Fleet Marine Life #36 – Have a Seat

2011-05-01-fleetmarinelife36 - Have a Seat


Some 16 year olds look like 18 year olds and some 18 year olds look like 21 year olds. Sometimes the 16 year olds would look 21! We would be told to look for their IDs so we don’t get in trouble.

Dateline’s to catch a predator is an addicting show. Here are some free episodes thanks to youtube.


Unfortunately, they cut the show because some asshole killed himself thanks to the show. I mean, come on! One less predator in this world isn’t going to hurt anyone! They should be giving Chris Hansen a freaken medal for that! What has gotten into America these days? Whatever, man.

Even though Marines would receive a warning that there are 15 year olds going into clubs with fake IDs, there’s always “that one Marine” who doesn’t really care. The signs are there! There warnings are there! But he just chose to play ignorant. And when he gets caught, it’s brig time for him. Thank you for playing.

Unfortunately, our hero, Joe Jay, was dragged down by Shitbag Steve. I’m sure the Marine Corps Judicial System would give him a fair trial… Hahaha…

Taking a seat since 1775.