The Army Deserves More Credit

You know the Marine Corps is all image and they always like putting down the Army. Since when was the last time the Marine Corps pulled a successful operation that didn’t fail, besides WWII in the Pacific. The U.S Army 3rd infantry division had to wait 6 days for the USMC to arrive into Baghdad but by that time Saddam Hussein had already escaped. And there was a river they were supposed to cross and I believed it was the river into Nasiriyah. And with there amphibious assault vehicles they weren’t able to even cross the river which led to the self named town. Why were they spending 24hrs just trying to lay out a bridge, and the battle of Fallujah guess what? They lost it the first time and waited half a year to retake it back and when they did they had to call the Army to take it back for them. Then afterwards everyone gave credit to the Marines and barely mention the Army. The USMC always try to blame half of their issues on the Army just because the Army had more successful operations of tearing down the enemy and making sure they can’t come back. The USMC is made of nothing but narcissists that always blame the Army, when the Army always protects the nation and they actually treat the recruits like men instead of little kids. So, always give some credit to the Army they actually do more than the Marines and they have the audacity to say that the Army doesn’t do crap.

Submitted by: Devanteg594237


 A friend who is now a warrant officer in the Army and did 12 years in the Marines related how the Corps royally fucked up during the 1st wave into Iraq in ’03. I already knew about the tank they lost (!), and some other BS, but to think the retards in Quantico thought just in time delivery for supplies would work in a war zone is the icing on the cake. It’s the main reason why the Army was waiting on the Marines outside Baghdad. In typical blowhard Marine fashion two colonels were relieved of command because they wouldn’t take some bridge or whatever. Turns out they didn’t have the supplies to get there, but were punished for it, anyway.

There’s a article about a Reserve TOW platoon from Miami who were given shitty equipment in Kuwait before the 1st wave went in; they little time to prepare and no time to scrounge up needed parts, etc. Two or so days into it they dropped their M-16’s due to the fact they ran out of ammo, and picked up whatever weapons they could find like AK’s and the like. I think they even got some Iraqi vehicles but can’t remember. What they did was nothing short of heroic but it’s a black eye on the Corps. They couldn’t even supply their own troops during what was (initially) a fairly easy invasion of a foreign country.

JIT delivery, you gotta be kiddin’ me.

Submitted by: SgtFury