articles they need to be labeled as such and not labeled as truthful.

        • SSgt T

          It’s funny you mention that… I am getting out in January. Not because I’m being forced out, or I’m bitter, or I don’t believe in the Corps, but because better options have openned and I am at a point in my life where I feel I can do more good in another profession.
          I was made a recruiter against my wishes, but I did it well and I did it honorably and I still keep in contact with my Marines. Trust me it is not a “vay cay” from the fleet. It was the hardest and most stressful thing I had ever done but I did it well and I made it through.
          I don’t think you are attacking me… I did not come here to attack others. I took my Poolees to the reserve centers all the time. I believed in them and wanted them in the Corps because I saw potential and felt they could do well for themselves and others.

          • fieldradiohater

            congrats, it seemed you worked hard and really cared for your poolees and made sure they got what they wanted, and no Im not labeling all recruiters, what a shame the USMC is losing a good staff nco then 🙁

      • S.

        Yes, I helped write it. But with that said, you are assuming that this sites purpose is specifically to provide information for people thinking about joining. Well guess what. That is not why I created this website. I created this website so marines can tell their real life stories, which is how others learn. Sometimes we have fun a write things like you see above so we can have a good laugh. The above article is not meant to be taken completely seriously, and is designed for those who served to read and think “wow what if I could have asked these questions of my fucktard recruiter”. Or even, “Man, it would be so funny to go into a recruiting station and pretend to be interested in joining just to fuck with recruiters”. I bet you don’t like that either, though. Thanks for stopping by and expressing your dislike of this website. It motivates me to continue to build on it.

        • SSgt T

          Your right. I don’t like making other Marines jobs more difficult by “fucking with them” just to have a good time. I guess I’m a bit too mature for that and understand the importance of the mission a little too well. I wish you and your website the best of luck in the future. As stated before you have the right to say what you will. I have said my peace. I just hope that one day you look back and realize the potential damage you could be doing to individuals by providing misinformation Disguised as fact. It’s ultimately up to you and you alone. Carry on

          • S.

            Fantasizing about doing something like that does not make you immature. It makes you a human being.

            And I served too, guy. Did my 4 years, combat tour in Iraq, honorable discharge. All that good stuff. You can say I am spreading misinformation all you want if that makes you feel better.

    • Marine Vet

      To SSgt T,

      Having spent as much time in the Corps as you have so far, and discounting the fact that you are on a web site named I Hate the USMC which by its name is biased anyway, your observation is astute in the fact that these are loaded and cynical questions which will make a recruiters position far more difficult.

      I don’t know what type of recruiter you were- there are many good ones out there, but there are also ones ( like mine over 15 years ago) that stole money from me and lied about important facts. I might not like all the content of this website, but it does show the harsh reality of USMC life , and I am personally very thankful that my negative experiences weren’t as bad as some of the things I read here.

      You have a right to be proud of your service, yourself and the Marine Corps. Any good Marine who didn’t join for dubious or vague reasons knows that its something they must feel in their heart, or is a “calling”, because that deep sense of personal drive is whats going to sustain them through some of the BS that organization throws at you.

      I’m all about informed choice, and if the Corps is getting far more selective their is no need to send an unsuitable poolee to MEPS just to make a quota. But the Corps also has a responsibility to upfront about what the experience is really like. Is the supposed brainwashing from this site any different to what brainwashing is done by USMC recruitment when targeting impressionable young men and women?

      • SSgt T

        This was linked to me in a Facebook post. That’s why I am here, and I had to say something as I truly don’t agree with what is presented here. I do have a problem with it because the website states it balances the good and bad of the Marine Corps to give an unbiased opinion. This is far from it, wouldn’t you agree?

        I hope my Marines don’t think I was a bad recruiter. I believe I did a good job while on the duty. I don’t compromise my integrity and I didn’t make promises I couldn’t keep.

        I’m about informed choices as well, but this is not accurate. There are problems with the Marine Corps, there are problems with leadership. Out society is fucked up and we pull our Marines from that society. The Marine Corps is

      • SSgt T

        A reflection of that society. I didn’t send Poolees I thought were unsuitable, and I was upfront about my experiences. This site is offering fiction and exaggerated personal stories or misinterpreted events as true fact to cast the Marine Corps in a very unfavorable light. If you were truly about informed choices you would have a problem with propaganda from either side of the isle, not trying to justify the use of more of it.

        • Knob_Gaudy

          What on here is innacurate? And just because you never encountered a particular negative experience doesn’t mean someone claiming to is a liar.
          On the front page of this site it says the site’s mission is to “present a brutally honest picture” and that “as we are not affiliated with the USMC of Dept. of Defense, we
          provide an unbiased source of marine corps related information for
          potential recruits/poolees.”

          I’ll admit you have a point about how that is worded. The way I have understood the bias of this site(which perhaps should be worded more clearly), is that by being probably the ONLY website whose users and veterans don’t fanatically worship the Corps, the military, and the cult of america in general, this the only place with an opinion not biased towards the Corps. That much is clear.

          Before this site, there was nowhere obvious in post 9/11 america where you could hear ANY criticism of the military except by only the most outspoken(and thus reviled) liberals. Before this site, I figured NO ONE disliked their time in the military unless they were cowards, pusses, etc.

