Reporting A Crime Is As Bad As Committing It

Another fun story I have is from MOS school. I am a generator mechanic, so I went to Courthouse Bay for MOS school. Courthouse Bay is kind of known as a haven for alcoholic junior Marines, so it really sucked being there. My class was full of idiots who got drunk every Wednesday night (seriously, who the fuck gets drunk on a Wednesday?), even though students are not allowed to drink on weekdays, especially in the barracks. They would go around every Wednesday night (Thursday morning, technically) around 0200 and bang on everyone’s doors. They did this to my room way more often than any other room because they knew it bothered me. After this went on for a couple months, I told them that if they did it again, I would report them to the AOD. They thought I was just bullshitting them because I was known as the wet blanket of the class.

Well, they decided to do the same shit the next week. I sat there in bed listening to them smack on the door and yell for a good ten minutes before I opened the door and bitched them out. I gave them one final ultimatum: go away, and I won’t tell the AOD. They didn’t go away. So, I marched my ass down to the duty hut, called the AOD, and had them all reported. Now, because my training company had gotten in so much trouble recently with underage drinking and drinking in the barracks, the AOD worked with our company CO to keep this under wraps. Our CO decided that a fair punishment for these idiots would be a week of duty and restriction for all of them. Oh, but here’s the kicker, I also got the same punishment. Why did I get punished, you ask? Because I “snitched” on my fellow Marines, which decreases unit morale. Yeah, that’s right. Apparently I decreased unit morale by reporting a bunch of underage drinking jackasses who were violating the UCMJ. That’s what’s wrong with the Marine Corps. You have a bunch of rank chasing higher ups who really don’t give a shit about unit morale, or anything like that, but are only concerned with their own fitness reports.


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