Rants of a Boot Marine Part IV: Dying Slowly Inside

I get it, the POG life is supposed to be easy and the Grunt Life sucks. You know what, both equally suck. I don’t care what you say it is, both just suck. Let’s leave it at that.

I don’t know who else feels this way, but the Marine Corps sure as hell doesn’t build you into “a man”, a “gentleman”, or “ladylike” or whatever it is.

Okay, I take that back, maybe it can teach you how to dress well, but that’s completely on you to have a good appearance or not. THAT right there, is an adult decision, something that sure can make you a man/adult, or continue looking like whatever you were previously.

Like other Marines who are venting their anger out on here, I see it all: So called professional Marines who party it up like college students, treating their barracks like a dorm, “lady-like” Marines who soon become infamous barracks bunnies, and being treated like a child/messed around by NCO’s who claim they get you because they once were in your shoes. Okay, then why mistreat the Marines under you? Because you’re trying to one up somebody from your past?

I have only been in for a year and I feel burnt out. I just feel physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally taxed, wanting it all to go away whether it’d be drinking or going to a massage parlor for “discreet” massages. That sure as hell doesn’t work, it made me feel emptier.

The Marines Corps, being known for making simple things hard, has made Admin into some monster of itself. My shop is now working almost the same time as a SDA, which will make some of you laugh, but if we’re all missing out on chow hall hours, not coming back to the barracks until 2100, and having to show up around 0530-600, might as well get Commuted Rations or even a bit of an incentive pay?

Being in the shop and watching all these Marine VEERPing out, or soon retiring, I wish I was in their shoes badly. I wish I was that Marine, walking into the S-1 with the last space to fill in, getting that DD-214, and driving out without looking back.

Some people say, “Hey look, maybe if you took some leave just to decompress, maybe that’ll work!”

Sure, but if only I had enough leave days, 18 total isn’t enough.

I want to save up all those days for a trip to Europe next year, provide that I could get through the bureaucratic process to get Foreign Leave approved. I tried saving by being willing to take Special Liberty instead of Leave for Christmas, but was forced to take it when they found out I was flying back later than the time Liberty was secured (0730 on the West Coast, I wanted to fly back at 1630). There goes 6 days!!!

But really, you can’t imagine even if I had those 6 days, I literally hoped out of where I worked. I didn’t care what Marines were thinking, I was just that damn happy! It sucked coming back though, feeling like 6 days went by way too fast.

Hence why if I wanted to take leave, I’d want to take an entire month. Hell, I’ll even beg for PTAD before Christmas if I have to, but I just want time off. That’s how bad it is.

Sorry if it sounds super random or doesn’t make sense guys, I just know if I write something, I feel somewhat better than resorting to wasting money on “happy” massages. But that’s a completely different story for a different website.

Submitted by: BrassNecked14