          When I quit my NROTC scholarship to transfer to a civilian college, I felt hopelessly alone and outnumbered by people who had nothing but worship of the military. I wondered if I was weird or something was defective in me. There had to be other people who didn’t like the taste of it. This website is proof I’m not insane.

          • SSgt T

            The picture it presents is not brutally honest, it’s skewed towards completely blasting the Marine Corps. How could you even begin to think you can get fair and balanced when the majority of profile pics are of upside down Eagle globe and anchors? I’m not calling anyone a liar, however, people experience what they want to experience and I have found that those unhappy with their situation eagerly embellish upon it, especially when given a stage. Have you even read the article? Have you served in the military? If so, how many of those things can you say you have honestly encountered? I have encountered a few, on a much smaller scale. I can also tell the author doesn’t have

          • S.

            You are in fantasy land my friend.

          • SSgt T

            A true understanding of some of the things he is combining about. I’m not telling you to worship the military, nor do I expect you to. However, there is an element of sacrifice that those who choose to undertake this career choice must endure. I do not take that sacrifice lightly, and neither should you. If you don’t want to like the military, fine. If you want to speak out against the military, fine. That is your right. If you are trying to persuade others that are interested in a military career with inaccurate statements passed as facts, I have a problem with that. It’s dishonest and dishonorable. Whether or not you chose to believe it, the Marine Corps is not a bad thing. It doesn’t exist to make your life shut, nor does it exist to kiss your ass and let you do whatever you want. There are rules that have to be followed, just like anywhere else. The tone of the article aims to discredit what we do and why we do it, while insinuating that recruiters are there to trick applicants into a military service which will ruin their lives. This is simply not true, and is extremely irresponsible.

          • Knob_Gaudy

            As far as my “service” I have a 5 article series on the blog section of this site, “sand castle blues”. read it it especially the most recent one and you will understand why I feel the way I do about the corps.

            The military absolutely can ruin your life. How many people get out and can’t adjust, have PTSD and other injuries they never would have gotten and will never recover from? How many people have paid the ultimate price for wars that we never had the ability nor will to win? Its incredible how you can shut your eyes to this.

          • SSgt T

            I haven’t shut my eyes to the potential sacrifice that my brothers and sisters face. You don’t know the first thing about me or the conduct of MY service. I do find it interesting that someone who dropped out of the citadel and serves no time on actual active duty feels the need to lecture on things he couldn’t possibly understand. I come from three combat tours over13 years active service. I’ve lost brothers and I have brothers who are injured. I honor their sacrifices and I honor their service. You come from the other side with a disdain for the cause they serve. You said it yourself in your last post. You don’t feel the need to worship the mitary and you don’t like it. So seriously, who’s shutting their eyes to what here?

          • S.

            I like that logic. “You did not serve, so you have no idea what it was like.”. That’s like saying “You did not eat a human turd, so there is no way you can know if you will like it or not”.

            Well guess what. One whiff of a turd and most will decide that they don’t want a bite. But hey! Some people like it! Good for them.

          • SSgt T

            Yeah… That’s the idea. The military is unlike anything else. Without actually serving you have no idea what happens and why. I’m not going to speak about the ins and outs of being a doctor without the necessary prerequisites (like experience and knowledge). To do so would be irresponsible, much like your website.

          • S.

            I served though lol. I like you. You’re a cutie pie.

          • Knob_Gaudy

            S I never say this of human beings, but in your case, I think you are my hero. EDIT: and Ninja Punch, special shout out to fellow regular posters 😀

          • S.

            Cheers! I like being peoples heroes.

          • FailedToAdapt

            At the risk of being circle-jerky:


          • SSgt T

            I don’t recall ever saying you didnt

          • Knob_Gaudy

            That you supported the logic of trying a human turd is…wow.

          • S.

            He obviously did not smell it first. Just put some salt and pepper on it and took a huge bite. Nom nom nom!

            Then picked his teeth with a guidon stick.

          • SSgt T

            Very, very grown up. I can see why you run this site. Solve a lot of problems do ya?

          • S.

            Yeah, I do. I do what you recruiters are supposed to do. Tell it like it is so the right people join and the wrong ones don’t.

            And how do you expect us to react to you blasting what we do? With hugs and kisses?

          • SSgt T

            What do you do exactly? You know… Besides misinformation and propaganda?

          • S.

            I counter recruiters spreading misinformation and propaganda, and give marines a place to tell their stories because nowhere else welcomes it.

          • SSgt T

            Really? Well good luck with that. I haven’t seen a whole lot of that. It does exist, just like it exists in every aspect of life. With you running the show, I’m sure you’ll brainwash tons of little minds.

          • S.

            You do know it’s mostly currently enlisted, commissioned and vets that use this site, right? Guess we are all liars.

          • SSgt T

            I do. I also know that applicant use the internet to search out information. They aren’t stupid. You must see how an article like this could be potentially damaging to their perception of something they may really benefit from?

          • S.

            I figured you would know by now, I don’t see it from your perspective, man. And convincing people to go to college instead of joining the worst branch in the military is something I pride myself in. I bet I have convinced more people not to join than your entire recruiting station has convinced otherwise. I am proud of that. I believe in what I am doing. And I actually served, so I know what really happens in the military. You act like it’s fucking perfect with tells me how naive you really are. For someone who did so much time and thinks these things, you must… God I can only imagine. Why don’t you just leave before you get too upset and say fuck it and get terribly drunk like every other alcoholic marine is doing tonight.

