Serious advice for those considering to join

Serious Advice for those considering to join. This is coming from my experience in both the USMC (EAS 3 days ago and now a reservist) and civilian world. When you join, know that you will have to put up with some bullshit (if you are unlucky, you’re S.O.L). Don’t expect things to be handed to you just because you were in the military. Yes you do get some benefits but it is up to you to research them and use them. Get your education on your free time while in the USMC and prepare for the civilian world while you’re in. As my 1st Sgt says, ‘Once you leave the USMC, the USMC won’t give two shits about you.’
Don’t be the dumbass that tells a recruiter ‘I want to be a Marine first’ and go into some random MOS. If you do, then you will hate life. Lastly, joining the USMC is like playing Russian Roulette, you may go into a shitty unit with shitty leaders or you may get lucky. Don’t count on the best scenarios to happen.

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