Sergeant King. The pride of my unit. The man who murdered his own son.

We’re coming up on the anniversary of the day that my first NCO in the fleet was arrested for killing his two month old son by crushing his skull. It was obviously the kid’s fault, he wouldn’t stop crying when the guy was playing video games.

The funny thing is that this motivator was the pride of my unit. He embodied everything I hate about the Marine Corps. He didn’t know the most basic fundamentals of his job, only maintained a fist class PFT because his best friend was the company clerk, and he loved to get drunk and beat on his wife, or one of us if we were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But the higher ups of my unit held him up as an example of a truly great Marine because he sucked miles of dicks, and loved to stab anyone and everyone in the back in front of whoever was of higher rank. He was meritoriously promoted, and had the highest pros and cons in the platoon.

Fuck you Sergeant King, burn in hell you piece of shit.


Submitted by: freeatlastfreeatlast

  • corpslifeisnolife

    Yea sounds like the type of person this institution holds in high regard. Completely stupid and unable to control their emotions or think rationally. This person needed psychiatric help not a pat on the back. Way to go marine corps

    • S.

      “This person needed psychiatric help not a pat on the back. Way to go marine corps”

      Holy shit these words are so true and heavy…

      • Sick of the excuses

        Reading up on this so called thing named Jordan King. First born son also died, anyone know the reasons or cause? This man’s wife also endured his abuse and if you follow the story of this innocent child, you will see where Amanda, the mother began receiving physical abuse when she was 7 months pregnant with Deklin. It has also been reported, this infant had been taken to the hospital previous to this last time. Injuries, apparently not conclusive but suggestive of abuse. Jordan King…your quite the piece of work. and you will get what you deserve in prison for the rest of your natural life. One can only hope that if what is said about other prisoners reactions and tolerance towards baby killers and women abusers is true….the I would ask Jordan King a question. I would say…”Hey Jordan!…Tables are turned!…How ya like it??”

        • Deklin’smom

          Amanda, the mother… That’s me. Was also a Sgt in the MC and I can’t believe I’m actually posting on something like this, because I actually love the Marine Corps, well I did. Some of the articles have it right and some have it wrong, and he has yet to be tried so I can’t say very much. Yes, he beat the hell out of me 7+ months pregnant with Deklin and when I went to the hospital I told them my injuries came from being rear ended (which really happened that morning). I have had people ask why stay after that and to be honest the only reason is because I couldn’t afford to leave. I don’t know where Jordan’s paycheck went but it didn’t go to my $950.00 mortgage and it didn’t go to $1100.00 daycare and it sure as hell didn’t go to my $300 car payment. I wouldn’t try to talk you guys into thinking the world of the Marine Corps, because I don’t anymore, but I have to say MY leadership was amazing through out this whole thing. My Gunny came to Greenville to see Deklin multiple times and when Deklin died he was waiting outside with his wife, both of them sobbing for my son. I still keep in touch with his wife. My captain flew to Chicago, where I had the baby’s funeral, and gave my mother flowers. And I even lived with a friend because I couldn’t go to my own house because reporters where there and because I have no idea what he did to my baby in that house. HIS command on the other hand, collected a small sum of money (which I was thankful for because I cannot receive the FSGLI until he is convicted) for the funeral, and never spoke to me again. I got his DD214 in the mail a few months later. No idea they had discharged him, I am not sure if I can say what type of discharge he got but I will say it was not a dishonorable or a BCD. This story has so many layers it’s truly amazing. The news cannot report everything so there are incomplete stories. One paper says Deklin was seen for 2 prior instances of abuse, that is kind of true. Deklin was sick 2 weeks before he was fatally injured. We split the days at home with him because he couldn’t go to daycare. On his day I came home to a huge bruise on Deklin’s head and he said he had called his mother (who is as much a monster as he is) and she told him not to bring him in. I rushed him to the ER and they did a CT and everything came back normal. We all believed the story he told us, including the social worker who is called anytime an infant has a head Injury. So we took the baby home. He was not himself so a few days later I took him back and all I could tell them was something is wrong, I don’t know what, but something is wrong. Nothing was done. The paper counted those as 2 incidents of abuse. Now, I don’t believe the story, I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth. If you google Sgt Jordan King an article pops up that says something like “to me Jordan is still…” I don’t remember the entire thing. Those of you who floated with him will be pretty upset when this article gives him a combat deployment to Afghan and documented PTSD. You will be further enraged when you read the comments below this article from Jordan’s former cellmate. I will leave you guys with the baby’s Facebook Justice page. I am now a child abuse advocate, I am a March leader in the Million March Against Child Abuse and have ties to Children Without a Voice. Both organizations promote education, prevention and protection. If you search “Sweet Justice Deklin John’s Story” there are pictures of my angel and there is a note with the entire story A-Z of what I went through in my 4 year marriage. It explains my first born son’s death, the mental, emotional, sexual and physical abuse I suffered and it goes into Deklin’s story as much as I can until the trial is complete. If you follow the page I can keep you updated on the trial and as stuff is made public it will be there first.

