Fleet Marine Life #19 – Mass Funishment

Imagine that there’s a murderer running about. Eventually they catch him and the government decides to punish everyone. They think that since no one stopped this murderer then everyone is held accountable. Does this happen in the real world? Of course not! But the Marine Corps is not part of the real world. It is in an alternate reality where sense makes no sense.

Mass punishment is normal in the Corps. Why? I guess higher ups are just doing what has been done to them in the past. Marines are used to doing certain things and they just keep doing it regardless of better methods.

Also, the justice system in the Marine Corps isn’t exactly top notch. It’s where you are guilty until proven innocent. I know that doesn’t make sense but remember that in the Marine Corps, sense makes no sense.

No sense makes sense.

Any normal person would get sick of getting in trouble for something they didn’t do.

Making no sense since 1775.