Fleet Marine Life #6 – An Idea is Born

[I joined the Marines in 2006. It is 2011 (almost 2012) and I have yet to climb a giant cliff only to confront an fire breathing dragon and a SNCO sword… With that said, enjoy one of the earlier FML comics about some idiot joining the Marines because of a commercial with a bit too much fantasy. ~S_The_Mod]




Now, those who have joined the Marine Corps have been sucked into the idea of this “different world” where you slay dragons while driving your tank with hot women clamoring at your body. But it is the exact opposite. You will not slay dragons. You will not drive tanks. You will not have women clamoring at you and if they are, they are probably men.

What do you do if you don’t get to slay dragons all day and night? Stay awhile and find out.

Slaying dragons since 1775. K.