FSNB: Proof the Corps Couldn’t Care Less

Fleet Marine Life talks about Fort Sill National Bank, as does RipOffReport, and PissedConsumer.

In a nutshell, it’s a shitty bank that every recruit on Parris Island is set up with for their direct deposit. By funneling tens-of-thousands of captive recruits to this hellhole the USMC is damaging both troop welfare and mission accomplishment. Low-income troops losing money to needless fees hurts their focus as a fighting force, and poor finances can lead to someone losing their security clearance.

FSNB = Fees-Fees-Fees

For the privilege of having an account, they charge needless fees knowing full well you can’t change your banking until your graduate, and a good portion of people do not do so right away because they don’t want to spend part of family day at Navy Federal Credit Union opening an account.

I have had two experiences with FSNB. Upon trying to close the account at MOS school they said I was overdrawn and charged me a fee for it. I sent them a check for the NSF overdraft, and they said I was still overdrawn because of the monthly fee hitting, prompting another NSF fee, so the account could not be closed. I sent them another check and told them to close the account, and that a copy of the letter was given to my command.

A few years later my wife went to close an account she had when we moved to Camp Lejeune. She went to the branch at Wal-mart and they cut her a check.

FSNB Will Overdraw You

“Show me the balance on the account,” she said, suspecting something fishy.

Now she was overdrawn. This fucking asshole overdrew the account on her so that there would be an NSF fee, then a monthly fee, which would prompt another NSF fee. So my wife gave her the difference and asked for a receipt, plus a printout of the statement showing that the balance was at zero.

“You don’t want that,” lady-banker-fuck told my wife.

“Of course I do.”

“If you take a paper statement, you could lose it, and then your personal information will just be out there.”

“It’s already out there. Con artists like you have it.”

After some cajoling she got a receipt for the deposit, bringing the balance up to zero, plus a statement showing the balance at zero.

“I want to speak to your manager,” my wife said, “I’m going to make a complaint about what you did.”

The manager told her that to make a complaint she had to call customer service from a phone on the wall.

If the USMC Cared, They’d Have Already Done Something

Fort Sill National Bank is not the worst bank in the world, nor is lady-banker-fuck the worst banker in the world, but this is the exclusive bank for marine recruits on Parris Island (and probably soldiers at Fort Sill, Oklahoma), and it is one way that the Marine Corps is actively ensuring that the lowest paid troops are being victimized by a financial institution. These young troops make very little money, live far from home, and endure great hardships. All the while this bank is stealing from them.

If anyone has something positive to say, please share. I’d love to hear something good about the bank, and not that it donates money to something, because that donation is funded in full by the fees scraped off the top of a marine recruit’s meager paycheck.

I’ll be forwarding the link for this post to people at FSNB and MCRD PI, and suggest you do the same.