          • Benjamin’s NutInMyYooHoo

            I don’t know whether you’ll ever see this, but if you do, know that I am absolutely heartbroken for you. I don’t give a flip about any aspect the Marine Corps may have had with your husband’s actions as many of us have been through some horrifying events and manage to do nothing but love, protect with our very lives and nurture our children- It is despicable. My heart aches for you.
            This is the first I have seen of this. Tragic. I will keep you and your son in my prayers. Let me know if you need anything, I am still in NC and connected with many good former and active Marines who I know would help out if you need it.

          • Benjamin’s NutInMyYooHoo

            I don’t know whether you’ll ever see this, but if you do, know that I am absolutely heartbroken for you. I don’t give a flip about any aspect the Marine Corps may have had with your husband’s actions as many of us have been through some horrifying events and manage to do nothing but love, protect with our very lives and nurture our children- It is despicable. My heart aches for you.
            This is the first I have seen of this. Tragic. I will keep you and your son in my prayers. Let me know if you need anything, I am still in NC and connected with many good former and active Marines who I know would help out if you need it.

  • USMCFormer

    If the individual that posted this worked with Sgt Jordan King then he or she has a lot more insight into this persons character than I ever would. If Sgt King was judged guilty by a court of law for a despicable act of violence against an infant then I am just as disgusted as any other human being would be.
    But despite whatever issues you have with the Marine Corps, to vilify or berate an entire organization based on the actions of one mentally unstable person is just as bad as the mass punishments we were forced to endure.
    If you’ve gone through the system, you would know that the Marine Corps at least tries to weed out recruits who are not morally qualified, and has strict rules and policies regarding domestic abuse and other criminal behavior.

    My own personal opinion is that in case like these, it is never one just thing that causes a person to “go off the deep end”. A crying baby can be irritating and cause you to get angry, but what was all the other things in this persons life that would make him want to lash out at somebody; anybody just to satisfy his angry tendencies??
    I’ll echo the sentiment of ‘F**k the Marine Corps’ because of my own experience on active duty, where you were encouraged to be violent, act aggressively, yell out stupid slogans like “Kill Kill Kill” or “Violence is the answer!”, but the USMC only condones this when its done to suit THEIR PURPOSES – in places where its acceptable to them. Would there be the same level of outrage if this had been an Iraqi baby? Maybe- but only if there was international media attention on it. But my own experience in Iraq showed that the USMC didn’t care that much if innocent civilians got killed because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    I say this not to justify what this Sgt did, but if you try to brainwash men to act aggressively and violently why would people be surprised if that mindset starts spilling over to other areas of their lives?
    And lastly, just to reinforce the point that the poster made, you must think long and carefully before you sign an enlistment contract with the USMC because, while I am sure there are good NCOS and senior enlisted in the fleet, you stand a greater chance of being under a cruel malicious tyrant who will treat you like dirt for their own personal amusement.
    Here are some of my own examples:
    -It was a Drill Instructor at MCRD San Diego who yelled at us saying ” I can’t harass my own children, so you all you pieces of shit are mine!!” then proceeds to thrash us because he thinks its funny.
    – its the SOI instructors in 1992 who called in some Marines who had supposedly done something wrong ( whether real or imagined) then ordering them to get down on all fours and beating them with a cane. ‘Its good training in case your a POW’ was their sorry justification!!
    -its a SGT out in the fleet who was proficient at what he did and was an asshole to us ( to some extent), but had marital problems, gets drunk, storms into the barracks late at night to find a reason to fuck with us, then breaks my buddys TV remote in a fit of false rage because he is a SGT and he “can do what he wants”. This same Sgt got hauled away by the MPS six months later because he held a shotgun to his soon to be ex-wife’s head at his base house!!


