Fleet Marine Life #27 – EAS

2011-04-22-fleetmarinelife27 - EAS

End of Active Service otherwise known as EAS.

Those three letters alone have the power to change your life forever.

If you’re a Marine, this day will come and when it does, it will be surreal. You won’t believe it’s around the corner even though it is fast approaching.

Once you have your DD214 form in your hands, no more stupid bullshit, no more rules, no more regulations, no more orders, no more being in the Marine Corps. You can finally grow out your hair, smoke pot, tell Gunny to go fuck himself and his bullshit field day inspections where the rooms are clean but for some reason if he finds one tiny speck of dust, it’s like the equivalent of an Ebola outbreak to him. You can even do all of that at the same time! Oh, the freedom of choice!

Was the Marine Corps a bad experience? Mostly. But there are things that I took from that mostly bad experience. I learned that 20 years in the Marine Corps would drive me to borderline suicidal levels. I also learned that humanity is going downhill real fast and there’s no brakes on that motherfucker. On the plus side, I saved up a lot of money, get to use the Post 9/11 GI Bill, went around the world (the smelly parts), learned a lot of military knowledge, learned a lot of life skills, did some cool things and met some cool people.

But in the end, I was sick of being a government slave. I wanted to get out and stay out.

Not re-enlisting since 1779.

– K