          • SSgt T

            Wow… Angry generalizations on the person I am. Nice. I feel for you that you take pride in dissuading kids from joining the military. So I assume you would rather abolish the entire DoD?

          • S.

            No, I just want the marine corps to be an elite unit full of people who REALLY want to be there. No people who were tricked into thinking it’s something it is not. I want to hold the marine corps accountable to it’s own rules and standards. Anyone that says that it already does lives in fantasy land.

          • SSgt T

            So you want to accomplish this by throwing lies and biased propaganda? I don’t think that works the way you think it does.

          • S.

            But I don’t throw lies and propaganda. You can say it 1,000 more times and it won’t become anymore true.

          • SSgt T

            Have you read any of the articles on your site? Let’s be realistic.

          • S.

            Nope. Not a single one of them.

            But seriously. You do realize this is a community of thousands of people with different experiences and opinions, right? Let’s be realistic.

          • What lies do you keep referring to? Please provide a link or quote and reference the article you are talking about. You can’t just simply say we are all lying because you don’t like the prose, that would be unprofessional.

          • FailedToAdapt

            Haha, “benefit”. That’s grand. I am sorry, but nobody benefits from giving 4 years of their youth to the Green Weenie.

          • SSgt T

            Um.. No… I didn’t. Let’s try to be grown ups… If that’s possible

          • Knob_Gaudy

            “Yeah… That’s the idea. The military is unlike anything else. Without actually serving you have no idea what happens and why.”

            How is that not supporting the same logic? to relate it lets play ad lib:

            ‘Yeah… That’s the idea. Eating shit is unlike anything else. Without actually trying it you have no idea what it tastes like and why.’

            I’m not trolling you, retry your statement, because if you weren’t supporting that logic you aren’t being clear.

            And you were insinuating that S hasn’t served, because you accused him of lacking the experience and knowledge(guess 4 years and a tour doesn’t cut it?)

            Lets try to find common ground here. Sending kids to get maimed for over a decade with no clear strategy to win. Is that wrong?

            The corps peer pressuring everyone to conform to this hollywood macho killer stereotype and shunning people who realize its fiction, is that wrong?

            People fucking with me because of my haircut not being a centimeter short enough or my shoes not being shiny , instead of seeing if I perform well in my actual job description( for me, it was being a good student and proficient PT’er). Is that acceptable?

            Claiming as servicemembers we are moral good citizens when many seem to be sexist, bigoted alcoholics, is that good for the organization socially or institutionally?

            Beating our chests and saying we are the best when we haven’t brought an enemy to the surrendering table since Gulf War 1, before that WW2. Is that smart? Have you read the history of Prussia in the 18th century?

          • SSgt T

            I was not supporting your shit comment, because I thought it was a weak analogy. If you aren’t a part of something and served you don’t truly understand the intricacies of how and why it works. That’s fact. Has nothing to do with feces. And my (experience and knowledge) was referring to the analogy of speaking on being a doctor. Seems you need to re read.
            I’m not arguing foreign policy with you. Nor am I going to defend the good we have done over there to you.

          • Knob_Gaudy

            How about you defend the other things I mentioned regarding the corps’ culture. Same reason you aren’t arguing foreign policy or the “good” we have done over there, maybe?You can’t, because you know you I’m right.

          • Knob_Gaudy

            I have not attacked your service(if you are referring to you serving). It sounds like you were a straight shooter.

            I am not lecturing you. I am merely arguing that my criticisms of specific things issues are legitimate, as are those of other posters on here.

            Whereas you saw something worth falling for, I saw misery and no real cause worth my suffering.

            My eyes were shut,yes when I was in high school and didn’t realize that 1) I wasn’t violent and didn’t want to hurt anybody just because I was told to 2) I was trying to be something I saw on TV 3) I didn’t have the character attributes to thrive in the armed forces. 4) I thought anyone who didn’t serve or have the attributes to serve was inferior as a man and as a human being.

          • NINJA_PUNCH

            Would you mind finding me some of these “inaccurate statements passed as facts”? Frankly, the simple fact that you don’t like our reports of our own experiences doesn’t suffice to make them fictional. That’s simply not how facts work.

            There is nothing dishonest or dishonorable about presenting the possible downsides of joining the marine corps. Frankly if we’re spreading nothing but lies, do you know what the worst case scenario is? The person can go do whatever they want to do. They’re not locked into any kind of contract where they can never go back and join, they don’t have to become some kind of anti-war protestor, nothing.

            Do you know what the typical scenario is when a recruiter lies? That recruit finds himself stuck in an institution that is not a good fit for him for four years. That’s four years of his life wasted because the kid was ignorant and didn’t realize he was being fed a line of B.S.

            As a SSgt I can only assume that you’re being deliberately deceptive when you say “There are rules that have to be followed, just like anywhere else”. After 13 years I’m sure you realize that what you meant to say is “There are rules that have to be followed, unless you’re the senior guy on deck, or you’re generally above an E7 or O4, in which case you assume that you outrank the rules, and it’s just everyone else who has to follow them.

            Lastly, if (and I personally do not buy it) you honestly believe that recruiters aren’t there to trick applicants into the marine corps – if you can honestly tell me that you did not do that – I hope you realize that you’re an extreme minority in the recruiting community. Pvt Fry is one very extreme example of routine deceptive recruiting practices. Frankly, denying the reality that most recruiters actively lie and deceive applicants in an effort to trick them into the marine corps is the only irresponsible thing I’ve seen on this page so far.