      I only have one major point of disagreement with you here: The marine corps does next to nothing to weed out recruits for any reason. Honestly, I had to write an entire article on how to get out of boot camp because the marine corps will just push you through the system if they can possibly manage it. There’s a reason that D.I.s say “The quickest way out of boot camp is to graduate”, it’s because they won’t kick you out.

      Maybe the “drawdown” will help things in the very short term, but as soon as the marine corps hits 174,000 you can be sure that they’ll be right back to funneling everyone through the system as quickly as possible.

      Safety and Peace

      • USMCFormer

        Yes, that is a valid point. In a time of a long and protracted (aka mindless and unnecessary) wars in the Middle East, where the priority was to push bodies through the system, I’m sure certain people would be “overlooked”. I guess my frame of reference was the 1990’s up to the mid 2000’s.
        I’d say that putting up with the Marine Corps lifestyle made me more of an aggressive and volatile person, but as a man I always try to control it, and try to maintain a sense of what’s right and what’s wrong.
        I’ll end by quoting what a VA counselor said to me
        “explosive anger may have kept you alive in Iraq, but it will land you in jail in the real world”.

        • R.E.M.F.

          Being in the Marine Corps drove me out of my fucking mind. I don’t know if I’ll ever be fully sane again.

          Excuse me, I have a Marine Corps “Bird, Ball and Hook” flag to go burn.

      • Jonathan Capichano

        When I was sent home it was really quick. About a week and a half. Something about it costing the Marines ten thousand dollars to keep you there.

    • freeatlastfreeatlast

      I’m not sure that the Marine Corps weeds out those who aren’t morally qualified for the job. You’re actively encouraged from boot camp onward to mindlessly repeat the commands of those higher than you, and treat the Marines under you with contempt.

      Nothing was going on in this guy’s life when he killed his son. He had never deployed outside of Okinawa, and I know that he never saw combat. He was given preferential treatment in Okinawa, because the higher ups loved him. Once he got to North Carolina, maybe he was looked at differently. His kid wouldn’t stop crying, he probably yelled in its face to shut up, and then he killed it when it didn’t. If it was anything like what would happened on an average Friday night, he hit it in the face for not doing what he said.

      This is why the newest terminal lance comic pisses me off. Max Uriarte was stationed to Hawaii, where he deployed to Iraq twice, and never saw combat. The last leg of his enlistment was spent attached to a combat camera platoon in Hawaii. And he wants to lecture me about blaming the Marine Corps for my problems? Oh, it’s cause I was a Lance Corporal when I was getting hazed in Okinawa, It’s just what I do yuk yuk yuk. That fucker never had to deal with guys like this kicking the shit out of him in his rack on random mornings because they thought it was funny. Having to barricade his door because the NCOs had master keys, and loved to get drunk and come into your room when you’re sleeping to beat on you “keeps you on your toes, what if some Haji was sneaking up on you in your sleep?” Of course, if you fight back, every NCO in the building comes down on your ass at the same time.

      He wasn’t forced to low crawl through a sewage pond with the rest of his platoon “because it made him tougher”. He didn’t have to stay awake for seventy two hours cleaning the barracks on his first weekend in the fleet. He didn’t have to tie scuz brushes to his hands, and bleach the walls of every deck, or get ITd for not doing it fast enough. But he had it tough, because he was in a grunt unit, us pussy pogs got pizza and ice cream when we hit the fleet.

