Fleet Marine Life #75 – Hypocrite

2011-08-17-fleetmarinelife75 - Hypocrite

I knew a Marine in my platoon who drove slightly buzzed into the base entrance. He smelled like alcohol and was given a sobriety test. He passed that. But he failed the breathalyzer with a less than 1 percent blood to alcohol level.

We get a safety brief every Friday telling us not to drink and drive and all that crap. But they failed to mention that even the slightest bit of alcohol in your system will get you a DUI on base.

That Marine felt fine, almost unaffected. Even then, driving shortly after drinking at least one beer is a bad decision no matter how good you feel. He did it anyways, got caught, got NJP’d and then busted down to Private First Class.

A few months later, a Staff NCO in our company gets a DUI and it gets swept under the rug. It’s a double standard! I guess it’s different spanks for different ranks. What ever happened to setting the example? A lot of my SNCOs had that “do what I say, not what I do” mentality. Like my Sergeant who yelled at his junior Marines because they were fat. That Sergeant had man titties! I’m talking about the kind where you have to physically lift them up and wipe all the debris that was trapped underneath. It’s fucking hypocrisy.

There’s many examples of hypocrisy in the Corps that I can point out. Just to name a few off the top of my head:

* My old Gunnery Sergeant had an affair with his female Lance Corporal.
* At least half my NCOs had sex with that same female Lance Corporal.
* My Sergeants would always say, “Junior Marines first” but then they were always taking care of themselves first to pretty much everything (chow, awards, comfort, billets, etc).
* A Sergeant of mine criticized me of being a terrible NCO when he couldn’t even pass a PFT. He was also drunk as he yelled this to me.
* That same Sergeant tried to sexually assault a female Marine a few weeks later.

It’s not easy and it’s not hard to “set the example”. It doesn’t take too much effort. But apparently, “setting the example” is not worth the slightest of hardship it would bring to my “leaders.”

Hypocrisy since 1775.

so today i get told to stop helping lcpl schmuck prepare to get his shit together

so today i get told to stop helping lcpl schmuck prepare to get his shit together prior to getting out because he was NJP’ed and is considered a piece of shit. I say well mr.SNCO just cause he was NJP’ed does not make him a bad person or Marine. the diffrence between a Marine that got NJP’ed and one that hasn’t is the one that hasn’t has not gotten caught yet. So as i just signed my 4th 6105 (pg 11) in the last year for disrespect and not following orders I feel like I really need to finish my bachelors and get the fuck out of here, basically hurry up and finish eating this apple to do you know what with the corps. I thought as an NCO I was suppose to help out and mentor junior Marines, instead i feel like I am suppose to further higher ups careers and fuck over the subordinates and take credit for their work. I refuse to secure a lcpl libo for not cleaning his room, make him stand at parade rest when he speaks to me, or any other stupid shit I didn’t want done to me. But I feel alone in this, I cannot get promoted because of this attitude I feel, they said you are not mean enough (wtf). 12 months left and I am out of this shit. Til then try not to get NJP’ed and EAS with an honorable penis discharge. – sgt fucked