Ebony Phillips

I am officially convinced that every reason that I ever decided to join the Marine Corps…is NOT what the Marine Corps is about. Maybe I just joined at the wrong time. Most Marines tell me it’s just the unit, but I’ve been to other units and something that I realize is that no matter where you go in the Marine Corps, you’re going to always have to deal with unnecessary bullshit and take the big, green weenie up the ass. All the false perceptions that it gives off, from the advertisement to the training, is all a bunch of bullshit, especially once you get to the fleet. Would I have known that this was really what I was getting into, I would not have joined because I got the girth of this as a civilian. FML and the Marine Corps. Everything that I used to enjoy I do not anymore. All individuality and most of my intelligence is gone. I had a CO tell me that false motivation is better than no motivation…No the fuck it is not. The part that sucks the most about the Marine Corps for me is the fact that I’m that one Marine that gets fucked over the most, usually through doing the tasks that are “beneath” everyone else. So sick of this shit. 4 to 5 years wasted on this bullshit. I should’ve just taken out loans for college. FML FML FML.

Submitted By: Ebony Phillips