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Update on my case:

I didn’t want everyone to think I’d jumped ship.  I am still around and reading the posts and stories…quietly observing.

After my interview with the Lt. Colonel (2nd and Congressional Investigation) a couple of weeks ago, I requested and recieved BOTH investigation reports.  Meaning the investigation that occurred while I was still on the island and the current one.

I had already been informed by the LtCol during the current investigation that many/most of my fellow recruits (whom of course have now graduated), had either denied or minimized the abuse I reported.

So I wasn’t exactly blindsided with anything earth-shattering however, I still found it quite disappointing again.

The good news is that many of the ‘denials’ are conflicting in themselves.  Of course, the main offending DI adamantly denied he’d ever stuck anyone with anything OR used profanity whatsoever.  Achem!  Seriously?  He claimed that in regards to the clipboard incident in the head that he might have accidently “brushed” someone with the clipboard when he turned while giving the instruction.  Really?

The even better news is that a Gunny (recruiter) heard rumors about the abuse in my platoon and sat down with his 3 recruits to question them.  He said all 3 immediately dropped their heads and refused to make further eye contact with him.  He said said their body language said a lot and that it was the reaction of someone who has been abused and is ashamed.

It took a some time but he finally got them to start talking.  All 3 wrote detailed reports of the abuse they either observed or experienced personally.  Most of what they wrote about was after my departure.  All 3 admitted they had been or observed fellow recruits being hit, drop-kicked, kicked and other forms of abuse. All 3 were still terrified of retribution.

When asked why they had not reported this the first time or sooner, all 3 said the SDI had warned them that what happened in the squad bay stayed in the squad bay.  They were afraid of retaliation in the form of physical and/or mental abuse as well as possibly being kept from graduating.  One even said that since everyone else was getting hit, kicked or abused in some fashion, he thought it was “normal” and that this was the “way it was in the MOVIES”.

These 3 guys can truly say they ARE the Few and the Proud.  Even if their validations of my allegations came too late for me, they still found the courage to come through at the end of the day.

It is my hope that more will come forward and do the right thing but I really don’t look for that to happen since the LtCol told each one of them that NOW was the time to tell the truth and their prior statements would not be hald against them.  Now, I suppose they could be charged with perjury.

I have not received any notice of the actions to be taken, yet.  I will update everyone as soon as I know anything further.

I also want to especially thank those of you who have been supportive and even those who have not.  Everyone counts in my book.

Submitted by: iHateDIs

UPDATE – 5/2/12

Just dropping by to let everyone know I am STILL waiting on the final outcome/decision on my allegations.  I do know that Washington, DC is now in possession of that decision and is said to be ‘sorting’ through over 300 pages of investigative reports, etc.

I also know, because I have copies of the investigation, that several more recruits, now Marines, have come forward and told the truth about the abuse delivered by the hands of the DI’s.

Once again, I want to thank those of you how have supported me during this time.

Submitted by: iHateDIs