            Safety and Peace

          • usmc_to_usaf

            I’ll tell you what’s “dishonest and dishonorable”; telling your applicants to bring other applicants in using unethical methods because you need to fill a quota.

            Do tell how “honorable” it is for my RSS’s SNCOIC, a GySgt to tell me to tell a kid who quit the DEP that he’s a bitch because he doesn’t want anything to do with the Marine Corps anymore.

        • Don

          You might not like it, but this is all entirely believable. From my 4 years spent in two separate victor units, (transferred out of 2/9 when it was being deactivated,) the average day for the average grunt is filled with meaningless busywork, being a janitor when that is absolutely NOT your MOS, and being intentionally toyed with by your higher-ups, even if you did nothing to deserve it, (looking at the long ass runs right before Leave blocks.)

          The Marine Corps is abusive. Some Marines get Stockholm Syndrome and start to love their abuser to the point where it erases their common sense. I do not actually hate the USMC. But I recommend to anyone that I know that they go anywhere else. It is a sick institution and will not be fixed until excuses stop being made.

    • hooyut

      I have been reading your comical attempt to insult this site and its founder and I don’t understand why you try so desperately to belittle them. If you got past your blind propagandized imaginary reality of the marine corps you could certainly see a majority of what is on this site is at the very least made possible by the culture of the marine corps.

      Most of what I have contributed to this site has been heavily biased against the marine corps but only because the true stories I would share made the institution look insane. If you know the definition of insanity it is trying the same thing over and over expecting a different result. What does the marine corps do?

      I will not go into depth on this topic, but how in the world can you have done three combat tours over the last 13 years and not learned the truth about the war of terror? The marine corps showed me true honor: being an accomplice to the murder of Syrian civilians. You know how Al Qaeda backed Syrian rebels are armed because the US runs guns through Libya? (protected by the USMC) Yeah that brought me so much honor.

      I’ve never tried to brainwash anyone into blindly believing an anti-USMC cause. I have educated young people on how the marine corps and even in some cases the way the government works. Once they learn the factual truth they step back and say… hell no! The truth and knowledge works wonders against the USMC’s propaganda machine Stalin would be proud of.

      • S.

        Well said. And I wonder that myself, however I know plenty of people who just enjoy war and will do anything to defend their stance on the subject.

        Stalin would be truly proud.

    • usmc_to_usaf

      In my opinion, I do respect most recruiters. I feel like you all have the single hardest job in the military, despite everyone saying Drill Instructors do, to hell with that.

      That said, many Recruiters give a very biased opinion, and personally do not care about their applicants. You mean to tell me that you actually care for the well-being of each and every one of your applicants? I’m pretty sure if it came down to you getting an extra applicant for this month, you’ll be exceeding all other recruiters and look more appealing to the next promotion board that incentive would pressure you to reel in more applicants. You are a salesman whether you believe it or not. My Recruiter many times kept nagging me to bring other applicants in, even told me to trick my older brother into coming. I say it again; TRICK MY BROTHER INTO COMING IN. My recruiters exact words: “Just tell your brother you need to do some paperwork in the office and have him come with you”. Honor, Courage, Commitment…right?

      A little about my brother, he’s a very lazy guy, overweight, and has no desire to really leave his comfort zone; bottom line is that he is a very bad fit for the military. Yet from time to time my recruiter kept asking me “so what’s your brother doing? He works at a movie theater? watch him feel like a dumbass once you get your Dress Blues”.

      Disrespect my sibling without even knowing him as individual, and doesn’t even take into fact that my brother is not fit for the military. I won’t go into too much detail, but my Recruiter also made sure he did everything in his power to have me excited to join, telling me all jazz of excitement and whatnot. Hell; due to some last minute MOS cuts, my only option for some reason was to only go Reserve. To keep my reeled in and interested; he falsely put 2 applicants and said I referred them in order for me to get Contract PFC. As a motard at the time…my thoughts “OMG I get to GRADUATE WITH A RANK!!! YESSS I’LL GO RESERVE!!!”

      • S.

        That never happens in this guys world. Everything is perfect and nobody lies to kids to fill quotas.

        • usmc_to_usaf

          I’m sure this one Recruiter can speak for ALL of the Marine Corps! I guess if I never committed a crime in the Air Force, NO ONE in the Air Force has ever committed a crime.

          • S.

            Man, we are all so wrong! What have I been doing with this site! Aww jeez. I wish this guy came here 4 years ago.

          • usmc_to_usaf

            I want him to answer my question on if he actually cared about his applicants; or is he out to get more numbers? If he said he actually cared about them.. that would make my day…LOL

            It’s a much of a lie as seeing a serial killer carrying somebody’s head because he cared for them…

          • S.

            I gave him a 5 minute ban and he has not said anything since.

            He did mention somewhere that he tells it like it is… But I find that hard to believe because he says this site is full of lies.. so…

          • usmc_to_usaf

            Ahah! I think it was a little too soon to ban him.He was gonna be fun to play with; we haven’t seen trolls here for quite some time…


      Author of this post here, I think your comment is about as far off base as you could reasonably get. Do these questions reflect my personal experiences and those of others? Yes, absolutely. Does that automatically suffice to make them some kind of “brainwashing propaganda”? Not in the slightest! Take, for example, question 11. Sure my recruiter literally told me that garrison life was, and I quote “A normal 8 to 4 job, except you have a rifle”, knowing full well that that wasn’t true. That said, do I believe that a person should not join simply because it’s not an 8-4 job? No! That would be ridiculous. But a recruit should go into boot camp knowing (at least in some basic sense) what life in the fleet will be like for them.

