I Read the Site, Learned the Truth. Should I Still Join?

Well Ive been reading the website and at first I didn’t like it because it seemed like all thebguys commenting were complaining and not taking respnsibility for the decision that they have made. I’m turning 19 soon and i dint believe your site at first nor the stories. Come to find out U guys were telling the truth!  ESPECIALLY about the bootcamp story. My moms bf was in the Marines and Fought in Beruit. As you can tell that was SOME time ago! When i told him that i was thinking about joining the Marines he told me ” Well it’s gonna be hard”. He told me whilein bootcamp he had gotten out of his bunk during the time he and the other recruits were supposed to be sleeping. So as he got up he looked outside the window. THEN that’s when his D.I caught.him punched him in the face causing his nose to bleed, but out of all of thatim for surehe could handle the hardships better than others. Now he never tried to say anything to me to keep me from joining but im now very confused. I told him thought about Airfoce and he saidvthats good. He told me he didn’t want me to join the marines. He also told me while he wasin that he had fun. He also, said after his four years were up he got out. I believe im a good person, smart also. and im well aware the propoganda etc. But of all of that i still feel the erge to join. Am i wrong for that?? Is serving worthid?? I know it truly my decision but did you even have anything about the corps you enjoyed?? I knowbthat no branch is perfect etc. I just feel like i’ll regret not joinglater down the road. This is for The enlisted Marines and the ones who are out. Did you guys feel the same way?

Submitted By: Terrell Thompson