Fleet Marine Life #39 – The Spiel

2011-05-05-fleetmarinelife38 - The Spiel


A lot of training we receive is kind of useless. I mean, it’s great and all but for the most part some of these skills just get pushed to the back of our “brain housing group.”

In Marine Combat Training, there’s all these weapons systems you learn about but won’t use any of them. And when the time comes when you have to use them, you don’t remember how to because it’s been like 2 years.

Also, in today’s day and age of “fighting terrorism”, Marines have fought terrorists mainly in Iraq and Afghanistan. So why do we need cold weather training and jungle warfare training? Some people say, “Just in case.” but the reality is that we’ve been fighting this war on desert environments for many years. It’s just a waste of money.

Anyways, it’s out of my pay grade.

Condensing 6 months worth of training in 3 sentences since 1775.