Fleet Marine Life #22 – Countdown

2011-04-17-fleetmarinelife22 - Countdown

If a Marine tells you that he loves being in the Marine Corps, chances are he’s lying. There’s too many rules and regulations. Too many people not giving a crap about the little guy (E-3s and below). Too many people looking out for themselves.

The only reason why people re-enlist is because:
1. They actually found something they like.
2. They have a family.
3. They’re afraid to leave and go to the real world.

I left mainly because my higher ups don’t give a shit about everyone underneath them. All they care about are their stupid little ribbons and medals. One of our Staff Sergeant has 5 Navy Achievement Medals (NAM). That is ridiculous. On his last deployment, all he did was sit in his air conditioned office, watch football, punch a few numbers in the computer and yell at everyone for stupid shit.

We would ask him for help and he would never help us mainly because he couldn’t. He didn’t even know the basics of our job that a Private First Class would generally know. What pissed me most was that since he was our Staff NCO in charge, he could give us all our proficiency and conduct marks. Everyone worked their asses off and with minimal supervision. Of course, he never knew because he never bothered to do his fucking job and walk outside his office and watch us work. He didn’t even need to go out of his office. He could just read our numbers report and see what everyone was doing.

He gave everyone low pro/con marks. I talked to him about it. He said, “If I give everyone high pro/con marks now and low pro/con marks later, it’ll show that you’ve gone down hill. If I give everyone low pro/con marks now and high pro/con marks later, it’ll show progression. It’s good for career Marines.” I replied, “Why don’t you just give us what we deserve?” “You don’t understand. You’ll understand when you’re my rank.” Fucking bullshit. If there’s 100 Marines, in 8 years, around 17 will still be in. So basically, he fucked over the other 83 Marines.

The kicker was that he took the work that everyone did and submitted himself for a Navy Commendation Medal. He didn’t get it but he did get a NAM. He did the award ceremony when everyone was on leave. Figures.

Fuck you Staff Sergeant Douchebag. If you’re reading this then I hope you enjoy that fucking NAM. You’re one of the main reasons why I left the Marine Corps and will stay out.

Countdown down the days since 1775.

– K