      If you think these questions are hostile, it is only because you know that you would never be able to recruit another person so long as you should life, if you were to answer them honestly.

      Further, no I am not accusing recruiters of projecting their own experiences forward, I am accusing recruiters of being deliberately deceptive in order to meet their quotas. I am accusing recruiters of routinely falsifying documents and lying to applicants to trick them into signing away four years of their life, so that you can avoid having a Sgt Maj chew you out over the phone. That is what I’m accusing you of.

      As for my “agenda” – as you put it – my agenda is to help people. My agenda is to make sure that people who would not be a good fit for the marine corps, don’t find themselves stuck in the marine corps. (How insidious!)

      What do I expect a meeting between a kid who knows the right questions to ask and a recruiter? A lot like a meeting between a used-car salesman and an automotive aficionado. As a recruiter, your job is to sell the marine corps. It is not your job to be truthful. It is not your job to present a balanced picture of the marine corps. It is your job to get signatures on the dotted line, and get kids sent off to boot camp. That’s it. Therefore the role of potential recruit is to scrutinize everything you say and everything you do while you’re saying it, to find out just what kind of used-car salesman you are. If that includes asking you a couple of questions that are weighted against you to see if you’ll contradict yourself, it is their prerogative to cross-examine you to whatever extent they see fit to make sure that you’re selling them something that they want to be buying.

      It’s possible that a kid could ask you every single question on this list, get an honest answer, and still enlist. If so, I would say that the kid and the marine corps deserve each other. If that’s the case then so be it, but they should at least know how to ask their recruiters some hard questions.

      Safety and Peace

      • BestUserNameEver

        “What do I expect a meeting between a kid who knows the right questions to ask and a recruiter? A lot like a meeting between a used-car salesman and an automotive aficionado. As a recruiter, your job is to sell the marine corps. It is not your job to be truthful. It is not your job to present a balanced picture of the marine corps. It is your job to get signatures on the dotted line, and get kids sent off to boot camp. That’s it. Therefore the role of potential recruit is to scrutinize everything you say and everything you do while you’re saying it, to find out just what kind of used-car salesman you are.”

        This should be a required posting, on a large sign, in every recruiting office.

        You know, like those signs that tell you that lying on your paperwork is a crime… the ones that hang just over the shoulder of the recruiter who is telling you lying is OK and expected while requesting a waiver is not?

  • usmc_to_usaf

    I can’t even tell if they’re making fun of Recruiters in this video or they’re being serious….LOL

  • usmc_to_usaf


    I don’t know if this is the most absurd lie told by Recruiters as a desperate resort. My friend who is shipping out said even if he decided Marines isn’t for him, he’d get fined $10,000 for not committing to his contract that he signed, and possible jail for 5 years. This is what his Recruiter told him. Basically the Fradulent Enlistment charges will happen to him as we all heard them beat the dead horse at MEPS what happens if you lie. I told him that I know MANY who dropped out of the DEP while I was in, and he stands firm to believe that things may have changed from 2010 til now. He doesn’t have any intention of quitting the DEP, but the lie Recruiters use now is unbelieveable.


      Technically the contract is legally binding and enforceable from the moment it’s signed, that said, DoD policy is to allow people to separate from the DEP on request.

      That sort of half-truth is great because a recruiter can even show the recruit the penalty for fraudulent enlistment, and then just casually not mention the other part.

      • usmc_to_usaf

        Oh Department of Deception at its finest…

  • W

    I’m currently enlisted and I must say from my experience ( so far that is ) most of these questions are rather out of date with a few of them I’m not even sure what it is referencing. Also allot of those would largely be influenced by command I’ve heard of a number of those happening but never experienced them myself. However that being said I have had an unfortunate experience with the green weenie myself which basically boiled down to a three star being butthurt and having me njped

  • Jonathan684

    You keep doing what every Marine Corps SNCO does, beat around the bush and manipulate, you have failed to to point out any lies or propaganda, I am an Honorable discharged Veteran of the Corps. So when speaking. these are your brothers too. that have served and know what actually happens. So be a man Superior Officer. answer the question. where are the lies? I don’t see any. haven’t read one. they did forget being on duty for 48 hours with out rest. or being frowned upon for being around female marines while Snco’s can be around them give the females great pros and cons, and call it leadership, i guess the the green weenie is not the only weenie shes getting. there is no one hear you can hurt for speaking there minds. so with that said show me the lies and propaganda and I’ll stop convincing every person I see not to join the Corps. Hell I even walked around recruiting stations to tell the kids the truth. you guys are in malls and its a public space, good luck trying to stop me

  • exmarine75

    > Will I really be expected to fill out an ‘ORM worksheet’ where I tell my
    command what I plan to do this weekend, what the potential hazards
    are, and how I plan to mitigate those risks?

    WHOA they never had anything like that when I was in except maybe in MCT or something. Holy shit.

    • BrassNecked14

      Guess what, they do.

