My son died and the Corps treats me like shit

Ive got one for you, and it may not be a big suprise and some of you may have had a similar experience.  Two months ago my wife and i lost our son to complications of a premature birth.  My division was nice enough to give me time to be at the hospital and go home for the funeral.  Then I shit you not, 3 days back at work and they treat me like nothing ever happend and then want to get im my business about why im moping around and dont want to work. Gee, i wonder the fuck why!  I go to medical to try and get on an anti-depressant and to get some help.  They ask me if im going to kill myself, and when i say no, they give me an appointment for 3 days later. thanks guys. then when i have the appointment the first thing the doc asks me, knowing why im depressed, is so why do you think you’re depressed? i tell him and his response, and i quote, ” God Dammit, im sorry bro.” (navy officer btw) and then he types his notes then before he releases me tells me, as a smoker and occasional drinker, again i quote, “Stop fuckin drinkin, and stop Fuckin smokin, cus it aint gonna help.” classy right?  Anyhoo, im getting booted anyway for medical issues, and now this, understandably i just want to be left alone, and that shouldnt be too much to ask, but in the last month ive been treated like im just worthless and lazy and need to get over it.  Bottom line, the corps preaches all this shit about taking care of each other and being there when we need it, but all the COC gives a shit about is work and themselves. the lazy bastards sit in the office and play msn games all damn day then come out at the end of the day and bitch at us because we are worthless.  One team one fight my ass.  Dont trust those mother fuckers to take care of you when you really need it because they will fuck you time and time again.

Submitted By: bitteratthecorps