I always thought the Marine Corp was about Brotherhood

I always thought the Marine Corp was about Brotherhood until I realized then when I got caught for underage drinking. I had a few beers with another Marine who i just met when he got sick i helped him out , and got him back to his room, when duty realized i was underage. SgtMaj. tried to go Drill Instructor (obviously because he didn’t put out when he was a D.I.) and interrogate us asking who got the beer. I didn’t say anything, but the marine who got sick spilled everything. Not  only am I getting an NJP, I got ratted out by some bitch. Then I realized how much of a buddy fucker the Marine Corp is( at least nowadays) I understand I fucked up, but no Marine should snitch on another Marine. I hate hearing how the Marine Corp was back then. It is funny how we apparently fight for freedom, but don’t have any ourselves. I don’t Hate the Marine Corp I hate the fact that any little prick who has a little rank will use it, the fact that in the real world if some guy or girl was older than you and told you hey you are fucked up or don’t do that you can say FUCK YOU. I realized that alot of people who spend there entire time in the Corp will have a reality check when they get out.