What has the marine corps done for you?

so far the only thing I can say is they’ve fucked me like it’s going out of style. I joined 11 months ago, I went through boot camp, in itb I injured my knee the second week, what did they tell me? the corpsman called me a pussy and told me to suck it up, the combat instructors blasted me non stop for it. I finished and got to the fleet, and the co gunny saw me limping and made me go to medical. The corpsman could see my knee was fucked up and told the mo, he looked at it and said it was nothing but inflammation. After going back everyday for about a week or two, I convinced them to take an xray which showed that my tibia was fractured, when I told them it wasn’t just my shin, it was mostly my knee, they told me it was just inflammation. it took about 3 months to finally convince them to look at my knee, they saw that my knee wasn’t just inflamed but that it was seriously fucked up. I finally got a bone scan and an MRI, they told me it was just a small tear in my ACL that physical therapy would heal, about 3 months of that with no improvement, they put me on limdu. While they were looking up my medical files on the computer, I snuck a peek and noticed that it said my ACL was torn, my meniscus was torn, my proximal patellar tendon was torn and I had PFPS (twisted knee cap). the surgeon told me my knee is so fucked that he’s afraid he’ll fuck it up more if he cuts me open. he also told me I’m never going to run again, I’ll be lucky if I can stop having to use a cane and if I stop limping. anywho, they are doing absolutely nothing for my knee, and they stopped physical therapy, if that wasn’t bad enough, my chain of command is disregarding my limdu chit that says no prolonged standing (more than 5 minutes), no pft/cft, pt at own pace, and making me stand during (3) hour and a half long formations, running a partial pft, and making me pt for an hour everyday. If I say anything about this, what happens? I get in trouble on paper, and the nco’s snco’s make my life a living hell.

If that’s not bad enough, I’m JUST getting started.

Theeeen, there’s mental health. Starting in boot camp, getting a little worse in itb, and then plummeting in the unit is my depression. It’s gotten bad enough that I’m on anti depressants, have a snco that I have to check with everyday, and I have to go to mental health appointments every week to keep from killing others or myself.

There’s also the anxiety and stress set on by my unit, it’s gotten so bad that I have panic attacks almost every day or every other day, it’s so bad that when my phone rings, I start freaking out thinking it is my coc calling to SOMEHOW fuck me over. Even if it’s on my home phone which the unit doesn’t know the number to. I don’t answer my cell or home phone when I’m off work anymore, my wife does.

and then there’s the shear stupidity of the unit. I’m in rbe since the unit is deployed, our bright ass 1stsgt is being investigated for hazing, disrespect, and a handful of other ucmj orders that have been broken. He went to peoples houses on AND off base to do field day inspections. His idea of running the bn? making all of us broken guys go to the field and running training ops to “retain our infantry skills” (Thanks you boot ass supply/di piece of shit that has never actually been in combat)(made 1stsgt in 14 years, target time is 17.5-20 years).

Because of my mental health status, the psychiatrist has deemed me unfit to stand barracks duty, he even gave me a chit to give to the command saying such and he told me that if they do not want to oblige it, they can call and talk to him. I handed the chit up the coc, they decided that it was only a recommendation and decided I needed to get fucked and made an example of. I am still standing duty, my plt sgt is just ITCHING to njp me. for example, after duty, my unit does a 24 recovery period where you are off work, I went to the formation and I was supposed to be off so I went home. When the next formation rolled around, they called asking where I was, when I told them, they recalled me and gave me a negative counseling for being ua to a formation, I’m still awaiting the 6105/njp. Then my wife last night decided to give me a hickey, today when I went to work, I got a negative counseling and got told that if they see another one ever again, they are going to njp me and apparently I have a lot of 6105’s in my record which would mean I would get processed out. I was under the impression that if you got a 6105, you would be informed or would have to sign something acknowledging that you understand why (me having ANY 6105’s is news to me).

So to all then poolees/wannabe’s that think this corporation is for you, all it did for me was break me down physically, break me down mentally, and now they are trying to make it so they can kick me out punitively so I don’t get benefits.


