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For only $9.99 you can help support iHateTheUSMC today and let your demotivated side shine through with the Official “iHateTheUSMC SKATE Medal” sticker! What better way to let everyone know that you are an accomplished Skater, and proud of it! Mount it on your bumper, the duty desk, or the 1st Sgt’s car! Make Wayne Gretzky proud!

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  • gracefullyhiding

    I just ordered one of these. How long will it take to get to me?

    • S.

      Two weeks tops. Congrats on being our first order! I’ll send you two.

  • twit

    How big are they?


      About 4 inches tall.

  • skatecity

    in afghan right now… supposed to get home december january time frame… EAS 20140802… leave days accumulated as of now= 45.. can anyone tell me what im going to save these days for lol

    • S.

      I love that people are using this site while deployed to afghanistan.

    • Jmoneyinyourmouth

      Terminal leave, I can’t remember how early you can leave, but I had 33 days and it was the most glorious month of my life. Still got the government paycheck and didn’t do a fucking thing……..

  • Skateordie

    The payment site wont let me put in my address. I’m overseas (FPO/AP) and It keeps saying that my City and state combination doesn’t exist..

    • S.

      We go through paypal, which requires people to have a verified email address through them. Perhaps you can email me and we can figure something out.

      • Skateordie

        I sent you an email!

        • S.

          Got it.

  • Emerald99

    We need a companion medal, The Order of the Blue Falcon. Meritorious award adds the barbed-wire cluster.

  • “Home Alone”

    Saw this for the first time, instantly bought. It will always be a reminder of how you helped me from making a horrible decision. Thank you.

    • S.

      Thanks a lot! I will send this out asap

      • “Home Alone”

        Looking forward to it!

        • S.

          It should arrive to you shortly 🙂

  • Almost there

    I love this sticker, just ordered one. 41 days until my EAS

    • S.

      On it!

  • Chris

    You are free to do what you want but because YOU had a bad experience, prolly cuz you were a shitbird, doesn’t mean you have to degrade my Marine Corps. Instead of using all this negative energy on something why don’t you put some positive energy out there. do something positive that will help others. This is IMHO just like you have IYHO.

    • S.

      This site is about solving problems. I think that is pretty positive. I also own a technology startup which is making a pretty big difference. What are you doing?

    • usmc_to_usaf

      This website does help others not sign their life away, so it is positive. Are you mad that “your Corps” has many people that do not have great things to say about it? Or are you jealous that people found they have better things to do in their life?


      I never tire of hearing people refer to it as “my” marine corps… What exactly makes it yours? Does the electric bill come in your name every month?

      I would say that helping people long after the marine corps has abandoned them sounds pretty positive to me…

  • Chris

    All you dusch bags are following this guy blindly!? WTFO? He had a bad experience and he’s passing it along to you! I had a great time in the MARINES. I traveled the world, fucked oh so many women, met presidents, Secretary of States and more. I met my wife of 30 years on Embassy Duty and did I mention I fucked a lot of women? Well, I did. I also went on 2 different West Pac deployments and went to even more countries and women. We played hard and we worked hard. Being in the Marines, wasn’t all goodie goodie, people fuck up, like the person who started this ridiculous web site, I don’t know why the fuck you believe this guy, sounds like a cult to me. All in all I guess it’s better some of you didn’t go in my Corps, you’ll all be followers and never leaders because you’re all fucking pussies! Enough said, I’m glad all you fucking pussies didn’t join my corps, you would have never made it through boot camp any way. So fuck you all.

    • S.

      Most of us joined and got out my friend. Everyone here had their very own experiences and came here to share.

      Are you telling me that the mawine cowah was the only way you can get laid? I have news for you. Men don’t need the mawine cowah to find bitches. You just need confidence. Sounds like the only way you were able to find confidence was to join the military. It made you feel like a man.

      Mawine cowah leadershit is the worst my friends. Yelling is not a leadership trait. It’s a flaw. The best way to get someone to do something is to get them to WANT to do it. Not do it out of fear of reprisal. Good luck carrying over yelling to the real world.

      Oh and guess what? You can meet politicians and travel the world without having to be in the military. Actually, I find it much more rewarding when you can accomplish that on your own without the corps giving it to you for nothing.

      Do you know what trending is? Well, let’s just say that every month this site sees a significant amount of growth. Just imagine where we are going to be a year from now. Two years. 10 years. I am going to put a huge dent in your beloved corps and force that institution to follow it’s own fucking rules.

