As a Marine I understand some of your frustrations

As a Marine I understand some of your frustrations, and we ALL did field day and dealt with the bullshit but all in all I got to see a shitload of countries as an embassy guard (cuz I was motivated enough to strive for something I thought was interesting and worthwhile and other than a barracks) after being a a combat engineer for 2 years. I nailed a whole wide world of eastern European chicks, held down an embassy during a revolution and left with a letter of recommendation from an Ambassador thats helped out alot in my professional career. I got money for school and now I’m an engineer with one of the top 3 Aerospace companies in the world. And I did all that without being a buddy fucker Marine and I made friends that I will have for the rest of my life due to the Corps. Its like they said buddy “No one promised you a rose garden”. You’ve also heard the following I’m sure…”The Marine Corps is what you make of it”. You dont like where you’re at? You wanna be high speed? If you’re a grunt, try out for recon, try out for security forces. If youre a pogue try out for MSG duty. And if you’re weak and cant make it, work out more, if you have a bad record and they wont take you, whose fault is that??

Dont get me wrong, there are a ton of pricks that with a shred of Administrative power, will try to fuck you over, Ive requested mast before and that didnt do shit. I get it, but if you think its better in the Army or Air Force then you’re welcome to go and put on their gay ass colors.

Semper Fi


Submitted by: gomelo2

The Army Deserves More Credit

You know the Marine Corps is all image and they always like putting down the Army. Since when was the last time the Marine Corps pulled a successful operation that didn’t fail, besides WWII in the Pacific. The U.S Army 3rd infantry division had to wait 6 days for the USMC to arrive into Baghdad but by that time Saddam Hussein had already escaped. And there was a river they were supposed to cross and I believed it was the river into Nasiriyah. And with there amphibious assault vehicles they weren’t able to even cross the river which led to the self named town. Why were they spending 24hrs just trying to lay out a bridge, and the battle of Fallujah guess what? They lost it the first time and waited half a year to retake it back and when they did they had to call the Army to take it back for them. Then afterwards everyone gave credit to the Marines and barely mention the Army. The USMC always try to blame half of their issues on the Army just because the Army had more successful operations of tearing down the enemy and making sure they can’t come back. The USMC is made of nothing but narcissists that always blame the Army, when the Army always protects the nation and they actually treat the recruits like men instead of little kids. So, always give some credit to the Army they actually do more than the Marines and they have the audacity to say that the Army doesn’t do crap.

Submitted by: Devanteg594237