      When I first arrived at my squadron last year, they were still doing something called a METT-T form, which was pretty much the ORM sheet right there. However, the group that encased a chunk of the squadrons on this base, decided that it was stupid that Marines were getting NJPed for not following their plans for the weekend. For the first time in forever, they did one little thing right, actually letting their Marines conduct their own plans for the weekend without the fear of getting the Ninja Punch for not following a plan that they wrote on paper.

      Marines that are not so lucky in other units, have to continue filling that out. It’s completely degrading.

  • Once a marine always a marine

    You ignorant fucks. You would not have the luxury of internet or computers without people like the marines. I understand that some recruiters might say some stupid shit to try to recruit you, but its their fucking job. Respect the marines or stand in front. Its not their fault you didnt have the fucking balls to do what they do.

    • fukusmc

      God- its statements like this that speak for themselves how unbelievably stupid and self delusional some Marines really are!
      If you bother to read ( which I doubt you do very well) you’ll find that the history of the development of the Internet has never associated with the Marine Corps. If anything, I bet a WW2 Marine was probably too hotheaded and stupid to recognize the potential of a vacuum tube counting device, or conceive of a way to harness the power of the atom to make a destructive bomb! One of my fellow short timers summed it up well – “The Marine Corps is a stagnant pool in the river of progress”!
      On my time on active duty I had the “balls” to be a blindly subservient “Marine” to be sent to crap places to fight an unnecessary war, but I wasn’t stupid enough to stay in and being forced to do a shitty job like recruiting. Why put up with it when there are so many better opportunities in life? You could work the same hours and make a lot more, and your last statement reflects the asinine logic that people are stupid enough to want to be a Marine Corps slave?
      Marines are just another branch of the DoD. the Army can do your job just as well. There is absolutely no reason for you the DEMAND the blind worship of the American public.
      And if anything, I attribute my freedom more to smarter, intelligent engineers and scientists that developed our nuclear arsenal, air supremacy etc etc than JARHEADS who think spending up to 10 hours cleaning the barracks all night is a good investment of time!
      Go f**K yourself motard. I’m glad this web site ( ie THE TRUTH) makes life more difficult for recruiters and that piece of shit organization in general!

      • Jessie

        Hey, dude,
        I’m with you on 99% of what you said… there is only one little detail (not even an issue) I would like to point out.

        With as much as I can’t stand the Marine Corps and as crappy as it is, Marines do a noticeable better job (or at least put more into their work) than the army does. Units and situations depending, I’m sure. In the cases I’ve experienced, heard about, read, and seen. There is an awful lot that one can see in 7 years.

        If you disagree still, no big deal. Just wanted to leave my 2 cents. Doesn’t bother me, I’m getting fat and happy like a nasty little civilian. 🙂 lol

        • freeatlastfreeatlast

          You really seem to know what you’re talking about, glad to have you on the forum.

        • Army poolie

          Lmaoooo like a fat nasty little civilian lmfaooo


      “Once a marine, once is enough.” There fixed that for you.

      Now, since most of the people on this site did their four years in the marines, I can say with complete sincerity that don’t respect marines. I lived with them for four years, and I found nothing worthy of respect. Most are cowards who are too afraid of being yelled at to ever stand up for themselves, much less do anything actually heroic. So take your self-important drivel elsewhere.

      What a marine recruiter’s job should be is to identify candidates who would be good fits for the marine corps, and aid them in the process of enlisting. If a recruiter has to lie, or even merely omit certain truths, it can only be the case that they know that this person would not be a good fit for the marine corps, and wants to recruit this person anyway, because they know that the marine corps is not an elite unit, and will literally take anyone just as long as they have a heartbeat.

      Safety and Peace

    • Jessie

      Excuse me, dude..

      The marine corps has nothing to do with the internet. I was a 0656 (Actually did my job for 2 of my 7 years), don’t try to tell me about technology and their role. You make it sound like marines invented anything. smh What about China? They don’t have marines and they have plenty of internet. lol

      You just excused recruiters LYING to high school kids because “it’s their job”. No the heck it isn’t!! It isn’t their job to lie. It’s their job to recruit.

      You admitted recruiters lie. Never lie, cheat, or steal… smh. Perfect example of the Marine Corps lies.

    • Don

      I AM a Marine. Or at least, I was, while I was still a Corporal in my victor unit. (Yes, I was an 11,) Most of us here were. This is either an obvious troll, or you’re actually so utterly stupid that you missed the very obvious fact that we all have been through this shit firsthand.

      The Corps is breaking. It is being mistreated by bureaucrats and busybodies, filled with mediocrity and bad leadership, to the point where many “leaders” go out of their way to make their subordinates suffer for literally no reason. We want to fix it. It will not be fixed by excuses.

  • Julian Reynolds

    Ninja pussy you are fucking scum sucking coward and turncoat. I wish I had the pleasure of slitting your worthless throat.

    • jeremias

      you wish. very interesting I sometimes wish I could be Spiderman but we all know that’s not going to happen…lol. I also find it a little more than interesting to call someone a turncoat?.. Although if he is a turncoat(-a person who deserts one party or cause in order to join an opposing one) what is the opposing party we joined? the army of France? Ha, If you didn’t know ,A person can still be very patriotic TO HIS COUNTRY yet not be loyal to the military, especially the Marines. Especially if he saw first hand the hypocrisy of what is called the USMC and the deception of a recruiter. I guess we all have to be loyal because we enlisted and signed a contract huh? well I can let you know that I signed that contract too and am not one fucking bit loyal to the corps. But hey man we ALL signed up by our own will and we were all motived, I wonder what made us change our minds? dick

      • Sgt Spring

        You sound like a piece of shit whining crybaby. I was lied to as well but proudly served in the Corps from 84 – 90. Did it suck at times yes! I got over it and did not re enlist. So be it that’s life. I still think it was a great experience and I’m proud of being a Marine.

