My Recruiter Lied…

My recruiter lied. We are treated as though we are less than human every day, we are disredpected on a personal and professional level every day. We are made to stay outside in the cold for no reason, made to stay up late for no reason. Field day is nothing more than something tedious and annoying they do just to prove they are in charge. This is no brotherhood, my platoonmates would lie, cheat, and steal to get ahead with no regard for anyone else. They will single people out and attack them verbally and constantly for no reason. Cleaning weapons lasts just like field day, you clean until they cant find a speck of dust, and when they find dust 3 hours in they got it out of their own pocket. Even now these children are pelting me with rocks at the rifle range for no reason.

The marine corps put me in my MOS and didnt even give me the chance to be screened for the MOS I signed for. If there is a possibility to get out of the infantry side or the entire marine corps which wont destroy my future i will find it and take it. Dis honor and discouragement. I have no comittment. The marine corps took all the pride i had and took it from me. I am ashamed every time i wear these cammies. I represent the adulterers, murders, cowards, and weaklings that feed off their rank wearing this dishonorable uniform. The list i have of wrongs, of disrespect, of all the things done to me alone is unacceptable.



Submitted by: Outtacontrol Is Incontrol