You know you’re a brainwashed fuck when…

You know you’re a brainwashed fuck when…

* …you think your chain of command gives a shit about you.

* …you honestly think hard work is going to get you anywhere.

* … you get nothing but high and tights

* … you take shitty work with pleasure

* … you think field days do win wars.

* … you willingly accept bullshit

* … you believe that your Sergeant is better physically and mentally than you. (I had a SSGT who couldn’t get a third class PFT and he passed it off as something that doesn’t matter.)

* … you believe anything the higher ups say.

* … you say “OORAH” and “Semper Fi” as much as you say the word “the.”

* … you wear your Service Charlies or dress blues out on leave.

* … you wear your service charlies or dress blues out on leave and you’ve been in the Marine Corps for more than 3 years.

– K



You know you’re a brainwashed fuck when:
a) You honestly and legitemately believe you’re right for no other reason except your rank.
b) You honestly believe everyone below your rank(or in another branch) is an idiot
c) You can’t stand the thought of a website like this that doesn’t exalt your ” beloved corps” (keep your fucking corps BTW)
d) You honestly and legitimately see nothing wrong with getting another person and yelling at them for dumb shit like where they’re hands are at, not getting their hair cut, not getting their hair cut high enough, having they’re hair a little too long, the bun on a girls head, the way someones fucking shoestrings are laced…SHOESTRINGS!!!!…
e) You take immense pleasure in reciting regs like it was the fucking holy word of god
f) You charge at someone with knifehands saying “HEY DEVILDOG!” and end your stupid little ass-chewing with some dumb moto garbage like “you think Chesty Puller would have done that”… like you actually fucking met the man…
g) It just absolutely shocks you that anyone might not want to do this for another 4 years
h) Whenever someone says they don’t want to re-enlist you say ‘OH! what a piece of shit”, You honestly and truly believe that you have the right to judge another human to be a “piece of shit”, because YOUR opinion really matters, right you brainwashed inbred fuck?!?
i) You say garbage like “The corps is getting soft”.. is that so.. then get the fuck out you fucking coward…thats wont, you’re fucking nothing.. a nobody outside this insitution.. Please disgruntled ones.. add on.. how are your fucking “higher ups” proving to you how brainwashed they are on a daily basis..

– F M L