        • private_givenofucks

          sound like a piece of shit whining crybaby. haha that’s a good one Sgt can you clarify that? or are you going to continue to use the TYPICAL responses of a NCO for anything or anybody that does not agree with your OPINION.


      I’m sorry that to trying helping people ensure that they make a good decision when it comes to deciding whether or not to enlist is so offensive to you.

      That said, I cannot help but wonder if your visceral reaction to the notion of potentially well-informed poolees, means that deep-down, you know that the marine corps is an unbelievably sub-par institution that lives and dies on the success of its own propaganda machine… I can think of no reason why would you be so opposed to well-informed applicants, unless you knew that no one in their right mind would ever sign the contract if they knew what a disappointment the marine corps actually is.

      Now, technically, I could ban you for making homicidal threats (which of course, is to be expected from the breed of children who typically inhabit the marine corps), but judging by the fact that you’re apparently too cowardly to even admit that you don’t think that the marine corps is really all that great, I feel safe in saying that your “threat” shouldn’t be considered credible. In fact I wager – should the opportunity for you to slit my throat arise – that you would most likely wet yourself and run away.

      Now off you go, grown-ups are speaking.

      Safety and Peace

  • TheThirdHelix

    Most of these questions could be boiled down to, “Will I be coddled in the Marine Corps? Will it be like peewee soccer, where we got trophies just for showing up?”

    I spent five years in the Marine Corps, and they were the best five years of my life. But, yes– there was hardship and the leadership wasn’t always perfect or fair, but I understood going in that this was a warrior culture and I was volunteering as an indentured servant within it.

    This site is run by people who are too weak and afraid to cut in the Marine Corps. Rather than admit that to themselves, it’s easier to pretend the fault is with the Marine Corps for being the Marine Corps than it is with them.

    • freeatlastfreeatlast

      Most of these questions could be boiled down to “Will I be a member of a team working toward mission accomplishment, or a belittled expendable asset at the mercy of alcoholic dipshits who control every aspect of my life because they can’t handle life on the outside?”.

    • private_givenofucks

      This site. was created to prevent poolee’s from enlisting who might not like the Marine Corps experience. to help a kid know what life is going to be like for him/her. Because a lot of 18 year olds don’t think about or have any idea what it is going to be like. nor do they think it through. you entered knowing that you where going to be an indentured servant most kids do not. Now too week and afraid to cut in the Marine Corps is bullshit because most of the guys on here are veterans with combat tours like the site creator. Also, to think that NONE of the fault is the Corps is idiotic since most people become happy and un-disgruntled once you remove the USMC from their lives. the ones who realize that the USMC is not for them are forced to stay as early as bootcamp because they signed your stupid fucking contract that NCO’s love to chant about.

    • fukusmc

      If you had bothered to actually read what’s written on this site ( that’s really stretching your intellectual capacity I know) the majority of contributors were good Marines disillusioned with how things were run in the USMC. I seriously doubt that Iraqi or Afghan vets fall into the category of “too afraid” to cut it in the Marine Corps- they just weren’t stupid enough to reenlist and make daily harassment a lifestyle for them!!
      If you want to talk about ‘coddling’ in the USMC, then I can discuss Retired on Active Duty senior NCO’s, unnecessary perks for Officers, unaffordable military pay raises- ALL WHICH GETS PAID FOR BY THE US TAXPAYER! If anything, long term active duty military can turn into quite a lucrative racket to get all sorts of benefits and freebies with the falsehood that you are “defending your country” in other words, making up meaningless and unnecessary work to try and justify why your job should exist. I’ve seen how government military bases operate, so don’t buy into this bullshit about how our military is ‘underfunded”.
      You yourself are also full of sh**t. If you want to willfully volunteer to be an indentured servant , then upon getting out you should have moved to Bangladesh to work in a sweatshop factory earning $100 a month! Because you are too much of a hypocrite and a COWARD to live the same way as the worlds poorest people live. That makes you a first class grade A WEAKASS!!
      Your just too afraid to admit to yourself that you only loved the Corps probably because you couldn’t really make anything of yourself without it! If anything, the people involved in this site were those who were intelligent and confident enough to expose the USMC for the mediocre and nonsensical inefficient government department that it is.
      The truth really hurts doesn’t it.

      • Batman

        You’re a real ignorant piece of shit now, aren’t you?

        • fukusmc

          No- on the intelligence level I rate about 100x higher than the dumb comment you just made shit-for-brains.

    • Mr. Jessie

      Don’t point the finger at your brothers. That’s so screwed up, man. The stance you’re taking against the very men you stood next to in combat is telling of the typical marine in the corps.

      I hope everyone sees this. This is your stereotypical marine response to anything that happens. It’s a dog eat dog world. The comradery isn’t willingly accepted and performed, It’s coerced. The commercials you see, it’s fantasy land of old tales. By the book publicity spin off. This isn’t a Strawman fallacy, it’s a circus of ad homs revealing of it’s true colors. Don’t get suckered in.

