Screwed out of classes

So I take a class to prepare me for getting out of this horrible cult while I stay in and support my family. Well my unit is going to the field for 2months and naturally I stay back with about 20 other dudes and 5hey tell me my 4 hour class on monday through Friday prevents me from staying on duty during the week. So for the entire field op every weekend I have duty. I stay at work from 6am until 9pm during the week and now I will not be home on the weekend to see my son play his first year of football or see my family. If you are married you cannot be a good father while staying in. I tell these guys that this is Fucked up and all they say is “at least you’re not in the field”. It’s not like I’m some shitbag its just guys getting pissed about me getting out of this shithole with a plan. He knows right now I am a lcpl and in a few months I can tell him he’s a fag and I will make more than him. My kid cried. And Fuck this shitty healthcare. That’s a whole other conversation though. I see why so many guys kill themselves in the corps.


Submitted By: hatethis place