Med Board, 80% Disability, Jealous NCO’s and more!

I got medically discharged with an 80% disability rating, I get 400 bucks a week from unemployment and I get almost 1700 bucks from my GI bill every month. Why am I telling you this? Because I used to be a motivated idiot who thought it was an honorable thing to put up with the moronic faggots who were in charge of me until I came back from Afghanistan. Then when I was told that I was to be put on a med board all hell broke loos, jealousy from lazy ass lcpls who think they are entitled to the world and bitch ass ncos from fast company that never deployed who depended on those same lcpls to suck their dicks and boost their egos. People tried to set shit up and tried to get me njp’d because they didn’t want me getting out wih benefits. Nothing ever stuck because I was innocent. Ssgts in RBE would brag about how many people they kicked out of he marine corps with no benefits and how they could have helped them instead but opted not to. “leaders” telling their marines they were off for the day only to call hem later and tell them they were not off work and when they came back they had charge papers waiting for them. People getting charged UA because they went to their medical appointments. All the stupid fucking mind games, formations being held just to humiliate and belittle marines that were on medical boards, punishing the majority for the fuck ups made by the minority. Whatever, I’m out now enjoying all my benefits to the fullest. Don’t have to worry about health insurance for my family because I still have tricare and I can still fly space-a so I take vacations whenever the fuck I want. And I laugh because when i was still in I felt bad for being on a med board and guilty that I was getting disability and benefits, but now I will enjoy them to the fullest. Fuck you marine corps, you tried to fuck me but in the end I came out the winner. I burned all my uniforms in a bonfire in the backyard of my lovely house that I got with my VA loan.


Submitted by: Thats_pretty_brutal