  • Jessie

    Real Talk…

    I spent 7 years and 3 deployments. Was medically retired…

    I’ve been stationed (and you can always look this stuff up to find more information on it):

    3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment
    14th Marine Regiment HQBTRY (I&I)

    Trust me when I tell you. You don’t want to be in the Corps. You can join any other branch to get the same benefits, treated better, and paid the same. Maybe even a monetary bonus. Work smarter not harder. You think you might regret it, but there is a reason I feel the way I do. I’m obviously not a pussy, and I regret joining. lol Take care, and best of luck to you all.


    For my fellow “brothers” (I’ve never served with a WM). It is what it is. Yes, I’ve had the best times of my life, but I’ve also had the worse times of my life. For everyone, the experience is different. For us all, the bullshit leaves permanent psychological issues. There is a reason we know once a marine always a marine. There is a change. That change isn’t all good. It’s not all bad either. But that good comes at a steep price. A price that if I’d had known, I wouldn’t have opted to pay it.

    Yes, I am living off a retirement from the USMC. I deserve that retirement (and more) for what I endured. Don’t try to tell me I should give it up. Money won’t ever replace what was taken from me.

    Yes, I am proud of my service. Because of all that I have unnecessarily sacrificed. I’m not talking about what I’ve done in service. I’m not talking about the hard times of deployment. I’m not talking about being wounded. That was the easy part. Knowing all the mind games and bullshit I was put through, THAT is what I’m proud of having been through. Yes, I am proud. Proud that I dealt with things that the majority of (even other marines from what VA psychologists have told me) didn’t have to deal with.

    Why are you sour? I’m not sour, I’m finally regaining my composure and presenting what I see and what changes the Marine Corps has instilled in me. The Marine Corps has done things to help me in ways that no other branch or person could. For that, I am thankful. For everything else, you already know my stance. Semper Fi.


    Other service members:

    I know that there is still a considerable amount of BS you have to deal with. It is a difficult lifestyle. HOWEVER, having worked and spoken with joint task force leaders at a couple different stations, I can confidently tell you, the Marine Corps is another animal of Darwinian nature. You just don’t understand…

  • E4shortTimer

    I wish these questions existed when I was a dipshit 17 year old in 1990. The very first time I went to the recruiters office I had on my Blackhawks jersey which I basically lived in. The SSGT shows a few of us the video about why should join. After it was over we said it’s not for us. The SSGT asks me: “What are you going to do? Play for the Blackhawks?”

    I should have walked out and never came back.

  • Wald

    I’m glad I didn’t join the Marines.

    Currently in the army and it’s getting worse everyday. Of course, it’s only after 4 years of ROTC and being in for year that I start to really see why all those all vets got out (they saw the writing on the wall).

    I’m just lucky I had some sort of plan when I joined. Still following it.


    • fugly

      hope you got your degree in chemical engineering and not interpretive lesbian dance theory with a minor in menstrual art. otherwise you’ll be a lifer. that’s the way it usually goes. its the officers with a good degree and brains that get out and the officers with useless degrees that stay in. The basic effect is an officer corps full of high ranking chicken shit officers who know they would crash and burn in the civilian sector. But in any case, they’re all smarter than enlisted fools who play IED roulette while jodee fucks ther girl all while making less than minimum wage.

      • Wald

        I didn’t get one in chemical engineering but German – not quite African lesbian basket weaving and not quite a useful one like chemical engineering. I did however get a good leg up on increasing my ability in German to conversational/fluent depending on the situation or topic.

        I’ve got a background in a few other foreign languages and lots of international experience and plan to leverage that and a few programs available to me to get a job I desire on the outside.

        All my best to you.


  • Former Marine

    “we’re balanced and fair in our opinion of the Marines.”
    site is called “I hate the USMC”

    As dumb as looking for unbiased journalism from Occupy Democrats or Mother Jones.

    • sdwe

      As dumb as looking for unbiased journalism from Fox News or Breitbart.
      Jarhead cock sucking bitch!

  • Henry L Westin

    ALL of THESE! IS FUNNY AND its HAVE SOME VERACITY BUT THATS WHAT MAKES THE MARINES ! MARINES!! I DONT HATE THE CORPS I MAY HATE some losers who got through the cracks ! and are! MOTARDS! who make the life! in the corps MISERABLE for others marines! who probably would had been lifers!!! f them!

  • dreambiggetcrushed

    I’m 18 and I was going to enlist next week but now I’m not going to because of what many of you have said. I wouldn’t mind fighting for my country but I’m not interested in becoming a slave and an unimportant peice of government property. Thankyou everyone for enlightening me.

    • Billiam201

      I, for one, am glad to help. Enjoy your continued freedom.

  • Rose Dowling

    I almost joined the Marines, my Cousin joined the Marines in 2006 and was in radios mos. But the recruiter said I would not make it in Parris Island. So I did not join, I don’t know what it is really like to be a Marine, all you see is the very good Marine commercials. And that is not it, the military is very different now, and a lot harder to get in and leave! I almost joined the army and navy to. But thinking about being a police officer instead. My cousin left the Marines in 2014 and I dought the Marines will care if he has pdst from serving in Iraq ! He was in the reserves, you are just a number to them. Glad I found this website before I enlisted and regretted it! Best of luck to all of you if you are still in or out!