Punishment Outweighs the Crime

I will never forgive them for making the punishment outweigh the crime. It happened two fucking years ago, and I still pay for it this day. I will never forget the despair I felt checking in as a Lance Corporal with a goddamn Hashmark. I will never forget watching my PFC’s pick up Corporal while I was a Lance again.

Everyone always forgets. When they pick up, when it’s time to re-enlist. They forget. I know, because I forgot the things I hated and became a motivator. It happens to almost everybody (especially in POG-ass MOS communities). Getting busted down made me remember. I still haven’t forgotten after picking up again. Chances are, I’ll still remember when I pick up Sergeant. Complain now, but when you pick up or it’s time to re-enlist, I just beg you: remember the good times, remember the shitty times. Because it’s so easy to forget.

Submitted By: XCpl Mike