I reported hazing and now life is going to be hell.

My command is bullshit, I’m with the MEU and I got hazed twice, but I spoke up for myself and got them reprimanded and they’re on deployment now so I still got a couple months before they get back. A couple of buddies I know got word of them saying because of what happened now my life is going to be hell and I just want to get out of this unit but I’m scared if I request mass nothing will be done about it based off of what I seen. I just want to keep my record clean and do my 4 years with my head held high and get the FUCK OUT. I see the Corps for what it is and only the ass-kissers truly make it up the ranks so I’m getting out. Please help me; I want to leave this unit and they drove me to see a Psychiatrist cause’ I’m always getting picked on and singled out. I don’t know what to do but I can’t stay here because the slightest fuck up and they’re definitely going to charge my ass. What can I do? Thanks!

-Semper FuckTheUSMC

Submitted by: Tactfully belligerent