      And before you pull the “why didn’t you and the rest of the platoon have the balls to stand up for yourselves, or report these things?” bullshit, understand that we didn’t know any different. The higher ups of my platoon were actively encouraging King and his bitch boys antics, and we thought that was just how life in the Marines was. We were to put up with it, because Marine tough it out.

      I signed away four years of my life to the Marines, I gave them their chance. I got nothing but lied to, abused, cheated, and beaten down for the duration of those four years. I got out, and now I’m trying to move on, but I will always blame the Marine Corps for what happened to me in it. For the rest of my life, I get to re-live getting belittled and beaten by these fucks, wishing I had done something, anything else than just take it like a bitch. That’s what the Marine Corps wants in the end in its “junior” enlisted, a beaten down bunch of abused kids, ready to do whatever you tell them.

      • USMCFormer

        I really am very sorry that you had such a terrible experience- if you had been one of the Marines under my charge I would never have done things like that to you. When the USMC attempts to have 24 hour control over you, you have every right to blame it for your problems.
        You’ll probably never understand the fact that my posts tend to reflect a love/hate relationship with the USMC, but then again my memories of it weren’t nearly as bad as what you described.
        I should concede that the majority of my time spent in was in the 1990’s up to the first years of the Iraqi war. I have been out for years and lost touch with how the Marine Corps is TODAY!. From your experience, plus the experiences of other younger Marines, it is very different to the Corps I knew ( ie worse).
        Yes- your NCOS and SNCO’s treated you like dirt, but believe it not there was a time when that form of so called ‘leadership’ was seen as the abuse and maltreatment that it is.

      • Sant_muerte

        @freestlast you were in Okinawa with King?

        • freeatlastfreeatlast

          Yea, he was my first NCO in the fleet. I’ve come a long way from when I wrote this comment, but that guy was a real sadist, and the command couldn’t love him enough.

          • schneybley

            Oh god it reminds me of my unit. I mean we don’t condone outright abuse but the senior leadership only wants barkers from their junior leaders and it blows my mind. I swear to God character and tact are completely underrated in the Marine Corps all you have to do is yell a lot and be knowledgeable in your MOS and they will love you.

          • Billiam201

            Knowledge of your MOS can be traded in for:

            1. More yelling
            2. Looking really good in your uniform
            3. Solid knowledge of the exploits of Chesty Puller
            4. Some combination of the above.

          • schneybley

            I thought about that after I finished posting. Sometimes having knowledge isn’t even really a requirement you are totally right.

    • AW

      You are what is called an insensitive Marine corps apologist. But a confusing one. One day you talk shit about the Marine Corps. the next day you write shit like this. Its like on different days you are two different people. i dont get you man


        Former can be inconsistent (He’s said that that himself once or twice), but whether I agree or disagree with his posts, he’s at least interesting. Honestly, even if he’s confusing to follow at times, I think he’s preferable to having “motards” typing random insults in all caps.

        • FailedToAdapt

          Indeed. He is much more preferred over the motards. I guess he’s the guy who keeps us from sliding too far down the subjective on the subjectivity-objectivity scale. USMC Former can be reasoned with and he has been known to concede when he is wrong.