    • usmc_to_usaf

      Oh goodie, another one who calls it “his Corps”! Weren’t you a follower from the time you enlisted in the Corps?
      You know, mindlessly following orders of a guy in a funny hat who enjoys watching you and a bunch of other young men shower?
      Then having to clean for hours and hours, just to clean up some more? You sure you weren’t part of a cult?
      Lastly if you take pride in being the next closest thing to a pornstar, well I guess I am no one to judge. I intend to keep the number of partners underneath 1 hand to be counted. (I’ve offered this before) Would you like a cookie for the amount of women you banged? Perhaps your wife can bake you those.

    • madmike

      Well just because YOUR corps was a several year long paid vacation and prostitute infused booze fest doesn’t mean everyone had such a easy time. I spent 4 shitty years in Camp Lejeune and only saw training deployments, misery and combat. Some of us were in the real military, not the fun filled one served in. Did you even see combat? Or did you spend several years just sleeping with third world hookers?

  • Kyle

    Please make t-shirts that have a picture of Marines and below it say “Support: 0%”. I would BE GLAD to wear it!!!

  • MC_Fraud_Waste_&_Abuse

    You joined the MC to get laid? Now I know why the MC cannot win wars to busy being a peacock and thinking with your short-arm.

  • MC_Fraud_Waste_&_Abuse

    Sent you an e-mail buddy. I tried to order but cannot. I have pay pal and wanted to support you 100%

    • S.

      I fixed it!

  • John

    So yeah, I’m 26, started pt with a the recruiter and poolees and turned in my paperwork. Didn’t sign anything and not sure I will. Sucks being 26 and in the back of the pack. I always admired the Marine Corps but after reading this whole site, I can’t say being a civilian is all that bad. I love my family, dog, and friends. Life’s getting tougher and the house might get foreclosed on so I wanted to start fresh and make my friends and family proud. Anyways it’s a tough decision, I actually like all the ‘kids’ I work out with. They try pushing me and are pretty motivating. I just can’t help to think of all these 18 year old men and woman willing to go embrace the suck and me bailing on them. Hell, I don’t even want some of them to get hurt. I hope they did as much research as I have.

    • private_givenofucks

      You’re not bailing on a Damn thing, chances Are they are only getting information from their recruiter. We all want to make our families proud but you can make more money as a civilian, work less hours, not have some 19 years old senior telling you what to do and inspecting your room for fuckin dust. It’s Going to suck to have kids bossing you around until you turn 30.

      • John

        Thanks, man. Yeah I’ve always had the dream of being my own boss like my dad. But somewhere along the line I felt a shame in myself for not putting in the amount of work Marines do. I guess when I find out a friend joined, or was in, I feel like I’m not apart of this grand club or brotherhood. It’s like pride says, “Join!” Whereas logic, math, and love for my family says, “Put fourth the amount of effort in the family business as you would put in the Marines.”

        • Billiam201

          If you want to “put in the work”, find a 19-year-old alcoholic to berate you while you do the same things you are already doing, and make sure to do those things in the least efficient way possible.

          Marines not only do things in less efficient ways, but they enjoy it, and trade stories about how to make relatively simple tasks harder, in the name of “discipline” and “mission accomplishment”.

          How dusting with 1-inch squares of cut-up undershirts leads to mission accomplishment is something that has never been explained to my satisfaction.

          That said, if what you want is to serve your country,I will say nothing to stop you.

          If you want to serve in the Marine Corps depicted in the commercials, it doesn’t exist. I will say whatever it takes to disabuse you of that notion.

        • usmcbegone

          “I felt a shame in myself for not putting in the amount of work Marines do”
          Its absolutely unbelievable how much propaganda people are willing to believe about the USMC!! I don’t deny that Marines do work hard when the situation is called for, but most other times they are spending long hours at WORK but not ACCOPMPLISHING ANYTHING!!
          If you are forced to get up at 330am just to wait for half an hour to PT before breakfast ( which you may not get a chance to have anyway- because the barracks need to be cleaned) .then you may go to your shop, or WAIT ON STANDBY if your in the grunts. You get two hours for lunch (in most cases), then you’ll wait on standby half the afternoon ( maybe be forced to have some time wasting class just to prevent people from napping. Then wait on standby for an evening formation where hopefully you’ll get off at a decent hour, or may have to wait an extra hour because the CO is busy!!
          This doesn’t describe a normal day, but I always laugh when Marines boast that they “do more work before breakfast than most people do in a day”. WHAT A COMPLETE AND UTTER LOAD OF BULLSH*T! Just because you stay at work for long hours doesn’t mean you accomplished any more than say, if you were EFFICIENT, you could do in 5 hours!!
          Marines are just another government department, and trust me, they can waste enormous amounts of time and money on meaningless and unnecessary busywork!!
          IMHO if your 26 you are pushing the age limit to go to Boot Camp. Most older people don’t like it, because they are too mature for all its BS.