Submitted by: fucked like its cool

Even in the Reserves, the MC can suck

I was motivated to join the Marine Corps, I was, my dad was a Marine, my uncle a Marine and grandfather also, a Marine.  So I was pretty much motivated as fuck before going to bootcamp, I was thinking like, oh wait until they see me, just wait, it will be the greatest thing ever being a Marine, and I was motivated until i got to Parris island, and realized how much bootcamp sucked and how brutal it was, like everyone else, and after the crucible, I was motto as hell, and was pumped, and it only kind of hit me that week, prior to crucible, on the way to church, I talked to another recruit, thinking, wow, I kind of just endured these past 12 weeks, and really, I kind of want to be a civillian again.  So i realized I satisfied that urge of wanting and being a Marine down in parris island, and I wanted to be a civillian again, until the reality set it, that I was fucking locked in, for the next 6 years of my life….
Back to what I was saying before, so after the crucible, i was motto as fuck, couldn’t wait to come home and show off to the girlfriend and to all those scumfucks i graduated highschool with.  So I get home on bootleave, half way through, and fucking realize I want to be a civillian again, and I did not want to leave, I realized how fucking awesome the civllian life is, how much I took for granted.  Because In Parris Island I learned everything i needed to learn, I realized you have to a complete piece of shit to not be sucessful inthe civillian world, and hard work is easy, you just gotta fucking do it.  Thats what I got out of the Marine Corps, and thats really all I wanted out of it, I joined becuase i felt i was a screwup who was lazy, i felt I needed a change, an appiphany so to speak, and I got one, and now thats its all said and done, I want out becuase I fufilled and learaned everything I wanted from the Marine Corps when I was in the parris Island, now i just want to live my life and leave the Marine Corps behind, but I can’t and I’m stuck with it the next 6 years of my life.  Okay, so I’m reserve you say, not too bad right?  Wrong.  I have a Sergeant who just came off of active duty, who was only his second drill last month (as it was for me too) and he was basically telling me how much he hated it as well.  Ill tell you why.
So, I get a taste of civllian life during my month off right?  Well heres why it sucks, because the reserve in a sense, is like teasing an animal, they constantly feel like they’re gonna get the thing they want, but the reality is, they’re not gonna get that fucking dog bone.  ANd that’s the reserve, I’m teased with, ‘oh you can go to school’  ‘oh you can work’, but the reality is every fucking month I have to sacrifice a weekend, and report for this bullshit, how can I accomidate a school scheudale, what if i have a final the monday after the weekend, and with my major, being finance, how can I work as a corporate banker, with crazy hours, and say they need me to come in on a saturday, oh wait, cant cause of reserve, all the reserve does it get your enjoying and becoming comfortable with civillian life making you feel free for a little why, and then all of a sudden the carpet is pulled out from underneath  you, pretty much saying “JK YEAH RIGHT LOLOLOL, YOU’RE MINE THE NEXT 6 YEARS BITCH”.  And thats what makes it suck, it could be a weekend needed for work, vacation, a wedding, nope, gotta sacrifice it.
So this is my 3rd drill coming up, and I just fucking hate it, a lot of what has to do with it are these power insane, unintelligent douche bags that are your fellow Marines.  Everytime  I go, there are in particular these 2 douche bags I have to put up with, who I went to MOS school with and were such assholes to me, and I thought i’d never have to see them again, but of course they end up at my unit, and they make my life suck, so my entire month I just dread going back to drill, and while I’m there I just feel like shit, and just knowing that this will be my life the 6 years makes me want to get the fuck out, I hate it, it does nothing for me except get in the way of pursuing my civillian career and life with my girlfriend, and it just fucking urks me, living month to month, dreading each month, because of the upcoming drill dates, and just having that in the back of my head, the whole month makes me anxious, depressed and shitty, and knowing that im going to have to put up with this fucking emotional drain for the next 6 years of my life, makes me want to go to drastic measures to get the fuck out, if there is anyway for 6 years to pass quickly, please, someone let me in on it, because i fucking hate the way my life looks right now.

Submitted by: Billycraft123