      • USMCFormer

        To AW,
        I read and understand your valid points, and to an outsider it would seem that I go from one extreme to the other. My posts tend to reflect a complicated love/hate relationship with my time as an Active duty and reserve Marine.
        I can relate plenty of examples about why people have every reason to hate the USMC, but on the opposite end my overall experience was such that I have fond memories of doing some outstanding training; like rapelling out of helicopters, doing boat operations in the South Pacific, going diving with my squad in Tahiti, survival courses, jungle warfare courses , Cobra Gold in Thailand to name a few.
        And MOST of the Marines I worked with on such exercises were smart and professional- they kept ‘their honor clean’. They might of yelled and screamed at you in training ( there is huge difference to having your ass chewed because you did not tie a knot correctly in a helicopter for a rope Marines have to use to fast rope, as opposed to having a speck of dust in the barracks for example), but it was never personal, and you could go out and have a beer with them after work.
        In no way shape or form am I acting as an apologist for the SGT above, but I know its not true to say that all Sgts in the Marine Corps are like that.
        One issue I have with Jarheads is that most tend to see the world in complete black and complete white- they are hotheaded and so quick to jump to conclusions. I guess for myself I know the real world is far more complicated, and there are plenty of “shades of grey”. I am proud of the service I put in the Marine Corps ( the funs parts at least), and I was acknowledged as an outstanding Marine until the day it decided to turn against me, and I decided to stop believing all the things it was telling me to believe.
        I don’t know if this clarifies this for you or not, but on the whole my experience was 55% negative and 45% positive, which is why I put more time into it than average. I can see and respect the mission of this site and hopefully I’ve contributed to it, but on the flip side I refuse to become one of those brainwashed idiots on Leatherneck who won’t tolerate any criticism of their beloved Corps.
        Using the recent posts on Okinawa for example- yeah we had restrictions, but we also had a good LT and SSGT that decided to circumvent the rules and reward my platoon by chartering a bus so we could go out one weekend to an Okinanwan beach far away from Hansen (popular with tourists, with plenty of things to do) with orders to relax and have fun for the day.
        So for every negative there can also be a positive.

        • AW

          Cheers mate. Thanks for explaining yourself to me and I am sorry for antagonizing you.

          • USMCFormer

            Thank you for that, and I regret my disrespectful comments toward you earlier.
            I’ll reiterate another post by saying that if the USMC attempts to have 24 hour control of you, you have every right to blame it for your problems. I shake my head over the stories on this site as examples of some of the most piss poor leadership that I have ever read about, and if I could I would make it mandatory reading for every enlisted NCO and Officer rank ( including the damned Commandant himself!!).
            Lastly, I am just as disgusted with this SGT not only as a human being, but also as a sorry ass excuse for an NCO who did not live up to basic leadership standards. If it were up to me, to save the taxpayer money I would lock this guy in an escape proof solitary confinement cell with no food or water. The only thing I would leave in that cell is a pistol with two rounds of ammunition. I’d then instruct him that the only way out can be either slow or quick- the last choice he would ever have in his life.

        • S.

          See? You guys worked this out. No S_The_Mod needed. All it takes is a bit of kindness, empathy and patience to solve any problem with any human being.

      • BLCM

        thats a love hate relationship

  • willy

    I just came onto this site for the first time ever. I might get removed now however because I had a fucking blast in the Marines. My recruiter did not lie to me. I said I wanted to see the world. He was dual cool with scuba bubble and gold wings and I asked how he got those. He told me to join the infantry if I wanted to see the world then maybe I could indoc for Force Recon. Well I joined the infantry and did 2 West Pacs seeing 25 countries. Didn’t go to Force but went to STA platoon after first pump. My recruiter could of lied to me all he wanted, but guess what for all you sitting on here complaining, you signed the fucking papers not him. This is a volunteer military, only you can sign the papers. Sorry if your experience sucked, but it is the military. I happen to love shitty, rainy, mud and sand up my ass for days schools and deployments. I asked for it and got it. As far as you anti government types, unless you sat in the pentagon and listened to the meetings about why we are going to war, you and all you jesse ventura wanna be conspiracy theorists can bury that shit. Who cares why we go to war, they had a reason and you swore to defend that reason. Even if it was for oil which it wasn’t, this world has been going at it for thousands of years to gain land or resources so fucking chill out. Anyway, let me just make sure you all understand that this was your choice to join and no one elses. I am just wondering exactly what all you people expected, you could have easily walked down the hallway to the air force if you wanted an easy ride with equal benefits. Just sayin. Let me know if I am banned from this site now because that was to motivational for all you fucking slackers. If so, I don’t give two shits, I feel better now. Semper Fi!