    • cplskater

      I just want to let you know that there are plenty of opportunities out their in the ‘civilian world’ whereas you can work your hours, come home, have a decent paycheck, and not worry about some punk 20 year old bossing you around over meaningless tasks, and making bottom-feeder pay. And by opportunities, I don’t just refer to your typical private university, I am referring to your local community college, trade school, union schools, etc.
      There are places out there willing to train you up from the get go, and I promise you, you won’t be poor.
      As far as being a Marine, I honestly wouldn’t recommend it, especially in today’s day and age. It was more of an honor back in WWII when we were fighting a legitimate cause against the axis, but now it’s like, in most units (not all) you’re just there, rotting away, especially with reserve units.
      Personally, if I could just rewind back to when I was 19, I would just have looked for help to complete the paperwork to go to college, and have my bachelors/masters and have atleast documented education on my behalf vs. only having a HS diploma, struggling with two part time jobs, barely affording insurance, groceries, bills, etc. having to still deal with the b.s. with my current reserve unit, wasting my precious money that could go to my precious necessities, and the time towards my family.
      I would just run from the recruiters, and never look back man, but I can’t keep you from choosing whatever decision you need to do. Best of luck in your future endevours.

    • Chris

      You are not bailing on them at all; the Corps is not short on people. Maybe they’re short on good, thoughtful people like yourself, but that crap will be wiped away nice and quick as 20-yo dumbasses check to make sure your bed is made right while making comments about your age (not kidding).

      The kids you workout with are a good group, I’m sure, but they’re not going to remember you for a moment longer than you’re there. And it’s not like you can’t join another branch. Want to serve your country? How about protecting forests? Look into the Coast Guard. Why not join Americorps?

      Sorry about your home being foreclosed, John. Hopefully things are going well right now. Marine Corps or not.

    • When will it end

      I joined at 25. Most of the time it will suck when you have to answer to corporals and sergeants thats younger than you and stand at parade rest. You will probably get tired of being around 18-20 year olds all the time. You will probably get tired of safety briefs and stand downs. You will probably get tired of being treated like a kid. You will probably get tired of getting punished if someone in your platoon screwed up over the weekend. You will probably get tired of micromanagement. You will probably be doing janitor work since youre starting out as a junior Marine. My conclusion is that you should probably not join. Find some other avenue to generate income legally. All higher ranks are not assholes about half of them is.

  • Jason Stein

    I am a 17 year old Senior in High School. I am a few days away from being in the DEP. Just waiting on my parents approval. I know for a fact I want to join the military. I have always wanted to join the Marine Corps. Obviously people always tried talking me out of it and yes I did have many second thoughts about going to the USAF just because its currently the best branch, but I always get a feeling in my gut that I want to be a Marine and I just must do it. I need opinions from veterans who already served. Am I just “brainwashed” and really should consider a different branch? Or should I join the Corps? My reasons for joining the Corps would be for Self Reliance , Self Discipline , and Self Direction. I want to be self made and not really on my parents for anything. I noticed that the Marines are the most strict branch out of all and are obviously bad ass. I wanna be a part of a disciplined team with the hardest living standards. Should I consider another branch or the Corps is the right place for me? A Thank You in advanced to anyone that can direct me and answer this.

    • FoxtrotTangoNovember

      You’re better off going in the Air Force, for all the right reasons: better chow, better living conditions, better rec facilities, and better chicks. If you want to do something tough and challenging, go out for USAF special operations. The USMC does a good job of branding itself, but you won’t miss out on anything except bullshit like Marine Corps field days (barracks/compartment cleaning taken to ridiculous extremes). I think the USAF is the better choice. Whatever you decide, good luck to you.

    • xyz

      1) You don’t have the damn discipline to READ what’s written on this website!

      2) you just another brainwashed fuck who ( no matter how many people advise you otherwise) is going to believe mindless propaganda no matter what!

      3) “I noticed that the Marines are the most strict branch out of all and are obviously bad ass” I almost laughed out loud when I read that mindboggling STUPID comment. Boy- are you really going to be disappointed!
      4) “Hardest living standards” huh? Enjoy being treated like a THREE YEAR old and having some loser ( who can’t hack civilian life) micromanage you all day!
      Fuck you in advance. Your the one who is woefully delusional about the TRUE realities of the FMF!