My USMC experience

Hey ya’ll, let me tell you a story..may I? … This is a story about Joe, average kid in Anytown, USA. You see, Joe wasn’t a perfect child, he made may mistakes, he wasn’t dumb but never cared enough to be the top of his class, skipped school alot, smoked alot of weed, but never really harmed anyone, loved his country, took pride in it and wanted to do something for it, all around a decent respectable person with defects and virtues…sound familiar? What happened to Joe? He bought into the hype, thought the Marines would give him discipline, thought in a way it would atone for his dumbass behavior, he did it, he signed the contract, and what did Joe find? Bullshit, fuck-fuck games, belittlement, insults, misery, hatred, assholes, douchebags, pricks and all the things that come with enlisting and signing 4 years of your life away.. Now Joe is rotting in a shithole in Helmand, people he knows are losing arms and legs on a daily basis, he never gets to talk to his family and when he does he can’t think of anything to say anymore, he walks around knowing that this is fucking stupid, that no matter how many people lose legs or how many die(or how many Hajji’s we kill for that matter), doesnt matter, the fact is the country he loves would be no more safer if he lost his legs or got killed in an IDF attack. And as he sits here, in Afghanistan, all he can do is count the days. If you are reading this and are thinking about enlisting, don’t, use your head, love your country, help it, but not in this gun club, do it as a civilian, be a normal human, you deserve it…

yeah this is pretty much the story of my life on the dot

– Screwthis