Big Fan

I was a big fan of Terminal Lance up until a few months ago, when it started to get all “main-stream” around here on Camp Lejeune. Since then, I have noticed it in my CO’s office while getting my NJP, the legal admin building where you go see JAG lawyers, and even in the fucking Marine Corps Times…. WHAT THE FUCK!? Cant we just have something for ourselves without it getting taken over and hailed by the motivators? I remember the sly slams on the establishment, the jokes, the irony, the one comic about seeing a shit load of black on a collar and frantically running through the list of E7 and up ranks in your head trying to figure out which one this asshole is…. I remember the feeling of childish glee I got when I first logged onto the site, of seeing how the common LCpl was getting his revenge by posting these comics parodying the Corps… I remember how taboo and exciting it was… the feeling that I was somehow doing something wrong by even accessing the site…..
Now every time I walk in the company office, I get to hear all the platoon SGTs and commanders discussing in great detail how whitty and cleaver the last Terminal Lance was, and how much they agree with it…

They stole our fucking fun…. plain and simple. How am I supposed to stage my own 1 man rebellion when all my inspiration is taken over by “the man”?
If I start seeing in the MC Times, thats it… game over, man. I will finally do my fucking MCIs because there is no hope in being a rebel around here…. Ill pick up Corporal, suck a mile of dicks, and re-enlist…. because they will have won.

– Submitted By: Garth