The Good Lord has blessed me and has given me the ability to look past all the “motivation” better known as brain washing. These motards just cannot seem to get the bigger picture of things, not realizing that conforming to all the institutional bullshit is itself being brainwashed. You are brainwashed when you are compelled to run clear across a grass field to get to a Marine and yell at him because he had his hands in his pockets for a split second because he was grabbing his cellphone, you are brainwashed when you revel in the fact that you just got done chewing some poor LCpl’s ass because he didnt address you by your rank after every F*&king sentence and the list goes on but then again i’d be here all day. And they do these things…why?! Because thats how the Marine Corps is?!? What about being a man and thinking for yourself?! What about being that one individual who says,”thats f*&king stupid, we are not doing that” I catch alot of flak because i refuse to go with the flow, because i refuse to belittle my junior marines, because instead i talk to them like they are adults, because i like to cutout the useless bullshit like PT at 4am, or cammie inspections every Monday. I hear shit all the time like “you’re too nice”, “you need to act more like a Sgt”. At times i just wanna punch someone, but in the end, I’m not the idiot who can’t see past his puny little “reality” he calls the USMC. I see it all the time, Gunny’s, Major’s, Colonel’s….so self absorbed in themselves thinking that they are somebody, arrogantly with their arm’s crossed and their noses up in the air thinking to themselves that “I’m the shit”, when in reality all it would take is a punch to the face from a very very disgruntled LCpl to bring him back down to Earth and realized that he eats, sleeps, shits just like the rest of us do. It’s been a hard 7 years for me, I love my wife and child dearly and stayed in one more term so my wife could finish her degree in software engineering. I thank the Good Lord she is only a year away from finishing. I can see the glimmer of light at the end, though still a ways away, a beautiful sight none the less. For all of you still serving and hating every bit of it like me, hang in there my friends. Remember to never conform, always think for yourself, and if you are in a position to make a change, DO IT, regardless of what people think.