    • usmc_to_usaf

      Your point can really go both ways. You had a good experience; well, you speak for yourself. Not everyone is as lucky as you; I have a close friend who’s in Afghan right now that already did 4 years, and actually plans on re-enlisting. I don’t think this changes that everyone here has had a negative experience; and who do you think you are to tell them they’re slackers because they share their experiences with each other?
      What was anyone expecting? Obviously that varies from person to person, but what I do know is no one expected to do silly things such as keeping a room clean, and cleaning it out for hours and hours. No one expected that with all the “care and looking out for you” demeanor the recruiter likes to display, that they’d be joining an institution that couldn’t care less about them. No one would expect they’d be lead by NCOs/SNCOs that break their own rules.
      Personally speaking; this is what I expected: To be a part of an “elite fighting force” that it portrays itself to be. To be part of a “brotherhood” of what I see in every commercial. The Marines does not live up to the way it shows its image.

      • BLCM

        did you have to go to boot camp for airforce? after being a Marine?
        and Do you think the Marine Corps could ever live up to the image it portrays?


      You haven’t broken any site rules so you’re not banned. Although it would suit you better to stop making baseless assumptions about people being “slackers” etc etc.

      I’m pretty sure everyone here is well aware that they signed the paperwork. I don’t know of anyone who is under the misapprehension that they did otherwise. That said, I hope that you realize that – if you actually had a truthful recruiter – you’re in the minority. What most potential marines get is a lot of half-truths and outright lies that led them to sign the contract under false assumptions. For example, I was hoping for an elite unit where people actually took pride in their work and sought ways to improve themselves and their unit. What I got was a mixture of good old boys club and a beauty pageant where knowledge of one’s job was less important than the style of one’s hair. You see, it’s not that most of us wanted an “easy ride”, many of us were actually hoping that it would be much more difficult than it was. The difference is that we were hoping that the emphasis would be placed on mission accomplishment instead of being “motivated” and looking pretty.

      Lastly, I realize that some people on here have taken anti-government stuff to an unusual extreme, but you’ve taken it to an opposite (and equally incorrect) extreme. Try as you might you will never find anything that says “I swear to support whatever reason the politicians have for going to war”. The reason you will never find that anywhere is because it was decided in Nuremberg, that “just following orders” isn’t good enough. The reasons why politicians go to war matter.

    • BLCM

      Semper Fi!

  • mmafan3 .

    I love sand, blood and mud. That’s why I joined. To echo the man ‘s comments below (Nin ja Punch) I NEVER asked for an easy ride or the red carpet. I don’t think many Marines do or did. I despised, however, being onalmost constant supervision, controlled 24/7 and treated like a kid. I hated it when I had to deal with suck ups, ass kissers and throw your fellow Marines under the bus pricks. I’ve dealt with clowns like king in my career. I have nothing but contempt for people who brand themselves “leaders” and have no sense of common decency or respect. Were you one of those willy?
    I’ve been out 30 years, but had and STILL have no problem fighting to the death for this nation if I have to. ..My recruiter lied to me as well and he later got busted for smoking pot, lol. I don’t give a shit about your opinion either

  • mmafan3 .

    As a former Marine to another, I say this with nothing but heartfelt sincerity..I’m terribly sorry about what happened to your child and you… and like others, my heart aches for you. Keep doing what you do

  • Chris

    Reading accounts of marines who lived and worked with this animal, it reminds me of a story I’d been told about a (going to say 1stSgt) who was caught selling government vans. Everyone wondered, ‘how could a 1stSgt give up everything for a few grand? Why trade away hundreds of thousands in retirement for maybe $20,000 upfront?’ And the answer was that the 1stSgt didn’t decide to do this one day. He did it as a PFC, then as a LCpl, etc.
    Think about Amanda’s story (thank you for sharing, Amanda. I’m so sorry for what you went through, and are still going through). Would she have married this person if he’d been kept down as a motarded cadence yelling homo who no one respected? No. But the Corps let her and everyone else down by putting too much slack on his leash. As a PFC in boot camp and MOS school he was rewarded for being extra aggressive. As a LCpl in the fleet, they loved what a leader he looked like and made him a fire team leader. And it went on from there on a feedback loop.
    In the end, no one wins. Some shit was corrected after years of injustice, but no one is better, smarter, or more well off for it. We’ve all lost, including me for having given my time to reading and commenting when I’ve got a perfectly good Mary Roach book that I would otherwise have tucked into.