A Short-Timer’s Cadence

This was a cadence that I wrote back in 2011 when I was leaving Okinawa. We had two short-timers in my squad, and we were a tad bit upset at still having to PT (Face it, no one likes to PT, the only reason people do it is because they have to), and we had a new squad leader who had… lets call them “unorthodox” ways of conducting PT. So during the middle of a 4 mile, “boots and utes”, cadence, indian run, (Yes we seriously did that) I got out and started shouting this little number. Enjoy.

747 rollin’ down the strip
EAS [Or “PCS” works too] marines gonna take a little trip
Roommates gonna field day alone
But I don’t care ’cause i’m going home

Wake up, stand up shuffle to the door
McDonalds for lunch and home by 4
A-laughing and a-joking
A-drinking and a-smoking

Civilians! Hell Ya!
Marine Corps! Fuck Off!


Safety and Peace